How do you get add-ons Manager?

I would like to delete an extension, but may not know where is the Add-ons Manager. Help, please!


Hi ArtzPassion, 3-bar of the menu on your right, go to modules, select Extensions and disable or delete what you want.

Thank you

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  • [SOLVED] - Thunderbird constantly crashing, especially when you use Add Ons Manager, but sometimes just at the point where the program remained open.


    I used Thunderbird earlier today, when the power is in my neighborhood. Given that the power was restored Thunderbird has been crashing early and often. I can't get the program to open unless I have rename or delete the folder "extensions" in ~\Library\Thunderbird\Profiles\ < profile name >

    It will fail immediately if I go to tools-> Addons. Finally it will crash just sitting just opened in the background. I have attached the accident below report. I'm on OSX 10.10.1

    I tried to remove and reinstall Thunderbird (to both the current and previous version)
    I have tried repairing permissions
    I tried to use Time Machine to restore the entire profile folder from before the failure.

    Any suggestions? I use Thunderbird for years and I'm very uncomfortable with it, but he might switch to the mailbox if I can't solve this problem.

    Thank you.

    AdapterDeviceID: 0 x 6720
    AdapterVendorID: 0 x 1002
    Modules: %7B972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd%7D:31.3.0
    BuildID: 20141127140543
    CrashTime: 1419384832
    EMCheckCompatibility: true
    EventLoopNestingLevel: 1
    FramePoisonBase: 7ffffffff0dea000
    FramePoisonSize: 4096
    InstallTime: 1419372200
    Notes: AdapterVendorID: 0 x 1002, AdapterDeviceID: 0x6720GL layers! GL context? GL context + GL layers +.
    ProductID: {3550f703-e582-4d05-9a08-453d09bdfdc6}
    ProductName: Thunderbird
    ReleaseChannel: press release
    SecondsSinceLastCrash: 22
    StartupTime: 1419384814
    Theme: classic/1.0
    Ramjet: 1
    Version: 31.3.0
    useragent_locale: en-US

    This report also contains technical information about the State of the application when it crashed.

    Hi djunknown0, I'm not very familiar with Thunderbird crashes, or the Mac platform, but I noticed that just before accidents Thunderbird tried to run what is called 'fbplugin' and there is a bug report corresponding referring to the "Facebook Photo Uploader' of problems on Yosemite. You will find this add-on and either disable or delete it?

  • How can I get the tab of the Add-ons Manager to stop when I go to my home page of opening? (I hate that!)

    When I go to my home page by clicking the home page (more convenient way to access my most frequently used page), the Add-ons Manager will open in its own tab. I don't like this at all. How can I get him to stop?

    Looks like maybe your homepage has been accidentally updated to include several pages, including the Add-ons Manager. Try to open the Firefox options window and paste the address of just your page field "Home Page".

    For more details, see: How to set the home page

  • How can I remove the tab of the Add-ons Manager that appears every time I open Firefox

    The tab of the Add-ons Manager rises not solicited. He has a blue puzzle piece bit as an icon to the left of the words Add-ons Manager. It's so annoying this tab all the time.

    Make sure that you did not inadvertently Addons Manager as one of your landing pages.

    The vertical bar symbol | separates the URL in the box of the home page to start > home page

  • I can't find Windows Media Player although I have it on the Add-ons Manager. How can I add?

    I can't find Windows Media Player I have and use on my Add-ons Manager. A site asks me to add a plug-in to view a video. I continue to check and update, but I have already. How can I add the Windows Media Player plugin in the Add-ons Manager?

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  • Added Yahoo Toolbar and Add-ons Manager no longer shows the extensions one I can't access the function "get addons".

    I added a Yahoo toolbar for Firefox that has been customized for Frontier Communications. I Ghostery installed as an add-on, and she flashed a message that Yahoo toolbar confused its effective functioning and I would like to disable or uninstall the toolbar. I open the Add-ons Manager to do and much to my surprise he now showed no extension at all, but they all seemed still works! All my plug-ins appear when I look on the Add-ons Manager. I checked the "Get function modules and it tries to load but does not succeed." I am running Firefox 10.0.2.

    Please also try to delete the extensions.* files in the right out of the Firefox profile folder. Firefox will recreate the files and information. Please note that at the next startup, Firefox can request permissions, opening several tabs with each tab corresponds to a detected extension. Select allow the installation, click continue, but click on restart only on the last tab. You can also try to leave out the suspects without selecting modules and continue. I hope it will solve the problem.

    Files & Firefox profile folder

    Another way would be to try a new profile. Firefox stores the data from profile/personal separately from its installation folder. If the new profile is correct, you can later copy/replace files of the old profile in it, for example. the places.sqlite who holds history + information of favorites, the folder of bookmarks which has backups dated only bookmarks, signons3.txt + signons.sqlite which are necessary to restore successfully a saved website names to user/passwords etc. Please note that in this case, although it is also possible to copy the extensions it may be preferable to install again via Tools > Modules search box or AMO.

    Profiles Howto

  • After Firefox upgraded to version 6, just now, my Add-ons Manager crashes constantly when I try to access it. How to solve this problem or downgrade to version 5?

    During the update process, it said an add-on, java console, was not compatible and would be disabled.

    It is a common problem caused by a bug in the process of updating Firefox 6. Fortunately, you should be able to solve it by clicking one of the tabs on the left side of the Add-ons Manager (Add - ons get, appearance, Plugins...).

  • Just downloaded Firefox 8 and tried "Get Add-ons" in the Add-ons Manager and they would not appear and I only see the button "load". Any help?

    Click Tools-> Add-ons, then get add-ons and they never appear

  • Since the update to Firefox 6 yesterday, when I try to access the Add-ons Manager, all I get is a page with "Loading"... nothing never loads! Help, please!

    Using Win XP Home, everything on PC is in excellent working condition.

    Click on one or more Extensions, Plugins, or appearance in the left column of the screen of the Add-ons Manager. Do so only once corrected the problem for me. It has not yet even after exit and restart Firefox. The cause is not known at this time. Only a few messages have been seen here on this issue.

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.


  • Why the Add-ons Manager fail to Reconize that I updated my FF 3.6 to 6.0.2?

    I decided to update my FireFox after a long passage of not to use. Now I'm browsing add ons and whenever I try to install an add on I get an error telling me that I use an outdated version of FireFox and you want to update. I am running 6.0.2 and the Add-ons Manager tells me that I'm under 3.6. I even uninstalled and reinstalled and same problem.

    Discover this similar thread: some sites Web, including Mozilla, seems to think I use another version of Firefox that I use, how do I fix? Firefox Support Forum. Who help me?

  • Add-ons Manager crashes Firefox when I open it.

    I use Linux Mint 10 and Firefox 4b11pre, although this has happened since at least b9pre. I'm under Fx in my home folder as it is downloaded from Mozilla, not a PAL. This happens on 'stable' beta versions, but also the "pre" versions I used to be able to "suck" the databases with Bleachbit program and the problem should go away... for a while. Now it's more emotional.

    In addition, and I think it's important, all of THE modules are working properly. Everything works except that I can't open the crib of the add-on.

    The add-on Manager (huge, heavy and unresponsive) new simply stops working. He does not or partially loads and darkens in the browser, which means a program is not Linux. I then have to force to leave Firefox.

    If I crash reporting active I am never asked to submit a report.

    In this case completely at random. It is not associated with any particular add-on I can say. I spent several hours trying to diagnose this problem without success.

    Things I've done:

    1 build a completely fresh profile. I did it many times combining many different situations, and the problem still happens. It happens with the default settings when I change only the settings of the Preferences dialog box, and when I change the settings via subject: config. I also used the switch to safe mode to reset all settings, but it still happens. Similarly, I have re-downloaded Firefox itself, 'pre' and 'stable' for fear of corruption by updates, that's already happened, but this does nothing either.

    2 safe mode. If I chose to disable all modules in the safe mode dialog box, restart Firefox Add-ons Manager work. At some point, I have approximately 30 active modules, mainly the standard (Adblock, No Script, etc.) and although I am simply playing with.

    Now, when I start to activate the Add-ons, the Add-ons Manager work. I can turn on, say, 5 at a time, completely at random, and it will continue to work until I get to about 25, then it dies. I deleted all modules except those approved by Mozilla Add-ons Web site out there. Then with approved all the Add-ons (and still a manager does not) I disabled all add-ons, restarted and activated one by one. Enable, restart. Enable, restart. Then, randomly, it just stopped working and freezes. I made this several times and totally random orders. He's not on any Add on specific and it always happens between 21 and 27 active cases. You can imagine how frustrating it is, because the Add-ons Manager has no way to activate the mass, or the number of Add-ons.

    Finally, I don't receive any red flags in the error console and has exhausted my knowledge of debugging in Firefox. I get no error when running the terminal either. As I said, all the modules are working properly. I did the other combinations of things, if it's a logical off shoot of what I mentioned above, then I probably did. I've looked everywhere, Bugzilla, Google, Add on bugs, etc. anything.

    Sorry it was so long, if I can't manage my Add-ons there is simply no reason to continue to use Firefox, but as is normally the best browser autour, I don't want to deal with this option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Why don't security browser Avira displayed when I search modules in the Add-ons Manager page?

    Why don't security browser Avira displayed when I search modules in the Add-ons Manager page?

    If I search in google, it appears in the list of results, and it displays a add to Firefox"" button.

    However when I click on the "Add to Firefox" button, I get a message "Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer" with the button authorize. Why is this and is - it safe to click the allow to install this extension?

    Hi Roberto2525, through the Manager of addons you will only find extensions that their developer chooses to host with mozilla /, addons not they want to distribute themselves.

    the warning message you are seeing is normal and is displayed before the installation of each addon. as the firefox addons are always free to do almost everything that is possible, you must install the addons which authors you trust (extensions hosted on are carefully controlled until they are published).

    from 41 firefox, firefox will require that hosted also outwardly need addons must be signed by mozilla, after what they've been through a few basic checks. so, if you install the extension avira and it says something like "could not be verified for use in firefox," then if please contact avira as well and ask them to get their signed addon: signature of the add-on in Firefox

  • Download new modules that I appear on the Add-ons Manager, but not in the menu drop-down

    When I download a new add-on on the site add-on from Mozilla, the Add - it will appear in my Add-ons Manager, but I can't use, because it will not be displayed on my menu drop - even if the Add-ons Manager said that told Add-ons are enabled. How can I fix it? Also, I can download some add-ons that work very well when visiting sites like amazon or where their modules appear in the menu when you visit.

    Thank you.

    A search engine plugin.

  • Mozilla firefox add-ons Manager page is not in the correct format and error in installing addons?

    page of the Add-ons Manager makes its appearance in the basic format and when I search for add ons, it shows the result, but without images (to the basic format). Cannot install them too.

    If you can, take a snapshot and post it here for us to see.

    To better help you with your question, please provide us with a screenshot. If you need help to create a screenshot, please see How to make a screenshot of my problem?

    Once you have done so, attach the file to screen shot saved to your post on the forum by clicking on the button Browse... under the box to post your reply . This will help us to visualize the problem.

    Thank you!

  • Why nothing appears when I select "extensions" in the Add-ons Manager?

    Somehow, an extension/app called Coupon Saver (which I never did and which is really annoying) has been installed. I've uninstalled it on my laptop, but it must also be removed from FireFox. However, whenever I'm in the 'Extensions' Panel in the Add-ons Manager, nothing comes at all. It shows all the tabs on the right with "Extensions" highlighted, but beside that is nothing else than a blue screen. Why is this and how can I fix this so I can removed the form for adding offending my browser? Thank you for your time.

    It is possible that there is a problem with the files that store the registry extensions.

    Delete the files (extensions.sqlite, extensions.ini) extensions.* and compatibility.ini in the profile folder of Firefox to reset the extensions registry.

    New files will be created if necessary.

    See "extension corrupted files:

    If you see disabled extensions or is not compatible in ' Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions ' and then click the Tools button, on the side of the left end of the search bar to check if there is an update available compatibility.

    If this did not help, then also delete the addons.sqlite file.

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