How to get rid of the icon buttons when you type?

Could someone explain to me how to get rid of these little icon buttons that keep popping up on the screen when I use my keyboard. Read on this forum that they are something to do with "apps"? What information and icons that appear when you drag to the top of the bottom of the screen? With the wording "parachuting" in the middle of the screen? If so, how do I "turn off" those little buttons, which appear in the bottom right of the screen and above? Can someone advise me on this?

There is also a tin can that appear on the screen as when I use my keyboard, something "iCloud rental", with the word "done" there commit to get rid of this box. Can someone tell me how to stop this box from appearing when I type...


You talking about icons like below?

Or like these?

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    Hi carlk91869849,

    Once a file is converted to excel format, you can select the columns and press the delete button to delete their data.

    If I misinterpreted your question, I would ask to provide more details.

    Kind regards


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    Thanks in advance,


    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    (1) a battery pull as shown below.

    (2) If a search for any alert not open or not recognized.

    (3) as soon as possible leave three VM more, if the indicator begins to count, you can probably clear all. (Worst case? You have 4 VM instead of 1).

    (4) call your carrier and ask them to reset your VM

    Let us know how it goes!

    Thank you


    No data will be lost when you do the following: remove the battery while the device is activated.
    Remplacer replace after one minute, let the device reboot 1-3 min, see if the problem is corrected.

    Go to messages > menu button > click on search

    Type of research > local

    Name > in any address field

    Include encrypted messages > Yes

    Service > all THE SERVICES
    File >: all THE FILES
    Show: not ONLY LU
    type = ALL

    Click on the menu button > search

    This will show an unread message or alerts on your device.

    If the virtual machine is displayed you can open it.

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    HI MaryMyers,
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    TSN is correct.

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    You can replace the entire keyboard, although it may cost you a lot.

    Try the silicone keyboard cover which is cheaper, about $10 on Amazon. sr_1_5? s = pc & ie = UTF8 & qid = 1468374236 & sr = 1-...

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    F8 to toggle the toolbar and you can not change the highlight color of a list box.

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    It is the image of highlight for the menu you have selected.

    You cannot just delete it unless you do not want a nail.

    Adobe still * using Photoshop to create menus

    You can make these changes in Encore, but I prefer photoshop.

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    Thank you very much.

    CTR extension makes Firefox customizable menu button 3 bar, so you can drag this button in the palette to customize to remove it from the Navigation toolbar.

    Reload and stop probably combine only if you set the two buttons in the correct order (reload - Stop and non-Stop - Reload)

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    You can watch this extension:

  • How can I get rid of the icon "shut down windows"? It appears from the beginning to the top!

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    Hello jsitch,

    This thread has been created in the forum Desktop and personalization; the Microsoft moderation team has moved this thread to the Performance and maintenance Forum.

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    3. when I hit the icon I want to remove it from the task bar, I get a list of options / and / information, including, "unpin...» ». but it does not work, the icon remains in the taskbar.

    I do not understand the boxes below, I don ' t know what I'm supposed to select, never seen these labels (names?). So I chose randomly.

    Type of comment? What does that mean???

    I get a message that says that my email is bad, but he's not wrong.  I don't know HOW to find my email and change it.  I entered my email for Live Mail... and I don't know if it is the same as that of the "answers".   How to make a new email for that one message? >?>?>

    If "detach you" an icon in the taskbar, the icon will be is no longer attached to the taskbar - but it will always be displayed when running the program (just as running programs have always since Windows 95).

    It could be useful that you "detach" and then right click and choose 'close' to stop the program, which will cause the icon disappear until you run the program again.
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    Very well done on my BB before I got my job and my Yahoo put email in place.  Later, I have disabled Yahoo mail and I remember he was difficult to understand how to do it and remove the icon.  I thought about it however.

    Now I have synced my new 8900 and the Yahoo icon is there yet.  He is not receiving or sending of email which is good, but how can I get rid of the icon without having to hide it?  I want that he gone forever!

    Thank you!

    You must remove this account from your carrier's BIS site yahoo email:

    Good luck.

  • How to get rid of the space up and down in menu bootstrap reduced

    Hi, anyone knows how to get rid of the top and bottom extra space on a menu reduced "bootstrap"?  I'm on bootstrap more a custom style sheet just for the menu reduced so I can have the background color instead of a repeat of the default image.  Here is a picture of the problem (marked in red) below is my code.  Thank you very much.



    < nav class = "navbar, navbar-default" >

    < div class = "container-fluid" >

    <!-brand and toggle get grouped together for better mobile display->

    < div class = "bar navigation-header" >

    < button type = "button" class = "toggle navigation bar has collapsed" data-toggle = 'collapse' data-target = "#defaultNavbar1" >

    < span class = "sr only" > toggle navigation </span >

    < span class = 'bar icons' > < / span >

    < span class = 'bar icons' > < / span >

    < span class = 'bar icons' > < / span >

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    < a class = 'bar of navigation-brand' href = "index.html" > < /a > brand

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    < div class = "navbar-collapse custom class collapse" id = "defaultNavbar1" >

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    < li > < a href = "Music.html" > music < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "Images.html" > pictures < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "Unity3D.html" > Unity3D < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "Flash.html" > Flash < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "About.html" > on < /a > < /li >

    < /ul >

    < / div >

    <!-/ .navbar-collapse->

    < / div >

    <!-/ .container-fluid->

    < / nav >

    @media (max-width: 768px) {}


    Overflow-x: visible;

    -webkit-too-full-scrolling: touch;

    background-color: #7399E4;

    background-image: none;

    height: auto;

    border-width: 0px;


    . NAV > li {}

    display: block;

    position: relative;

    border: 1px solid #2763CC;



    .Navbar-nav in Bootstrap class has upper and lower margin 7.5px. You must remove it.

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