How can I delete an old version of Lightroom? I use Mountain Lion on Mac.


I upgrade to Lightroom 3 to 5 of Lightroom. It was no problem. My photos have been imported into Lightroom 5. But Lightroom 3 was not removed from my computer. How can I remove this old version in the right direction?

I use Mountain Lion on Mac.

Thank you

I'm not a Mac user. But you remove Lightroom just as you would remove any other application from your system. If you purchased Lightroom 5 as an upgrade, it was probably know the serial number of your Lightroom 3. I suggest that you store that Lightroom 3 number somewhere, you will remember because it will be necessary if/when you decide to upgrade to a new version of Lightroom.

And, just to clarify, there is no interdependence between your Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 3. They are independent applications.

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