How can I help the Uzbek language translation of Mozilla FireFox (Web browser)?

How can I help the Uzbek language translation of Mozilla FireFox (Web browser)?


Hi Erkin Farxodovich,
I thank you for volunteering, to do this please contact the l10n team. And also the location on this page Quick Start Guide:

That should have all the information. Please reach out to the group mail as well and they can help with questions along the way.

I hope this helps.

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    I managed to solve this problem on my end by reinstalling just firefox using the location of the language of the dictionary by default that I wanted to leave here -

    A shame that the main download page does not select the relevant location for you and still more for changing the default language for the spell checker built is so much kak. Well.

    Right-click web page

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    Hi revbennyd,

    So, it looks like that your home page has been hacked? You should take a look at the Knowledge Base How to set the home pagearticle.

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    If this does not work, you should look the article How to fix preferences that will not save.

    Finally, your problem may be because you have been hit by some malware.

    Hope this helps!

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    I received the following message (partially shown) when I tried to connect to a particular Web site.

    The secure connection failed
    An error occurred during a connection to Cannot communicate securely with counterpart: no common encryption algorithm. (Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap).
    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.

    I tried the MS IE browser and had a similar view. I checked the security settings on IE, added TLS 1.1 and 1.2 of TLS selections and solved my problem on the Internet Explorer browser.

    So I wanted to check the settings for TLS/SSL on Firefox but couldn't find where they were selected. I thought that they used to be under Tools/Options. Where can I go to check them?

    You can post a link to a page accessible to the public (i.e. no authentication or signature required)?

    The site may attempt to return to a lower version of TLS in a way that is no longer allowed in current versions or maybe use a deprecated suite of encryption.

    You can open the topic: config page through the address bar and use the search bar to locate this pref:

    • Security.TLS.insecure_fallback_hosts

    You can double-click the line to edit the prefs and add the complete field to the value of this preference.
    If there are already websites (domains) in this list, then add a comma and the new domain (without space).
    There should be only areas separated by a comma in the column value (,

    If this help you can contact this Web site and ask them to look into this and update their security.

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    The browser.preferences.inContent is no longer supported in Firefox 42 and later is not possible to open an independent window by setting this pref to false.
    Bug 1140495 - Remove glass preferences support

    Optionally, create a button on the toolbar of bookmarks for the subject: preferences and hold the Shift key and left click to open the page in a new window.

    You can watch the extension Classic theme restaurateur.

  • How can I get the SecureWebBHO malware off 33.03 FIrefox

    I use Firefox (version 33.03 now) as my main web browser. Recently, a number of regularly visited sites started acting strange. I also get random pop ups telling me that I need to update my video player, or the version of Java (my version is current). I checked the "add ons" in the menu control, nothing seems out of place (2 nVidia 3D Vision plugin, a VLC Web plug in, an OpenH264 CAP in Cisco). I pulled the top 11 IE to see if it had the same problem. He did. When I opened menu IE control and is gone to 'Manage Add-ons', he showed the BHO SecureWeb from a company called Jelbrus LLC. I disabled it in IE 11, and it runs correctly. I ran Windows Defender on a complete analysis. It says that there is 1 point, he says that she deleted. I ran the MalwareBytes Anti-Malware freeware version. It is said that he found 2 registry problems and a PUPPY (probably an unwanted program). Asked to quarantine problems. Problem persists try with Firefox, ONLY. My questions are: a) why is he not appear as an add-on or extension or a service? and (b) how can I get rid of this?


    Other information points:

    -The problem reappeared.

    -J' downloaded and executed Offline defender of Microsoft today. It has been downloaded with a separate, non-infected, serious computer on DVD, and then I booted from the DVD player on infected patients * computer. Performed a full scan on the infected * computer and let it run in full. No infections found.

    -Restarted Windows 8.1 Upgrade 1. Open FIrefox. Problem still there. Went in the menu control, watched the Add-ons and extensions. Nothing showed up. Went to the extensions. Did a search and downloaded NoScript. Closing Firefox. Restarted Firefox and the problem disappeared.


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