How can I activate the Ctrl alt del button work to log in to the screen, but not to ask him

My old computer on the login screen it showed users or you could press CTRL alt delete and set username and password, how I set up like that and not have it is necessary to to do,.



Try the solution from the link below,

How to enable or disable the CTRL + ALT + DELETE sequence for logging on Windows XP and Windows Vista, Windows 7

If the fix the does not help, try the steps manually.

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    Right-click on an empty area of the desktop - graphics Options - Rotation

    CTRL + ALT + arrow key it also runs.

    CTRL + Alt + (up arrow), Ctrl + Alt + arrow (pointing down), Ctrl + Alt + arrow (left) and also Ctrl + Alt + arrow (right)

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • How can I activate the screen saver when nobody is logged on to the computer (XP sp2)?

    Now active only when I am logged in but aways screen shows the login screen when no one is logged on...

    See if this article helps you:

    "How to change the screensaver to Windows logon in Windows XP"
      <> >


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    Kristian, by og Landskab.

    Click on the 'Page range Options' button on the dialog box.

  • How can I activate the SOUND in the streets & trips?

    Do not hear Lady navigation - not strong enough. How can I activate the SOUND? Acer Aspire laptop Windows 7. I checked on the sound of the computer it's upward everywhere where I can find a volume control. No luck. Sounds of the Internet cross just correct, but S & T is much softer. I hear she's talking, but not strong enough to understand what she said. My old Dell, sounds are very good.  Am confused.

    Maybe the manufacturer of your laptop has an updated audio driver on their website you could try?

    Some suggestions are in these discussions.

    Low sound level in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008

    His penchant for streets & trips, but good for other applications

    You can also try to post in this forum specific help.

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  • How can I activate the AHCI on a Studio 540?

    Hello I recently upgraded my pc to an OCZ Vertex 3 240 GB ssd hard drive and moved my old HDD as a secondary for the storage of music, pictures and video files. I read that using the SSD in AHCI mode will further improve the performance of the disk. My question is how can I activate the AHCI in bios dell. the only im options given are SATA and RAID. Is it possible to run AHCI? Any help is appreciated. I have better than average knowledge with pc, s but far from an expert. Thank you

    Care Syatem

    Core 2 quad 8200 processor 2.3 ghz

    8 GB DDR2

    PNY geforce 560ti

    Agility 3 OCZ 240 GB primary

    WD caviar black 640 GB secondary

    Corsair 600w ch

    Windows 7 64 bit

    If your bios allows, you can find passage to the raid (even if you have only a single boot drive) can put you in ahci mode. Before making the change in the bios, you will have to do some registry tweaks like just change the bios setting you will get a bsod when you start.

    To enable switching between RAID/AHCI/IDE mode, you will need to change the values 'Start' in these key 0




    Once you make these changes, restart and set AHCI/raid in BIOS, save the changes and then restart.

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    How can I activate the blocker pop up on Firefox?

    drummershob said > Add-ons for Firefox > Extensions

    The Firefox Extensions section of AMO are for Office Max OSX, Firefox for Windows and Linux. Firefox Android extensions are to allplayer

    There is no section for the OS "Firefox".

  • How can I activate the top row of keys on Pavilion dv6000?

    How can I activate the top row of keys on Pavilion dv6000, they are turned off.

    If you have HP Quick Launch installed as suggested above and still no joy > > > try a hard reset, works sometimes. Disconnect all external devices first.

    battery and power cord 1 / removal

    2 - Press the power button for 20 seconds

    3 reinstall only the power cord for the first start.

    4. turn on

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    How can I activate the pop-up blocked message? When the message came I clicked on do not show this message again. I want this message to show when Firefox blocks a menu embedded, so I can allow the pop up if I want to.

    You can see a pop-up block icon in the right corner of the status bar if you have chosen to hide the information bar at the top.

    You can click on this icon of pop - up block on the status bar and remove the check mark [] «do not show an information message when pop-ups are blocked»

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    Cannot use my mouse pad to scroll upwards or downwards. How can I activate the motion detector, please?

    So go online on the Acer website and download it.  That will tell you how to set up the hardware on your PC.

  • How can I activate the report for individule family members?

    How can I activate the report for individule family members?

    Hello Dan,.

    Activation of activity reports to the members of the family security is easier than the steps below.

    To activate the activity tracking

    1. on any computer, sign in to the Family Safety website with your Windows Live ID.

    2. on the family summary page, click view activity report next to the name of the child, you can turn on activity reports.

    3. Select turn on activity monitoring.

    4. click on Save.

    To learn more, follow this article to the solution and go to the section find out what your kids have been up to on their computer .

    Protect your kids with parental controls

    Note: Whenever changes are on our parental control settings, we need to update it so that the changes take effect. Click on the button Refresh (located on the left side of the ?) top right of parental control window (the client installed on your computer) to refresh and get the last parameters.

    Thank you and best regards.

  • In windows live quick view mail, how can I activate the button Delete


    When I opened my windows live mail, I can see a quick view, which is great. There are more than 3,000 mail there that I don't need. When I click on the button Delete is in shadow. How can I activate the button Delete or is there a quick way to delete these messages at once. I'm working on Windows xp


    The question you posted would be better suited to Windows Live Solution Center. I suggest you to send your application in the Windows Live Solution Center for better support.

  • How can I activate the 'print spooler server' at the top of a tower with XP.

    How can I activate the 'print spooler server' at the top of a tower with XP.

    Step by step instructions: -.

  • How can I activate the service Super Fetch in Vista?

    How can I activate the service Super Fetch in Vista?

    It is enabled by default.

    Unless you've been play :)

    Click on the round and type msconfig in the box of Vistas 'search' at the bottom left. Click the msconfig program to open.

    Click on services and make sure that Superfetch is in the list and makes TIC TAC and the report to display running.

    If she does everything right.

  • MS Photo Gallery, how can I activate the "do not show this again" when the dialog box appears whenever I try to download a picture to another location?

    How can I activate the "do not show this again" when the dialog box appears whenever I try to download a picture to another location?

    The dialog box that appears frequently when I try to convert or download photos, shows the shadow of this question - I want to make it active until the times dialog box stops appearing I scroll the photo folders.

    Thank you

    I got the last part of what you wanted, which was simply not the message

    The key is that you have to allow this program through your windows firewall.

    Go to your look for the windows Firewall Control Panel,

    There should be a list to allow a program through windows firewall, look at the top left.

    If you feel safe doing this, vlc is not one that I would feel safe with, but to you, it has a function to browse to find the program to be added to your trusted list or access through your firewall.

    Still, it may give you a warning but could release the message?

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