How do I export my favorites PC Firefox to my Firefox Android WITHOUT the help of Firefox Sync

I do not wish to go through the laborious process, poorly described to install Firefox Sync. All I want to do is to have available on my Android Tablet PC Firefox favorites.


Hello jantheman49, it is not possible without sync - however, this should only take a few minutes to install: How can I set up Sync on my computer?

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    Bookmarks > show all bookmarks

    Firefox 4 and 5, "Organize bookmarks" was changed to "Show all bookmarks" to open the "library".

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  • How can I find my favorites in Firefox IOS?

    My Favorites is not displayed in the IOSapp as they do on Firefox in the computer.

    Hello. Can you please check that you are connected to Firefox Sync and this synchronization is enabled in the settings?

  • How can I restore favorite with firefox sync when the computer originally synced them died, past and completely non0functional?

    My laptop died over the weekend and is fully watered. He has been using firefox sync. I have the key of the synchronization. I want to just restore bookmarks to it on my new machine, but it doesn't seem to work at all. I entered the key synchronization, and it is not pull down no matter what. How can I do this? Why ever spend Xmarks?


    Unfortunately, Firefox Sync works as a backup service. If your data are not there, it is not that you can do at this point.

    I'm sorry.

  • After having successfully imported the My Favorites in Firefox Sync from my old computer to new computer, can I purge the old computer and still have the bookmarks on the new

    I want to update my computer and made a Windows Easy Transfer to my new. My Firefox Favorites do not show on my new computer so I used Firefox Sync, which worked well. Now that I have the bookmarks on the new computer, I can delete the old computer and keep the bookmarks on the new.

    First, unplug your old computer of Firefox Sync, so you do not accidentally delete data synchronization, but yes, you should be good to go.

  • In Fox 15.0, how do I easily put my favorites in alpha order, all I see in the help is too old?

    HE wants to help can be easily put in Favorites in alphabetical order. I have all the files, just a long list of bookmarks. I am a novice in computerese, so I need very simple step by step instructions.

    I looked at the help section for this problem, but I found it was for older versions of Firefox, a lot of threads that have been closed and the references to the addons that are no longer available. I have Firefox 15.0 at present. Have a PC, not Mac and have Vista as an operating system.

    Things will be easier to find if you create some folders to categorize.

    To sort by alphabetical name, open the Bookmarks window with "Show all bookmarks" in the bookmarks menu, in the toolbar, choose views > sort > sort by name, then A > Z for ascending or Z > A to order descending. You can also organize the bookmarks in the order you want by dragging and dropping them in this window.

  • How can I get my favorites appears on my phone once I completed the synchronization process?

    I have my cell phone with my Office Firefox sync-ed, and my favorites are not displayed in the drop-down list bookmark. I rebooted my phone, and they do not always appear. What can I do to get my favorites to appear?

    Too bad, they appear suddenly.

  • How can I remove wrong email for Firefox Sync on my browser?

    Hi all

    I use Firefox 37 recently. I'm new to Firefox sync and made a stupid mistake. I myself registered with my email account but accidently left a character. It seems that the verification email has gone to someone who has that email address.

    I tried to register on the synchronization with the correct e-mail and now I get the message:
    Merge the warning
    Another user has been previously connected to synchronize on this computer. Signing in will merge bookmarks from that browser, passwords and other settings with "... '.

    Is it possible to remove the wrong address of my browser?

    Thank you

    Try to delete the folder of the armor and the signedInUser.json file in the Firefox profile folder and delete the prefs.js file to reset the prefs and may also remove the compatibility.ini file to reset the profile.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

    Have you created a new account of Firefox?

  • How to find and change settings when Firefox Sync synchronize?

    As the XMarks bookmark Synchronizer deteriorated to the point where it is unusable, I transfer my Firefox Sync synchronization tasks. It seems to work very well, but I would like to know the settings (and if possible, be able to change) that determine when its synchronizations. Does sync (a) immediately, and automatically, whenever a bookmark is changed? (b) what FF starts or firm? (c) when I say explicitly that she? (I know that c is true, because there is a menu option 'Sync'). Where can I find this info?

    ~ Tx, Ken

    a. Yes, Sync will contact the server almost immediately after a new bookmark is added. A slight delay is built to quickly add multiple bookmarks.
    b. sync will contact the server at the launch of Firefox to search for changes made on other devices connected to this sync account.
    c. There is a synchronization toolbar button sitting in the range of customization can be used to "synchronization on demand.

  • How can I remove a device access Firefox Sync rights?

    If I have a camera paired with Sync, and this device is lost or stolen, is there a way to delete all the data synchronization of the device?

    This concern to synchronize all the data previously sent along with future data.

    In the same vein, if I change my recovery key (synchronization options - Firefox), changes it as my key on all devices?

    Thank you

    This should help you to Disable Firefox Sync on a lost phone or Tablet

  • How to do a clean install of Windows 8 Pro (x 64) without the bloat-ware?

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    How do a - clean install - of windows 8 Pro (x 64) without the bloat-ware that are on the recovery discs?

    As I read I need an ISO file but which I expect and where?

  • How do I export my favorites Favorites?

    My laptop current is about to pack in and I want to save my favorites site preferred before he does. I get a new laptopn on which I will install Firefox again. How do I save bookmarks on an external hard drive and how to reinstall them when I'm ready, on my new laptop? I can do the basic in computer but not complicated things. So, if someone could explain to me EXACTLY what I need to do would be very useful. See you soon

    You can also save a complete copy of your Firefox profile folder, that contains other files, you could come to later. These include: saved passwords and data stored by the modules.

    Windows your default AppData folder cache, then here is a shortcut to dive down to your profile folder. Type or paste this into the start menu search box and press ENTER to open it:


    If you find several records there, check inside the most recent files. For example, in the bookmarkbackups folder, you should find a few recently created files.

    Copy the folder to full profile on your external drive for future reference.

    Because the folder contains your browsing history and cookies, if you are concerned about the privacy of the player, you can first clear your history and cookies in Firefox for your final cleaning and then do the copy after that.

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