How can I delete Windows.old?

I recently clicked the Refresh button on laptop settings, but now I see a windows.old folder and I want to remove it. How can I remove it? It has a folder named WINDOWS inside, and he doesn't let me delete it. I already tried cleaning disc, but no solution. So, how can I remove that file I didn't need on my Surface?


Disk Cleanup is the way to delete Windows.old. I don't understand why you have questions...

Try right click on your drive C:\ COMPUTER\THIS PC from the desktop, then select Properties.

Then click on disk cleanup... After you run it of scan, click FILE SYSTEM to the bottom of the window.

This will launch another analysis of the SYSTEM FILES... Windows.Old should be here...

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  • How can I delete windows.old folder without losing the hibernation file.

    Mr President.

    I recently refreshed my system and a unwanted windows .old file has been generated and it consumes 11 GB of my disk space. So Iwould like to delete this file but the HP support assistant gave me a warning that I should not remove hibernation and sleep file, otherwise I would lose this facility of my system. Thanks for mentioning the steps I have to do to remove the same.

    Yours faithfully,



    Folder Windows.Old has nothing to do with the Hibernate. If uou wishes, you can remove it using cleaning system, not normal to delete, to explore. The following steps see the way in which:

    1. Open Disk Cleanup by clicking on the button start . In the search box, type and then disk cleanup in the list of results, click Disk Cleanup.

      If you are prompted to choose a drive, click the drive that you have just installed Windows on and then click OK.

    2. In the dialog box disk cleanup, on the Disk Cleanup tab, click on clean up system files.

      If you are again prompted to choose a drive, click the drive that you have just installed Windows on and then click OK.

    3. Select the check box Previous Windows installations and the other check boxes for files that you want to remove, and then click OK.

    4. In the message that appears, click on delete files.

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  • How can I remove windows .old folder

    Recently passed under win 7 to 8 Win. I have Windows.old and Windows.old.000 files and I can't delete them.

    I tried the cleanup utility, remove the old installation of windows, without success.


    How to remove the Windows.old folder

    How to remove the "Windows.old" folder in Windows 8 (several methods)

    How to recover files from the Windows.old folder


    If necessary:

    1. open a command prompt (Admin)

    Since the office - key Windows + X, or right-click in the lower left-
    Command prompt (Admin); OR in the screen start just start typing CMD
    or in the Menu of charms - research - Apps - CMD-> and right-click on it.
    then on low screen "Run as Administrator".

    2 prompt probably like C:\Windows\System32 >

    This type at the prompt, and then press ENTER.


    Now, the line should look like C:\ >

    3: This type at the prompt, and then press ENTER.

    Windows.old DIR

    Should resemble C:\>DIR Windows.old

    It should return

    C:\Windows.old directory

    and view the contents of Windows.old

    It's just to make sure that the Windows.old folder is under C: (drive C) - if she does not STOP

    4 this type at the prompt, and then press ENTER.

    Attrib - r - / s has s h Windows.old

    Should look like C:\>Attrib/s - r - a s h Windows.old
    (there are SPACES between Attrib and / s and r - and - a and -s-h and Windows.old)

    He should return to the prompt C:\ if it shows and ERROR and STOP - then check the command
    and if it has been entered correctly you are not in the right place.

    5 this type at the prompt, and then press ENTER.

    RD/s Windows.old

    Should resemble C:\>RD/s Windows.old
    (there are SPACES between the RD /s and Windows.old)

    Return Windows.old, are your sure Y/N Y type

    (If you get a message that you have no property rights then type this command
    "and press ENTER.)

    TAKEOWN /f Windows.old/a/r

    and repeat step 5 - were you using an elevated command prompt?

    6: This type at the prompt, and then press ENTER.

    Windows.old DIR

    Should look like C:\>DIR Windows.old - and press ENTER.

    It should return

    Directory of C:\

    File not found

    Which confirms that it is gone.

    7 close the COMMAND window

    Repeat with the other instead of Windows.old folder name.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • How can I delete an old version of Lightroom? I use Mountain Lion on Mac.


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    I use Mountain Lion on Mac.

    Thank you

    I'm not a Mac user. But you remove Lightroom just as you would remove any other application from your system. If you purchased Lightroom 5 as an upgrade, it was probably know the serial number of your Lightroom 3. I suggest that you store that Lightroom 3 number somewhere, you will remember because it will be necessary if/when you decide to upgrade to a new version of Lightroom.

    And, just to clarify, there is no interdependence between your Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 3. They are independent applications.

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    Follow these steps to delete old projects in Windows Movie Maker:

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  • How can I recover windows.old?

    Two could not reinstall attempts left me with: windows.old, windows.old.001, windows.old.002

    You want to retrieve windows.old only so that I can access the application files and anything that can be saved. I have the original Vista Ultimate disc and a disc of 'F' on the disk. An attempt to copy the file produces only an icon with a 1 KB file.

    Looking for the best way to recover this file on a CD, or possibly a USB and including how to acquire these application data so that they can be seen with the program proper.

    MNewsome salvation,

    See the Microsoft article below to learn more on how to restore files by using Windows.old.

    How to restore your personal files after you perform a custom Windows Vista or Windows 7 installation

    Note: You can retrieve any application using Windows. old but only request parameters, you can recover.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How can I delete windows store the list "your applications"?

    Hello world

    Please help me to delete windows store "your apps" list...


    There is currently no way to remove these. Microsoft has considered leaving them there it would be easier to reinstall if you ever wanted to.  Hope this helps and if you need any additional aid station and we will be happy to help you

    The above opinion is mine and mine nothing and does not necessarily reflect that of Microsoft, it's employees, or any other Member of this forum.

    "When we try to take anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe"-John Muir



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    Click OK

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