How can I leave the program runs longer than the duration of sleep?

I have a desktop Pavilion Elite HPE - 110 t (win7) .  Turn off display & sleep have the default value (10 & 20 minutes).  According to the instructions that I read (somewhere in the paper documentation) when I got to the computer a few months ago, I do not turn off it during the night.  I think included grounds for diagnostics to run (by default grid) & I "think" I've seen (the next day) scans messages, updates, etc. have been executed.  I however turn off my modem to prevent the activity internet auto (anyway) during the night.

This configuration has been satisfactory until this morning, when I tried to leave an app running I knew would require more than one hour to complete.  I had other non-computer tasks to do & did not sit the computer baby to keep him awake.  In fact, I thought that 'activity' (including the activities of memory without keyboard activity) he would keep awake.

To my surprise when I got home 3 hours later, treatment stopped about 45 minutes after the start.  This was determined by the timestamps of the output files.  Normal processing resumed after that I have he awakened from his sleep.

Is there a way (outside change go-to-sleep time setting each time) to allow work of long-term programs/application to keep running & to go to sleep after the treatment is finished? Am I wrong to think that 'auto diagnostic' are running when the computer & I sleep at night?

Thank you


The process will continue even after the monitor goes to sleep.

I first noticed this problem when you make copies of images hard drive hard drive.

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