How can I install more than one version of Firfox and block older versions of update while allowing one to continue the update version?

I need to have several versions of FF installed for training and testing purposes, but I can't keep the old versions of update. All versions will be putting automatic regardless of Auto-setting adjustment on day of wide or suggest.


You really need a separate profile for each Firefox version you installed, in order to avoid the update of questions and to trigger a "scan" of addons every time that a profile is started with a different version. In addition, the preference to disable updates lies in the profile, and you can't have both ways in a profile.

To have multiple versions of Firefox are installed, the simplest method is to use several older versions of Firefox, Portable Edition is installed.


P.E. packages under the 'profile' with the installation of program files, each version automatically has its own profile without users needing to do anything either. P.E. also avoids the "competition" for which version of Firefox is the 'default' browser in Windows. PE can be defined as 'default' as no registry entry is made. The largest "downside" is that the Plugins need special treatment to work, the specific need of the DLL to be copied to each installation of PE.

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    If each of you have a separate Windows account, then all of you automatically have a separate Firefox profile.

    If you use the same Windows account (not much privacy in this case), then you will need to create a separate profile for each of you and a shortcut on the desktop to start each profile.

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    I tried your suggestion to select multiple layers but no joy and no floating above the ones I had to choose. I discuss with a representative of Adobe this morning and discovered that it is possible to select more than one by dragging on the elements with the selection arrow. This forces me to block these unwanted layers selected in this shotgun approach first. It's my best work around so far. Shift-click works in the old Muse vs7.4.30 app on the same computer. I enjoyed your suggestion and hope there is a fix for the simple approach shift-click.

  • In Thunderbird, how can I import more than one set of subfolders to my old e-mail program?

    I recently changed my Thunderbird in Microsoft Outlook Express (which I still installed), on which I had two separate 'identities', each with its own address book and all of the subfolders. The installation successfully put in place two new sets of files in Thunderbird (Inbox, etc.), one for each of my previous and identities managed to recover all the data from these two address books, combining them in the process, but it has recovered only a set of subfolders. Is there a way I can copy the another set of folders everywhere?

    I'm sure I've answered this question this morning. have posted us more than once on the same topic?

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    I am running Small Business Server 2003 as a virtual machine, there is only one NIC given by VMWARE, I want it 2 because it is a requirement of SBS. How can I do this?

    Thank you


    One of the known limits of the VI Client is that it won't change VMs virtual hardware is a greadter of the version 4. Server 2.0 creates VMs version 4 so it looks that you have upgraded the hardware, possibly for support of USB 2.0, which means that you can change only the user Web interface unless you want to do this via the directly .vmx file manually editing.

    You can add the material in the web user interface, you select the virtual machine in the left pane on the left by clicking on it and select "Add Hardware" as directed by the attached screenshot.

    There are ways to downgrade to a hardware version 4 - I only if necessary upgrade for most of my virtual machines are 4 so that I can use the VI Client.

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    Chat support - the link below click the still need help? the option in the blue box below and choose the option to chat...

    Creative cloud support (all creative cloud customer service problems) ( )

    Phone support | Orders, returns, exchanges

    Volume licensing

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    You can select multiple files in the Windows Explorer dialog box by using the CTRL key, or in the Finder of Mac OS X using the Cmd key. Once you have several files just click the button transfer. Or use drag-and - drop from the desktop to the browser.

    If you use Internet Explorer it does not support the download of multiple files. It is by design by Microsoft.

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