Help upgrading RAM for Satellite S50 - B - 15 p


I have a Toshiba SATELLITE S50 - B - 15 p and want to upgrade the RAM. There are currently 8GB. I read that 16 GB can be installed

Memory locations need two, one with 8 GB inside and a vacuum?
If so what memory for I order, for example this one

If this isn't the case, please advise.

I am currently regularly maxing out the 8 GB of RAM with my use if necessary

Thank you

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You are right. Your laptop model can be improved up to 16 GB and you can use the modules of memory 2 x 8 GB with PA5104U-1M8G part number. According to mobile information a slot must be empty, you can add the second 8 GB of RAM.

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    Module memory PC3-12800 4 GB, 1600 Mhz, 641369-001 (SHARED)

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?
    Here is a picture of my current RAM

    Thank you

    It's actually a very specialized type of memory called DDR3L low voltage (1.35 volts).

    It's the same thing:

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    I want to improve my ram... its 512MB now, but not enough, now use 468 MB, I farm programs unused backgorund, always 468 MB to help... I also have virtual memory settings. Using virtual memory, not good at all. On games share memory with graphics as chip RAM you have many know... It will count if I switch 1 GB of RAM to the memory expansion on the rear panel on my laptop? I don't know what RAM to upgrade, works DDR or DDR2? How many MHz? What pin?

    I have little time know what is the capacity of my memory expansion module to the back of my laptop?
    If I add DDR2 it'll work with other main ram which is under the keyboard area..... ?

    Thank you much for now :)


    You must use PC2700 DDR - RAM. DDR2 will not work in your notebook.
    Have a look here: oshibaShop = false & SelCategorie = 4700 & tab = 1 #1

    Good bye

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    The problem is, I'm not an expert in this stuff and don't know how to do it. I have a friend gave me the extra RAM, but as I have lost the user manual, I don't know exactly how to do the upgrade.
    I will be grateful if someone can help me. Please consider me as a "dummy" in the explanation. :-(



    As Lucky said already support memory Expansion can be found in the lower corner of your laptop and it is fixed with two screws. I hope you have the module that is compatible with this unit.

    I found the info that Ram module with the PA3005U part number is good.

    Good bye

  • Question of upgrading RAM for Satellite A100-165


    II have a Satellite A100-165 (PSAA9E-00V00HFR)
    He accepts a 2 GB SO-DIMM?

    Your laptop can handle with 4 GB of RAM, and what you need is DDR2 533/667 MHz RAM module.
    Rams compatible homepage of Kingston. You will find the exact reference.

    Please do not use some cheap products.

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L670D-106

    Hello world

    I want to ask about upgrading RAM for laptops,

    I have the Toshiba Satellite L670D-106 want a change from 4 GB to 8 GB. In fact, I have 2 x 2 GB 1066 MHZ Ram inside. What Type of RAM can itake max? 1066 or 1300 or 1600 DDR 3?

    THX for your answers

    Toshiba offers modules to 4 GB compatible and tested for your machine and there PA3677U-1M4G part number. Check the specs of this module and pick up info that one you can use.

    Please note: a lot of people are trying to use some modules cheap and later report here on this forum about the issues so I highly recommend you to obtain 100% compatible RAM.

    See also the page of Kingston. Kingston offers quality and compatible modules for Toshiba laptops.

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L755

    Hello world

    I want to ask about upgrading RAM for laptops,

    I have the Toshiba Satellite L755 I want to change my 6 GB to 8 GB but I can't find as much RAM in a red circle in the picture but another number in yellow circle is same numbers.

    My question is it ok to change it, because I can't get RAM even with the exact numbers in red or yellow circle?

    Can you please send the complete model number (Satellite-L755-xxx) so I can check the exact laptop specification, just to see the details on the upgrade of RAM.

  • Want to upgrade ram for my Lenovo ThinkPad T61 6463 - B45


    I want to upgrad ram for my Lenovo ThinkPad T61 6463 - B45 actually 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) instead of 8 GB (2 x 4 GB). I found some in my next computer store 4096 MB-DATA Value SO - DDR2 800 MHz. But I don't know if the PC2-6400 (800 MHz) would work in my notebook.

    Can someone confirm if these would work? Issue in this page , I found the following information:

    Yavuz, welcome to the forum,

    Looking at the specs you should be good to go, but have not personally tested, I can't be 100% sure.

    What really works, as I installed it in my T61p is Corsair VS4GSDS800D2 G.

  • Upgrade of RAM for Satellite M30


    I would upgrade RAM to the Satellite from 512 to 1024 MB or more if it is possible, but I don't know the kind of witch memory I need! (and number o pins ecc.)

    Thank you!!


    I remember that responses have been provided to these questions several times.
    Why don t search you the forum?

    However, because you are new to this forum, I'll try to help you ;)

    You can upgrade the memory up to 2 GB (2 x 1024MB). Compatible RAM modules are for example the PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51) and 1024Mo PC2700 (PA3313U-1M1G)

    Simply search for these numbers of module and you will get the detailed features

  • Upgrade of RAM for Satellite Pro 3400


    I own a laptop Satellite Pro 3410, it has pentium celeron 600, 64 MB of ram and 13 '' dstn display. I want to upgrade my ram, somewhere, I read that it can be improved with 256 MB, so that there then 320Mo. My question is now, what I have to use 2 pieces of 128 MB of ram or can I use 1 piece of 256 MB of ram. The point is a friend gave me a 256MB ram for PC laptop (pc-100) toshiba, I put it and it seems to work (win2k showed me the 320Mo compleet), but can it be problems, using this a big RAM?

    I hope you can help



    I think you mean a Satellite Pro 4310?

    Normally it only uses the modules of memory up to 128 MB. But if your laptop is running with this 256 MB module, there should be no problem.

    Good bye

  • Upgrade of RAM for Satellite 1900-603

    I want to go to 1 GB of RAM IE extra 512 MB on my laptop P4 Satellite 1900-603, I checked the (additive) manual and it says ' onboard two 200 pins + 2.5V DDR SO-DIMM sockets supporting RAM DDR memory modules. Upgrade 1 GB by two max modules of 512 MB memory.

    I couldn't find the part number on the Toshiba site, so I checked the website of Kingston, which gave me KTT3311/512 or KTT3614/512, I bought KTT3311/512 of this notice.

    Unfortunately, when I come to install the part the second slot is smaller than the original square. That is to say fewer pins.

    The RAM I bought is the part of the original square, but obviously does not fit in the spare slot.

    Could someone tell me what the part number is for the smaller RAM and why this information is not available on the Web from Toshiba website or in the manual, including the additive.


    I ve downloaded the manual for Satellite 1900-603 PS192E series and he says the basic soecifications of the memory being used are:
    module SO-DIMM 144-pin
    SDRAM 3,3 volts
    PS-133 (PC - 100 is unusable)
    Capacity of 128 MB, 256 MB, or 512 MB.

    But according to this page:

    the laptop must manage 200 pin PC2100 (266 MHz) DDR SODIMM memory hmm very strange?  :|

  • Upgrade of RAM for Satellite L300 - PSLB8A

    Can someone help me work on my abilities of the system. Was looking to upgrade to win 7 64 bit and didn't know if my pc is able.
    My system is as follows:

    Processor Processor - Intel (R) 585 @2. 16 GHz
    Memory - 1.00 GB (RAM)
    Graphics Mobile Intel (R) 4 series express chipset family
    Graphics of games - 286 MB total available graphics memory
    Disk hard - 500 GB
    Processor cores - 1

    Running vista 32 bit hp. Performance information printed and it says 64 bit capable. Am confused because I thought that win 7 64 needed 4 GB of ram for optimal performance. If I need to upgrade RAM, anyone knows if I can spend 4 GB in this model or where I can get the relevant information. Having read in the manual of the user on the memory and I'm a little lost. The information reads as follows

    PC2-5300 512 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB memory
    modules can be installed in two memory locations
    of all the models.

    PC2-6400 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB memory
    modules can only be installed in memory of two
    slot slot machines models:
    Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset model
    Model of Mobile Intel® GL40 Express Chipset
    ATI Radeon 3100 graphics card model
    ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics card model

    Speed and memory size of the system
    depend on the model you have purchased

    Any help would be appreciated

    Can you please post the exact model name and model number?
    I put t know what L300 - PSLB8A - you.

    THIS one perhaps?

  • Upgrade of RAM for Satellite A10-S403D


    I have a laptop Satellite A10-s403D, quite old, but still works fine. I would like to add a few more memory (there now 256 MB).
    Could someone advise me as to what type of RAM to use (I'm completely lost with all these formats available)?

    Thank you!

    Hi Roman,

    Please see the link depending on which has the details of the RAM for your laptop.

    Kind regards

  • Upgrade of RAM for satellite M40X-189


    I think the upgrade from my memory of the laptop.

    I wonder if I can use Kingston KTD-INSP5150 / 1 G instead of KTT3311/1 G? They are all two PC2700 200-pin DDR SODIMM 333 MHZ but KTD-INSP5150 / 1 G is mainly used for other laptops.

    Someone sell KTD-INSP5150 / 1 G on good price reasonable but do not know if it is compatible?

    Thank you

    Hi momer79,

    Above all Equium M40x can be upgraded to 2 GB of memory. You need to the MMAR DDR SO-DIMM modules with specification PC2700. You can use up to 1 GB in each of the slots.

    Furthermore, I checked the Web of Kingston site because it has Configurator memory. If you are looking for satellite M40x-189, you will get two compatible memory modules:
    KTT3311A/512 (512 MB SO-DIMM)
    KTT3311A / 1 G (1 GB SO DIMM)

    So in your case I would buy one or two of these modules because they seem to be compatible with your computer satellite phone. ;)

  • Upgrade of RAM for Satellite M70-131

    You want to upgrade RAM on my Toshiba M70 - 131. Should I go for two modules of 1 GB each, or perhaps a single 2 GB module is a better option?

    In my view there is no difference. You can use the 2 x 1 GB RAM module. Be just as you use compatible products and quality.

    You need more information about compatible modules?

Maybe you are looking for