How the * get rid of suggestions on the first page of my phone?

I've just updated the software on my iphone 6. It is now more slow and fitting much less easily than before...

What is really annoying me is when I hit the button at home after he has been asleep for a while, I get this page with sire my calendar app, news and other suggestions.  All I want is to enter in the my phone - none of the other crap. And now need me more time to really get into the phone - I like it the way I put it in place - I'm not interested in Apple mucking around with my phone without my permission! I disabled siri and anything else I can think of and that's all - the really irritating thing is the news component is the crazies on the right wing who I am in any way interested in support.

Please, please can someone tell me how to get this crap out of my phone?

You should not get that unless you swipe to the left, right on the lock screen.

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    The problem occurs on other web sites?

    The problem is if you start in Safe Mode?

    You have to the present extensions or modules?    Remove any antivirus add-on, all anti-malware, to performance optimization tools module, cache-cleaning or using directions associated providers for the abduction, clearly on the cache and settings in Safari.   Also disable or remove any extension add-on in Safari.

    Enable the developer menu in Safari (Preferences > advanced > display the Menu in the toolbar), and then select develop > empty Caches.

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    Hold down the command key and drag it off the menu.

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    Sorry mate but I put t understand the question
    What cell phone do you have?
    Do you mean the internal s laptop webcam?

    If this can be useful?

    -Drag your mouse on your pop out where you choose to use your webcam, instead click the option at the bottom of the "Effect" in their 'net', click and click 'OFF' Tada! The now disappeared from your cam Image, +.

    Please send feedback!

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