Help? With the help of file system Ext3 on key USB on Linux RT target

We have been affected by problems with the SD cards and USB drives formatted in FAT32 on some devices, according to Linus RT of long-term monitoring (mainly the cRIO-9035). It seems that readers are vulnerable to fluctuations in current and unexpected reboots (which are inevitable on these sites). Write aborted operations make the damaged discs, thus sabotaging logging after reboot.

We have identified two solutions; implement both gives the best redundancy:

(1) installation of UPS (uninterrupted power supply for emergency supplies/batteries) - done

(2) using the file system apparently more robust 'ext3', which is available on the target RT Linux (FAT32, ext2 and ext3) - don't have not so far:

->, I was not able to properly format a USB stick for ext3. I use the MiniTools Partition Manager and don't get any errors when create and format partitions. But they appear as 'read only' when it is inserted into the chassis of the RT. All attempts to access it, other than to observe the empty folder sdxx in ' / media "is returning errors.

Someone had a bit of luck with the help of ext3 disks formatted as data drives on the objectives of the RT Linux? It is worthwhile to solve my problems or should I use FAT32 and the observed risk?


I do not consider this but a temporary solution:

I ran into issues when you use MiniTools Partition Wizard to partition and format my thumb on Win10 records. An unidentified change makes the inaccessible disks and freeze the browsing of file on the PC when I try to delete the partition. It was quite annoying!

I decided to try another partition tool and went for the EaseUs Partition Master (free version for the moment). I formatted successfully one of the troublesome discs with it (to add some uncertainty to the solution, I used another brand sp * banking, new PC to do). The reader now mounted in read-write and allows the startup application create the I want to store files in folders.

I'm very curious to know the difference between the tools of both partitions and their formatting...

Tags: NI Software

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    Any additional information required, please let me know.  Thank you in advance.


    I discovered that it was indeed the RAID controllers in the R610.  The particular version of the PERC 6 was not compatible with the Ubuntu kernel and it managed the SSD correctly.  After their replacement by the PERC 6 / i with backup battery, all that survived a weekend stop.  Thanks for all the suggestions and help.

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    If you have the card Realtek sound on your computer, try the following steps
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    If you have your CD of the sound card, I suggest to uninstall the card drivers sound sound card support applications and reinstall them.


    How to manage devices in Windows XP

    See also:
    Method 2:
    You can still download the drivers from the Realtek or the sound card manufacturer's Web site.

    Hope the information is useful.

    Thank you for the help, I downloaded the 97 Realteck PGM. He cured the issue.

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    It seems that the McAfee online backup is difficult to turn off without uninstalling all your McAfee products or do a custom reinstall. If you are a user of McAfee, I suggest that you contact for advice.

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    I don't see a WebWorks API for this. If I expected to be anywhere, it's here:

    But it seems that this API has not been fully implemented; It may be useful to connect a developer Issue Tracker JIRA to get this feature added.

    At the same time, there is this API of Cascades that looks like what you're looking for:

    Write an extension for this feature should allow you to access this feature:

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