Hotmail lost my other e-mail addresses

Hi love you guys have done many many times before but try this one I have 3 accounts on hot mail when I used to connect to it used to give me the opportunity to sign with different names and credentials and me can do is more than what have I checked or unchecked or did to stop it?  It will be something stupid that I know? Help, please? COS av should type the email communication... every time I sign in for each of them his memory? got lost off the coast of great style? and my bookmarks had a small logo let's just EBAY or AMERZON? but all I have now is a symbol of empty folder, it cracks me up cos putting to fix it I'm f---ing more stuff up by UN ticking and checking cheer things I know yous will save the day?      John was soon


There is nothing that you did. Microsoft changed the login procedure.


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