How can I extract the frequency of the FFT function?

Hi all

How can I extract the frequency of the FFT function in labview?  Thanks in advance


If you have the f0 and df, you can find your frequency as you would find the time with a waveform based on t0 and dt.  You just need the index of the data point in that you want to get the frequency.  The frequency is then f0 + x * FD, where x is the index of the data point you are interested in.

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    Hi David,

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    The status of the task model:

    Kind regards

    Jason D

    Technical sales engineer

    National Instruments

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    Please let me know now the search function works very well or not. Also if its with single document, please check with the name of the application by means of which the document was created originally.

    Kind regards


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    Hi ~

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    Thank you very much!

    because imaqBCGTransform is implemented as a lookup table, we can understand why it is limited to 8-bit images.

    Now let's take a look at the definition of each of this mandate (from the NI Vision Concepts documentation):

    -brightness: a constant added to the components red, green, and blue pixel of color over color, decoding of the process;

    -contrast: a constant multiplication factor applied to the components of the luma and chroma of a pixel of color in color to decoding process.

    -gamma correction: expand high gray-level information in an image while removing information of low level of gray.  (the chapter on lookup tables gives some examples of corrections gamma)

    now that you understand that this transformation is a simple mathematical function, simply calculate the correction for each pixel on your 16-bit images.

    I know not the exact formula used by the imaqBCGTransform function, but you should be able to approach by performing some tests on images 8 bits with the original function... or you can make your own formula... or find one on the net... or you can ask someone at home OR you give the formula...

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    Kind regards

    Ajlan Huda.

  • How can I fix the Multicam function?

    I am trying edition 35 shoots blocking of 10 minutes.  Most of them worked very well.  Videos synced to the top just fine.  This feature of love!  On about 4 of them, the audio does not sync... Although it is the same audio... but I can't get the videos to sync using in and out of the points.  When I use and points, it synchronizes the, but the videos are mixed and not even closed to where I put the entry points and.  I almost killed myself trying different things to solve this problem on a few clips that I left.  Please help me understand this.

    The more safe bet when automatic synchronization is not working is to go old-school:

    1. Create a new sequence.
    2. Insert the clips are stacked on separate tracks
    3. Synchronize them manually.
    4. Nest of this sequence in another new sequence.
    5. Right-click on the nested sequence, open the submenu multi-cameras and click Activate.

    You are now ready to change this as a multicam sequence.

    Now, as to why the audio synchronization does not work... First, there are cases that the first algorithm can't handle; for those, you may need to use a program like PluralEyes. Sorry, I'm not an authority on which cases are known to be problematic. If yours is a case that the ORGANIZATION must be able to handle, one possibility is the order in which you selected clips. At least some users have reported that this makes all the difference. See Post #10 here: As I note here, a fix came into CC7.2 for a problem in this regard.

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