How can I use my valid product key XP Pro SP2 with my drive OEM XP Pro SP3 and still meet the requirements of Microsoft Genuine?

I had to wipe my hard drive due to a battle lost by a virus. My installation of XP Pro SP2 disk disappeared, so I used my XP Pro SP3 OEM disc to install Windows. When I used my valid product key XP Pro SP2 I was shocked to receive an invalid product key. I always ran Microsoft Genuine product and would like to know how to reach a genine advantage accreditation with my present prediciment. Any help would be appreciated and we thank you in advance.

Hi KevinDitner,
I'm afraid, but you can't do that. Your product key Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) should be used only for the laptop which came with it.
You can get the CD of Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (SP2) by contacting the Support team customer Microsoft.
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  • How can I get my windows reactivated as I can't use my old product key more that it is not accepted...

    The message says:-since first, windows has been activated on this computer, Windows must be reactivated within 3 days.

    The message says:-since first, windows has been activated on this computer, the computer hardware has changed a lot. Because of these changes, Windows must be reactivated within 3 days. You want to reactivate Windows now?

    How can I get my windows reactivated as I can't use my old product key more that it is not accepted...

    To analyze and solve problems for Activation and Validation, we need to see a full copy of the report produced by the MGADiag (download and save to the desktop - ) tool
    Once saved, run the tool.
    Click on the button continue, which will produce the report.
    To copy the report in your response, click the button copy in the tool (ignore the error at this stage), and then paste (using r-click and paste or Ctrl + V) in your response.
    -* in your own thread *, please

    Please also state the Version and edition of Windows cited on your COA sticker (if you have one) on the case with your machine, but do NOT quote the key on the sticker!

    Aalst certainly just use the actual activation.

    telephone activation.
    Click the Start button
    in the search box, type
    SLUI 4
    and press the Enter key
    Follow the instructions - but when asked which service you need the ansafone phone, don't answer - it should oblige the operator to answer, who can deal with you.

  • How can I check windows 7 product key weither it is geniune or not without activating this key

    How can I check windows 7 product key weither it is geniune or not without activating this key

    "Needed to activate it, to check it out."

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  • How can I recover a lost product key?

    I have forget my license of Vista and I want to re install on my computer but I knead the license and I lost

    I want just the original key to activate my Vista Business SP1

    No, the thing is the License Key is written @ the back of my PC but the sticker is gone and I need... can I communicate with any body or do something to get it again

    If you reinstall the operating system or restore factory initially provided for the computer disks or if you use on the computer factory restore partition you need not the key product on the sticker of the computer (COA SLP below.)  That is only used when you upgrade the bios of the computer, or another problem it happens that the installer cannot self turn on the computer.

    The following text was published previously in another forum by Darin Smith MS (MSFT) and can probably answer better I could question:

    "Computers, which are built by the large manufacturers come with Windows pre-installed, come with 2 two product keys:

    (A) OEM SLP: this key comes pre-installed in Windows, when it comes to the factory. This key is designed to work with Bios OEM flag only on the hardware of this manufacturer. Then, when Windows was installed using the OEM SLP (in factory) Windows key leans on the motherboard and he sees the flag proper Bios OEM (for the manufacturer and the version of Windows) and activates. (that's why you had no need to turn on your computer after you brought it home)

    (B) SLP COA: it's the product key that you see on the sticker on the side (bottom or sometimes a laptop battery) of your computer. It's a valid product key, but it should be used only in certain situations (for example, this case when OEM SLP key ceases to be activated for some reason any). The key must be activated by phone.

    As long as the installation of Vista came on the computer you won't need the product key.

  • After getting my laptop reformatted, Windows Vista says it must be enabled. Can I use my current product key?

    original title: help with windows vista please!

    I recently got my laptop reformatted. the guy who must have to fix my computer installed a trial instead of my vista under license. Can I still use my previous vista and its product key for my laptop? Help!


    your product key/license of vista is up to you to use your laptop for the life of your laptop

    How to reinstall Vista

    Contact the manufacturer of the laptop computer and ask them to send you to vista recovery disks to reinstall the operating system back as it was when you bought it

    they do it for a nominal cost of $

    also ask them if you have a recovery partition on your hard drive to get back to the way you bought

    you would normally press F8, F9, F10 or F11 or Alt + F10 or 0 to start to start the recovery process according to the manufacturer

    Ask them of the exact key sequence

    or borrow a vista microsoft dvd; not a HP, Acer recovery disk etc

    Make sure that you borrow the correct 32-bit or 64-bit microsoft dvd to your computer

    they contain all versions of vista

    This is the product key that determines which version of vista is installed

    How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals

  • How can I get a Vista product key


    My laptop compaq with disk hard vista is dead during the holiday season. I could buy a disc of recovery from the supplier, but when I went to enter numbers of validation on my laptop, I found the 3rd sequence of the number worn and unreadable. Anyway for me to * sigh * buy a product code. I'm tired of trying to guess what unreadable characters are... I want to just my laptop to work again.

    Thanks in advance

    "audioroach" wrote in message News: 59345345-1bd4-48db-b399-125651839a41...


    Thanks for the reply. While I don't agree with "planned obsolescence" of a product (nor the design of the approved certificate), I can understand the reasoning. My laptop came with a premium version of vista (an exclusive retailer at the time), I had to enter the passcode (he asked for it). I'm just a little upset because of my situation. You know a way to use the software finder key on an external hard drive? I still have my only crushed (and his readable thank God) so that I can recover some of my files. I won't be "forced" to buy a new operating system when I match my needs.

    Thanks again

    There are external ways to find the product key installed - but chances are that the key on the previous installation is simply the manufacturer OEM_SLP key - which is what you would get installed by the recovery disks. The only reason why it would be different if you had reinstalled using an ordinary drive in Vista, either had some activation issues with the system installed at a given moment.


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  • I can't use my Windows product key 7

    I have a windows 7 key to dreamspark (my University a premium) product I downloaded windows 7 installed and now I can't turn on it says "the product key you entered cannot be used to activate windows on this computer" what can I do about it?

    Have you tried to restart by phone?

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • Can I use Vista Upgrade product key on the SAME machine?

    I upgraded my Vista Home Premium to XP media Center computer, and now my computer runs very slowly.  I have 1 GB of RAM, but isn't enough for Aero?  So... what I really do is to perform a new installation to refresh my computer, but I can do after already using my key product upgrade once? (Now I have an external HARD drive to back up my data... I didn't when I upgraded).  The new facility will be used with the same upgrade DVD and product key, and it will be used on the SAME machine.  This is allowed, or vista become inactive and I lose Vista completely?

    Yes you can reinstall Windows Vista by using the Windows Vista Upgrade activation disk works perfectly. Make sure you have your 25-digit product key.

    Also, make sure that you have installed once are not dual boot.

    My advice is that you bring a new installation with Service Pack 1 disc as shown here:

    Follow the instructions for installation, as in this case:
    Please note that the guide is basis of Dell, F12 can be a different key on your machine and you need to get your site system drivers from your computer manufacturer Web but most of the others in the guide apply to all windows based computers.
  • How can I buy a new product key for Windows Vista?

    I bought a copy of Vista ultimate 64 bit edition on Ebay and discovered it had already been used.  The seller said it was new and not open, but it was not.  I would like to buy a new product key for it, but have been unable to do this using Microsoft procedures on the internet. How to buy a new product key

    Try Amazon:

    Could not find Vista on the MS Store is or that they make it very difficult to find.


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • My hard drive is damaged. I got a new hard drive and now I want to reinstall Windows. Can I use my existing product key?

    original title: my hard sucks

    my hard is damaged in some portion.can, I changed the new hard drive and reinstall Windows vista with the existing product key?


    Yes, you can reinstall vista with your product key on the new hard drive

    Contact the computer manufacturer and ask them to send you to vista recovery disks to reinstall the operating system back as it was when you bought it

    they do it for a nominal cost of $

    or borrow a vista microsoft dvd; not a HP, Acer recovery disk etc

    Make sure that you borrow the correct 32-bit or 64-bit microsoft dvd to your computer

    they contain all versions of vista

    This is the product key that determines which version of vista is installed

    Here's how to do a clean install of Vista

  • Can I use my original product key for one. ISO downloaded from torrent?

    I own a HP Pavilion dv6 came pre-installed with Win 7 - SP1. It of almost 3 years and have become very slow & does not. He deserves better HARD drive format integer & clean installation. So, a few days before I tried to create a restore of the media. But the message was the recovery cannot be created once & was even created prior to my computer. I absolutely do not remember having the Media Recovery created before. Went to the HP forum as the preinstalled Windows not supported Microsoft. They have provided links in multiple threads to download. ISO file. But all servers are down & I couldn't find one. ISO file to download. So, I thought that to restore the system until the servers are on the rise again. Yesterday I tried the system restore. While the system restore worked, suddenly the program have been broken between the two & restarted the laptop. As soon as the screen came, the message was "Boot Manager is missing:(".). Really, I can't wait until the servers are up because I need it for my daily work activities. What is the solution?

    Because of the urgency, I asked one of my friends to get one. ISO downloaded torrent. Now, I'll have the. ISO downloaded torrent. Can I install this torrent OS and replace the product key of mine?

    Thank you


    Whether or not you can find your backup 'Restore media', you can restore to factory state using the integrated HP utility on the computer.  The procedure is on the manual of your computer & also on the HP website.

    'Restore media' is a utility from HP if you need to go to the computer's documentation to find out exactly what it is.  It is quite likely to do a backup of a HP built-in utility to restore your computer to its State "factory".  You may find that the computer has prompted to do this backup 'Restore Media' when you first received the computer.  If you lost it then you still have the integrated method of origin for the restoration of the "factory" that HP put on your computer.  The idea of backup 'Restore media' is to give you a second method to do this restoration 'factory' and to be able to do if you need to replace the hard drive.

  • How can I reactivate in my product key for window 7 Home premium

    I have a sony vaio VPC 111FM PC with original edition window7 OS Home premium. I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate. I was disappointed because some of the features my pc. was not able to operate, some drivers are absent, and software up to date, I try to install the updates several times but the problem continue to insist. While im updating I have discovered that the ultimate installed is not genuine.  I want to go back to his pre installed OS Windows 7 Home premium / factory setting, but I don't have the disk. I bought the PC from BEST BUY CA. without OS to windows 7 and recovery inside the box disk installer. CAN you help me to solve my problem? IM know not so much in the operation of a computer. Pls help me step by step to sove my concern. TY very much.

    New computers coming often pre-installed with Windows 7 have what is called a recovery partition. This is used to reinstall an operating system in the case of a system failure. To access it, you need to start when you start your computer by pressing a function key. This can be either F1, F2, F9, F10, F11, F12 key DEL or tab. See the manual that came with your PC for instructions on how to reinstall Windows.

    If your recovery partition is not available or damaged, you must contact the manufacturer of your computer, and request that a defined recovery disk you can use to reinstall Windows 7. They could practice a small shipping and handling.

  • Can I use Dell original product key to activate a clean Windows installation after I have replace/upgrade motherboard, processor and other key components?

    I have a Dell computer, with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed in the factory. There is a product code for windows on the sticker on the box. My problem is that the motherboard and CPU are released. I intend to replace and update the motherboard failed and cpu, ram, power supply, optical drive and eventually put in a larger hard drive. From what I read, I can not simply start the machine with the original hard drive, with windows already installed and activated. So if I wipe the hard drive (or put it in a new), can I clean install Windows 7 and then just use the product key on the sticker on the box to activate the new installation? Or what I need to buy a new copy of Windows 7?

    I've also read on other threads, that you can "transfer" a license of Windows 7 on a different machine only if it is a "commercial" version, not OEM. If the version of Windows that is preinstalled on a Dell computer would be "retail" or "OEM"? And to reactivate the software on a rebuilt/updated machine up-to-date with the new motherboard, etc. would constitute a 'transfer to a new machine' or reactivation just on a computer upgraded?

    The OEM of Windows 7 versions are identical to the versions commercial full license with the following exception:

    -OEM versions don't offer any free direct support from Microsoft technical support Microsoft

    -OEM Licenses are tied to the computer first you install and activate it on

    -OEM versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard

    -OEM versions does not move directly from an older Windows operating system

    What is OEM software? :

    Licensing FAQ:

  • How can I recover my windows product key 8 OS in my laptop.

    I bought a laptop ACER with windows 8 OS and formated with a demo of windows 10. I want to go back again in windows 8. is there a way to recover my windows 8 as it was when originally purchased. or can I recover my product key on windows 8 OS?

    You can use this tool to find the key that is embedded in the BIOS, but this is perhaps the key to victory 10

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