How can I get multiple video Formats to a size?

I am new to first... so, thank you for the help!

I have several files from different cameras submitted by individuals. They have different resolutions and it's havoc on my outings.

My previous software automatically adjusts the video to fit the screen.

How can I get first to do this and better quality?

Thank you for taking the time to take a look.


Hi Eric,.

In Edit > Prefs > General, there is a checkbox for "Auto scale to frame size. Which allow, and clips imported after that change will be automatically resized to fill the size of the current framework. For clips imported already before the change, you right-click and choose manually the scale to the framework on the clips in your sequence.

Ideally, you should understand which format you want to deliver and start from there. For example, if the final product will be on DVD, then 720 x 480 is the size to work with, and you start with a DV NTSC preset and clips to adapt to the scale. Not a good idea for any increase, you will lose quality, so not to recommend full 1920 x 1080 HD if your sources are all small.

Also pay attention to the PACE. You can mix them, but decide which is the most widespread and which may be the one to use, depends on however. If you can give examples of what you have to work with, and where it goes (DVD, YouTube, etc.) then you can get more specific advice

Jeff Pulera

Safe Harbor computers

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    Best wishes


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  • How can I get multiple results returned from a function

    ---------- ---------- ---------
    3 1 24 JANUARY 03
    3 5 25 JANUARY 03
    4 1 13 FEBRUARY 03
    4 5 13 FEBRUARY 03
    5 3 21 FEBRUARY 03

    I have entry is a unique number of the IDBASKET in this table and this feature works very well that if she has an IDSTAGE by idbasket. (idbasket #5)
    But how do I return a result for an IDBASKET when there several IDSTAGE? (idbasket #3 & 4)
    Thank you very much

    SQL > CREATE or REPLACE FUNCTION status_desc_sf
    2 (NUMBER Code_P)
    4 EAST
    5 lv_output_txt VARCHAR2 (30);
    6 BEGIN
    7. If Code_P = 1 THEN lv_output_txt: = "Command" submitted
    8 ELSIF Code_P = 2 THEN lv_output_txt: = "Accepted, sent to the navigation";
    9 ELSIF Code_P = 3 THEN lv_output_txt: = 'out of stock ';
    10 ELSIF Code_P = 4 THEN lv_output_txt: = "Cancelled";
    11 ELSIF Code_P = 5 THEN lv_output_txt: = "shipped";
    12 lv_output_txt ELSE: not = 'no information ';
    13 END IF;
    14 lv_output_txt of RETURN;
    15 END;

    I think that your function works as expected, not necessary as you like it is running.
    See the example:

    SQL> create table t11(c1 int, c2 int)
      2  /
    Table created.
    SQL> insert into t11(c1,c2) values(1,1);
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into t11(c1,c2) values(1,2);
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into t11(c1,c2) values(2,2);
    1 row created.
    SQL> create or replace function func2(p_code number)
      2  return varchar2
      3  is
      4  v_output varchar2(64);
      5  begin
      6  if p_code = 1 then
      7     v_output := 'Submitted';
      8  elsif p_code = 2 then
      9     v_output := 'Accepted';
     10  end if;
     11  return v_output;
     12  end func2;
     13  /
    Function created.
    SQL> /
            C1 test
    ---------- ------------------------------
             1 Submitted
             1 Accepted
             2 Accepted

    If you have run the function in a manner similar to mine, it will work for all ranks. Your design of the table shows that keep you track of each State of your order, so you have more than one State of each basket. If you want to view only the last State of each basket, please take a look at this example:

    SQL> alter table t11 add c3 date
      2  /
    Table altered.
    SQL> update t11 set c3 = sysdate - 1 where c1 = 1 and c2 = 1
      2  /
    1 row updated.
    SQL> update t11 set c3 = sysdate  where c1 = 1 and c2 = 2
      2  /
    1 row updated.
    SQL> update t11 set c3 = sysdate  where c1 = 2
      2  /
    1 row updated.
    SQL> select * from t11
      2  /
            C1         C2 C3
    ---------- ---------- ---------
             1          1 15-JUN-09
             1          2 16-JUN-09
             2          2 16-JUN-09
    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  select t11.c1, func2(t11.c2) "test"
      2  from t11, (select c1, max(c3) c3 from t11 group by c1) a
      3* where t11.c1 = a.c1 and t11.c3 = a.c3
    SQL> /
            C1 test
    ---------- ------------------------------
             1 Accepted
             2 Accepted

    With greetings
    Krystian Zieja

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    What version of Premiere Elements on which OS?

    Assuming that first elements 13/13.1 on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 64bits.

    Open to the Welcome screen and change the settings there

    Please let us know if it worked for you. If not, more details please.

    Thank you.


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