Hexadecimal number to hex string

Dear moderators of Labview and experts.

I'm looking for a simple tool, but could not know.

Could you help me?

I want to convert a hexadecimal string, Hex number unchanged.

I mean digital Hex display shows E8 and I convert it to a string and I have Open indicator string Hex window and get the same answer E8.

Someone knows how to do?

I thank very you much in advance!

cast will do what you want.

(Make sure that digital is U8 and the string is defined to display hex.)

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  • Convert a hexadecimal number to a string of hexadecimal numbers.

    Hi all

    I have receive 1036 bytes of data from a device through VISA, and I would like to insert the data in hex form into a Word report document what happened. When I use the text of the report append VI, I have the ascii representation of my hexadecimal numbers. I wish that the numbers hexadecimal to insert in the Word document.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!


    Then use the table to a string of spreadsheet with a space as a separator.

    Note: He puts a return trolley/line that you may or may not need.  If you do not need, then strip the last characters of the string.

  • String extract hexadecimal number

    Normal 0 I have device that returns the response of multi line where I need to extract a hexadecimal number in this f01a.ad70.db84 patten

    The hex number will be chamge, but in same patten (FFFF. FFFF. FFFF)

    Thank you.

    I tried to delete all the "pass" with a 'space' to make a line. Then I just kept passing the remaining string in a registry to offset. Don't know if its more simple, just another way to do it.

  • Y at - it an easy way to change 323 (string) for "43 01" (hex string) or 3249 (string) to "0C B1" (hexadecimal string)?

    Y at - it an easy way to change 323 (string) for "43 01" (hex string) or 3249 (string) to "0C B1" (hexadecimal string)?

    Thank you.

    Like this?

    It depends on type of exactly what you want in the end.  Do you want a channel which shows the 4 characters who are the hexadecimal number for the number you enter.  Or do you want a channel which has only 2 (1 for each byte) characters, but the indicator is formatted to display those hexadecimal display?

  • Convert the string of 32 bits to a hexadecimal number of LV 7


    I have a 32 bit string I need to convert a hexadecimal number, what program I can do?

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Each character in a string is a BYTE.  So you tell each of these I8s are 0 or 1?  If this is the case, then why not just use Boolean values (TRUE or FALSE)?  An array of Boolean would do this very simple since you can simply use the primitive Boolean array of numbers to do the conversion for you.

  • Concatenation of Hex and bites of ASCII to get a HEX string


    I'm trying to concatenate a MODBUS Application Protocol header with a function code and data that I send over TCP/IP to a motor controller.  I am running problems when I try to read my code function and data length.  I use "string length" to read the order data that I am seized, that convert a hexadecimal number, and then that the concatenation with some strings constant hexadecimal display and my function code and data which is also in the hexadecimal display. When I concatenate the lines, the end message is incorrect because (I think) the length of string, I have read and converted to hex in ASCII text?

    Does this sound as if that was the problem, and if this is the case, can someone help me to fix? If this isn't the problem can someone help me understand what is?

    Thank you


    Converting to hex it will show as ascii, it is what it is, a human readable number represented in hexadecimal. What if all you want to do is add the gross value, then convert this to tank and add it. For example, if you have more bytes data then 16 then you will add two additional bytes to the end instead of one.

    What if all you try to do is add a vale bytes that represents the amount of data you send simply converted in a single tank and add, as shown above. Of course, this means that the length of string cannot be greater then 256.

    Even if you have less then 16 bytes of data to the hexadecimal value added at the end is only 1 tank so unless the receiver is supposed to read a hexadecimal value, it will be always wrong. For example, 1 in hexadecimal read like 49 gross.

    Hope this helps,



  • How to convert the Ascii string containing hex to hex string info?

    Dear all,

    I am busy doing a control/reading program for pumps of ISCO.

    Right now I'm in trouble with to send orders for PUMPS in HEXADECIMAL. When I use a CONTROL to the STRING in HEX display, everything works fine (when I manually write down the command in the control of the chain).

    Exist it a couple of pieces order: string Destination, length, ordering, Checksum. I'm doing a sup - screw that automatically calculates the checksum (modulo 256) and adds it to the string. Everything is going well: first of all, I shared the ascii bytes command and I calculate the checksum and add as ASCII HEXADECIMAL value to the chain of command. Also a CR (= 0d) is added. Now the whole string must be converted to hex. The string contains the right nummers HEX, but they are in ASCII format. Here was I feel worth it, I don't know how to do it!

    So to summarize:

    I have an ascii string that contains the values HEX (for example 315230303652454D4F544531420D) and it must be converted to a HEX string (for instance 3152 3030 3652 454 4531 420 4F54) for the pump of the ISCO can understand the command.

    The VI is attached.

    Thank you in advance,



    This should do what you want.

  • Related problem of Hex String


    I would like to add 20hex string together & divide by 20, but somehow, I can't get the correct result.

    Attach with my vi here.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Try the attached VI, I changed the lag that you used in the chain of research/split of 2 because you view the input as hex string, so when labview works on the rope he works on the ASCII representation of the string (which is a character), even if your display is in hexadecimal (two characters with an ascii character) so you only need to divide at an offset of 2 instead of 4. For example, direction = FFFF.


  • Concatenate the hex strings

    In the attached example, VI is there a way to have the 1 b be represented as Hex instead of ASCii after the output string concatenation? Why function concatenate strings automatically converts the 1B in ASCII?

    Rather than convert the number to a string of ASCII characters, you should change the representation of the byte in a string. If you always want only a single byte, use the U8 instead of I32 data type. Convert an array of U8. Convert to string. Concatenate. Lynn

  • How can I search for hexadecimal number of 32-bit in .csv file


    How can I search for 32-bit in .csv file usinf labview 8.6.1 hexadecimal number


    This post was not really a solution.  He just ordered Sandy to post in the appropriate forum, which we now know is LabVIEW 8.6.1 LV.


    You want to read the text file, then use the search/Split String function to find the matching characters that make up your hexagonal pattern.

    What you ask is a little strange wordly since .csv files are text files, and you ask a "32-bit hexadecimal number.  Can you give an example of what you are looking for?  My response assumes you have a 8 string that consists of the characters 0-9, A - F for catch the 4 bytes.  Maybe you are dealing with just 4 bytes that present themselves as ASCII characters in a text file.  In which case you wouldn't have one. CSV file.

    If the response of research/Split String is not useful to you, you will need to provide details about what you are looking for and also an example of your. CSV file.

  • Power of function with a very large number & table HEX


    I have 3 problems and I would be grateful if anyone can help. I have attached

    (1) I need to calculate 982451653 ^ 15. I used the "Power of X" function but her resut I receive is incorrect.

    is there a way to get the correct result?

    (2) after that I need to calculate result, but I get nothing? I use the function «Quotient & reminder»

    (3) I need to convert the number to HEX 982451653--> 3A8F05C5 and send it to table by two gruped back as shown below:

    3A8F05C5--> [3A] [8F] [05] [C5] and write on the Board by behind.

    Table should be:

    .. .and for hex 3A8F05C56 number--> [03] [A8] [F0] [5 C] [56]


    Help, please!

  • Convert a numeric decimal to Hex String 2 bytes


    I need to convert a numeric value between 0 and 2014 and convert 2 Byte HEX STRING.


    Decimals: 1--> Hex - 0001

    Decimals: 255--> Hex - 00FF

    Decimals: 512--> Hex - 0200

    tried, but his work until only 511.

    Help, please.

    VI is attached...

    Hi Pascal,.

    Why don't post it your questions "convert x to y ' in one thread?

  • How to choose bits to a hexadecimal number?

    I have a list of hexadecimal number (a single column with "n" lines). Leave the list to be named 'A '. Each hexadecimal number, after conversion to binary, I need to 9 bits, choose the right end (d0, d1, d2... D8) and label as X. Then the 9 consecutive following bits (d9, d10,... d17) and label Y. I want to do it for all the "n" elements has and put it to separate the columns X and Y. Can someone help me to do this? Thank you very much.


    Suppose a = 11110000111100000111110000 is a binary form of the first item has. So, I want to choose the pieces that, X = 111110000 (bits from the right end of a) and Y = 111100000 (successive 9 bits). I don't like the rest of the bits to the left. A, I ' n number of elements (a1, a2, a3,... a). I want to do for all and make a list of X and Y (two columns).

    Handling a bit will get it there.  The logical shift and AND functions are essential when dealing with this kind of problem.

  • Fract/Exp Numbe display Format string

    I have a digital channel that has a decimal value with accuracy up to 16-digit figures. I want to convert this string to a numeric value, and I used a "Fract/Exp number necklace. In my VI I hae set:

    Data type: EXT (because it allows number of decimal digits of 15 to 20)
    Data format: covered Point
    Numbers: 16
    Precision Type: Digits of precision

    Here's my question: If the input string is composed of digits of precision = 15 Eg: 5.369607712106161
    Then I output = 5.3696077121061609, which is the same, but not the same number I sent.
    or 1.145152879691825 String gives me the number = 1.1451528796918251
    String 5.818356760119754 gives me the number = 5.8183567601197543

    Please suggest how I can make more specific output.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards


    Wire a constant to the default value with the entry of your string to the function of numbers and define the type of POSITION, it is default DBL (note the red dot on your meter).

  • all VI to convert a number to a string?


    Have we not all VI to convert a number to a string?

    See you soon,.


    Hello.. Have you tried ' string/number conversion'...? You can find that to do a right-click on the block diagram-string/number of all the function - string - conversion...

    Just a thought... It could be that useful...

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