Hi guys,.

I bought a unlocked I phone 6s as well by an unknown guy on Craigslist, but I wasn't able to check everything

but turn on/off because he was in a hurry, but I thought it was ok.

and I called T mobile with its IMEI and they said, it can be used for t mobile, so I tried to put it, but the activation lock is locked, I didn't know what that means. I couldn't keep moves put in fact.

I started looking for what is happening here and I realized I have to unlock the locking of activation if

found a site (I didn't activate blocking whatever... no sense)

and asked him how to use it and they said it needs to be unlocked to use it

so I ordered it, but they said his stolen or lost reported. That's why I got unlock the lock of the activation. OMG

but too late and realized that how I contacted him he was only through e-mails from craigslist so no way to communicate with him again me has expired to use craigslist email.

I called APPLE and explained this situation but apple says they do not have the right to give me information of the owner or to give my number to the owner, I thought it was ridiculous, so how could I contact him or her who was desperate because she lost.

Fortunately, something struck my brain that the guy who sold him that he used to use it for ultra mobile which uses t mobile network, so I called ultra mobile if I could contact the owner with its IMEI.

They said that they can do nothing without a sim card that I was so desperate and that he did not understand why...

with this case, even if I lost my money to buy this reported I phone, how can I contact the owner?

Don't tell me to go to the police because I'm not sure that they are able to get the owner and return it.

It would be better its owner to return.

Thank you guys!

There is no way for you to do what you want.

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    You do not discuss Apple here. This is a user to user support forum. If you want to make a suggestion to Apple about a feature, then you must use the feedback page. Go to http://www.apple.com/feedback and then click on the appropriate box.

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    My name is Lisa Marie and I am very new to Apple computers. I'm more familiar with my iPad and iPhone. I recently got a week my first MacBook Pro. I had the version of highest level 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retna display. That being said that I am assuming that I have all the latest versions of the software. As I said I am very new to computers Apple MacBook and I know not at all what so ever. I know even where to start looking for information on my MacBook Pro. I really hope some of you can help me given the lack of information I had again to all this. Please please bare with me and be patient with me.

    With the above being said, I am much need help. When I got my computer about a week ago I was able to upload photos with a problem at all. Then, I got a notification of updated OX El Captain so I did it because the person who helped me at the Apple Store when I got my MacBook Pro says it is very important to update every time Apple launches an update to keep my MacBook Pro to the level of performance higher. When I upgraded to the captain El OX and connected to my social media accounts I tried to download my photos that are stored in my MacBook Pro Photo Album by clicking the button Upload Photos/Media provided on my social media accounts. When I did the box popped up which is usually done in order to select your media you upload. Usually when the box pops up you can see the Photo Album in the main column to the left. But this time after that the upgrade of BŒUF El Captain when the box to jump to the top of the Photo Album wasn't even show or left in the main column. Here are some screenshots of my problem. I thought I would include screenshots to better explain my problem to the community. I hope this helps.

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    Try one... As you can see in the screenshot below the library is completely eliminated, in the left sidebar in the main column. In the old version before the upgrade of the captain El OX he had three options between devices and the section of Tags in the sidebar on the left. One of these options has been Photo Albums and you can easily access your photos from there. In addition I tried to click on Photo Album library icon in the main screen and it still would not bring my photos at all what so ever. Tried a million times.

    Try two... Then, I tried this method. As you still see nothing and I even clicked on the folder images as shown below and it still wouldn't let me transfer my photos at all.

    I really hope that these catches have helped explain what my problem is with uploading my photos on screen social media accounts. I hope some of you can help me. I really need to be able to download the photos I am a photographer and its my business and the only source of income. I need to show my work to my customers and if I can't show my work to my clients on my Facebook page so I can't get to work and my business will suffer. If anyone can help me I would be extremely grateful and thankful.

    Thank you so much... Lisa MP

    Scroll down below the tags box in the source on the media on the left pane and select ==> photos ==> Photos and choose your images and click Download


  • What is the best solution to recover data from dead iPhone and no backup?


    My iPhone won't turn n load. I search on google and read the article of more than 200 and try all the way but did not turn on iPhone. I can connect to the iPhone in DFU mode and iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. Popup message you must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.

    If I click this, it warns me that factory settings will be restored and that the data will be lost. I don't want to lose my data. I don't have a backup.

    I'm apple showroom that the guy told me having hardware problem.

    If I restore the iPhone in recovery mode don't know not can be restored successfully without any problem and iPhone turns on but the apple guy told me is hardware problem if hardware problem then how to restore the iPhone in recovery mode?

    I take the iPhone to other stores after they checking all the iPhone, they say can't fix. Some say that the problem of CPU card or the card mother or logic.

    Let's start the discussion.


    1. I saw on the video, some expert people can get out of the iPhone very easy memory chip.


    A. after getting out the memory of my iPhone chip can possible backup on my computer?

    B. can save on my car iCloud account?

    C. they can restore my data to the new iPhone?

    D. is possible without leaving the logic memory chip Board can backup to my computer or iCloud drive?

    2 buy second hand iPhone then ask them take out my iPhone memory chip and put it in the second hand phone.

    Question: After they change the chip memory then second phone show all applications and data? If the iPhone works this way and then also can backup on iCloud Drive?

    3. If have Logic Board problem, then I change the logic board so my chip memory data put on my logic board.

    Issues related to the:

    A. where can I buy Logic Board iPhone 6 more than 64 GB?

    B. iPhone show all apps and data?

    C. can save on my iCloud drive?

    Someone said: he pointed out that it is a small chip on the logic board are common to move on and stop your iPhone from powering on or even charge he did repair today and walla it back I honestly thought that the phone had it but 100% is the question its caused by overcharging.

    Questions: What chip on the logic board?

    I have download where I save the data because many apps account that apps had no backup service. I have data retrospective get.

    If another option available please share here to help others.

    I already spend 15 days on research and to read the article and wasting my time. Hope may soon find a way to recover the data.

    Thank you very much

    Apple does not sell to all parts of the iPhone. The only way you will get an iPhone logic board, is buying a recovered on another phone.

    The iPhone is not serviceable by the user.

    If you have not been back, the chance you will be able to recover your data is almost zero. You must back up before something goes wrong, not after.

  • Sounds to stop iphone ios 9.3.2 6s

    Problem seems to be developed with ios 9.3.2 lately. Sound just stopped working on my iPhone 6 s. vibrate still works, but no sound.

    Enclosure is in place, it is not on mute but no noise for nothing.

    Go to sounds and select them and not sound.

    Restart the phone and they all work again.

    What happens every day!

    Come on Apple, you can not get a right to update.

    I've been an Apple guy for a long time, but lately I'm really tired of this!

    You don't let me return to 9.3.1 more and now one more question!

    9.3.3 iOS will come out and I'll update to solve the noise problem and there will be another!

    Android is looking better all the time, I do not have all these problems!

    Thanks to anyone who responds.



    Try a reboot press and hold the power button / stop and menu button hold both down until you see the apple logo.

    It may take 30 seconds.

    See you soon


  • All windows crashes after the keychain Application

    Hello Apple and Apple community.

    I have a frustrating problem, I can't go right now, and it's annoying me...

    Several windows asking me to type my so-called "Keychain password" popped up, no matter how much I clicked Cancel.

    OK, Apple, fine, it is probably made for a logical reason. So I read about it and tried to change the Keychain password in the Keychain application, leading to a frustrating problem.

    As soon as I went to "Edit", and then to change the password, the application has frozen. After that, almost every other application or another program, I ran, would freeze and not respond. So that means I could not change the password and so could not remove the window popup permanent now asking me to type the password. So thank you Apple for your incredible technology. Works very smooth incredible guys!

    -Yes, I tried to restart my computer several times.

    -J' have OSX El Capitan Version 10.11

    Thanks to all those who have links to help me.

    < published by host >

    Please click on go > hold down the option key and don't release > then click library > Keyring > you will see a folder first alfa digital file.

    Right click on the file finally reboot apple logo & move to the trash and empty the trash.

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    Thank you

    Use another country "store (including redownloading past purchases,) need to be in this country, which is part of the terms of the store (the terms you have agreed) - Apple can and do, permanently disable accounts for violation of these terms"

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