How can I ask Siri to make a phone call, if the telephone number is not in my contacts?

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I do a lot of driving on the road. I health home where I travel to the patient's home and do some physiotherapy with them in their homes.  Many times I find myself adjust my schedule, while on the road in order to accommodate a schedule patient or let know that I'm running a little late.  One of the best features of the Siri is that it can call the numbers for you while you are busy with another task, IE. at the wheel.  Well lately, I noticed that she tells me she can't dial a phone number because the number is not in my contacts.  Unfortunately, I can't put the numbers in my contacts because it is my personal phone and any personal information of patients cannot be on my phone, computer, etc., I usually have to call on the road.  Before she could dial the number without any problems.  Now, when I say"Siri, please call 352-xxx-xxxx, she said," I'm sorry I can't find this number in contacts, you would I look for this number somewhere else?  No matter how I word it, even just saying "Siri, I know this number isn't in my contacts, but I still need to call 352-xxx-xxxx" I always get the same prompt of Siri.

That said, is it possible to fix this?  It would certainly make things a little easier for me while driving instead of having to look at the bottom of the phone to dial the number.  For any help or suggestion would be so appreciated.  Thank you in advance.



I just tested a call by saying "call 800-xxx-xxxx on my iPhone 6. He knew immediately. I'm in iOS 9.2.1. Have you tried leaving out the ' Siri, please... " » ?

Have what troubleshooting you done? Update to the latest version of iOS? Reset the phone? Restore network settings? Restored from a return to the top? Restored like new?

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