How can we save and export single-step using the Plugin?

Hi all

I want to save and export a design in Adobe illustrator to a specific folder using a plugin. For example, I created a design called test, I want to save the and shape to convert jpeg (test.jpeg) in a specific folder using a plugin instead of using normal except and export operation (file-> save, file-> export). I want to make the recording and exporting operations in a single step.

Is it possible to do using the plugin?

Thanks in advance

Farida gangland.


AIDocumentSuite allows you to save the document to a particular place, if that's what you need to do. Exporting to jpg or anything else is the 'bonus' bit depends on the signs. AIRasterize.h has some features in this sense if its what you need.

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    In section:

    • Backup and restore passwords

      • Firefox 3.5 and later versions, including the current beta and nightly builds, use signons.sqlite.
    • Troubleshooting
      • Firefox 3.5 and later versions use the file signons.sqlite to store encrypted names and passwords. Passwords.
      • You can rename signons.sqlite in signons.sqlite.sav to make Firefox 3.5 + versions use the file signing # .txt to a previous of Firefox 3 or version 2.
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    I thought that was why we were using Live ID.

    (BING search engine for)
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    (BING search engine for)
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    The problem is that I can't host elements to display these images because they are "double images".

    I had to go to "display" Location of the folder mode"able to find the directory.  When I did, I noticed the 10 subdirectories had not been imported, so I tried to import them and got this error:

    Nothing has been imported.  The files or selected it to import one or more files did not all types of supported files, or the files are already in this catalogue.

    I realize they are duplicates, but I want TO see them I can modify them (rotation, cropping, etc).

    (Q) is there a way to get items to 'jump me' to the original photo so that I can rotate or crop the 'original '.  NOTE: I use the Version value function or save my changes as a "new image" altogether.  I think that if it worked, I could create an "Album" that "duplicate" of the photo that my wife gave me and achieve what I have to do.

    I am brand new to elements (previously, I used ACDSee and it could do without hassle).  I have heard and read that organizing Elements 9 is much improved, so I wanted to give it a try.

    (Q) elements have a simple checkbox to allow me to work with duplicate images?

    (Q) is the solution to create a different catalog?    I did to work around this problem (for now).


    (Q) Elements 9, have a way to show all the images in all the files under a given folder?  I found that if I have a directory that contains 10 subdirectories, when I'm in the upper level without images directory are displayed.  In ACDSee, it show me all images in a directory given, including all subdirectories.  Is it possible to do it in Adobe Elements 9?

    Thanks for any help.

    The Organizer is not a browser, it's a database: even if he can show the photos in your folder structure, it works only on files that have been 'imported' and listed in the catalogue. It can show your saved photos displayed according to the structure of actual file based on the paths saved with each file present, but you will have problems if a top-level folder is empty.

    However, items saved in a catalog cannot be duplicates, and the Organizer prevents duplicates to be registered. There is no simple way to one click to override this constraint, which would mean another database 'key', that is to rename the duplicates, you wish to register.

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    Or you may open these images directly from the Publisher, the navigation in your folder structure.

    Imagine you have duplicates in a folder and rename them and import them using only the PES:

    -To the editor, use the 'treat multiple files' to export the files in this folder and rename them, e.g. "IMG_0012.jpg" + "dupl" indicating the same destination folder

    -Try again "get files and videos ' Organizer.

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