How to add toolbars additional bookmark

Hello, I know this is possible, don't know how to do it. I would like to add a toolbar additional bookmarks under or above my existing. Thus, eliminating the need to go to the far right and clicking on for a drop-down list.

Thank you in advance for your kindness with this minor annoyance.


It has this extension you can consider (check the comments):

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    I had to reinstall Firefox after restore Windows 10-7 and almost all lose. When I opened Firefox, there was an additional bookmarks toolbar into the bottom of my screen. Don't know how it appeared, but I can't remove it from my screen. I tried to remove it section personalize, but everything what is remove one at the top, which I want to keep. I tried to right-click on it, but nothing happens, and there is no menu or 'x' to close out of it. I can reduce the size, but still, it resets when I open a new window and crashes my screen. Any ideas how to permanently remove this toolbar of my screen?

    This looks like a problem with an extension.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
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    Import Google Chrome Favorites

  • How to add an additional screen to a MX-300


    Our company has acquired a MX300 for a meeting between head office and regional office. And I feel the need for an additional screen for graphics data.

    Of course, we can see both the camera view and a computer on a MX300 screen screen. However we would like send/receive screens respectively.

    So I looked extra VGA/HDMI port on the back panel of the MX300. However, I don't see.

    Does anyone know how to add another screen (screen or projector)?

    Please adivise.

    What is a MX300 G1 or G2?

    The MX300 G1 does not support the second output, so it can be used only with the built-in monitor there, however, the G2 MX300 can support a second monitor via an HDMI output.  See the below installation guides for reference for the model unit you have.

    Installation of the Stand of the G1 ground sheet MX300

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  • How to add an additional miniature container to an existing widget?

    I am trying to add an additional miniature container to a widget on a website, but I am struggling to see how to do this without adding a new widget. Can someone advise?

    Hay laurab21752588,

    The operation of the miniature container is a little different, we cannot add an extra box,

    You must select all the images that we need only ONE.

    Although corresponding to your request, I will propose using 'Presentation of the Widget' under 'Compostion.

    You can add as many miniature boxes you want.

    Best regards


  • How to add an additional bank card

    How do you add a new card to your account

    I guess you ask how to add a card to pay Apple.

    Settings > Wallet & Apple pays > add credit or debit card

    If you ask about adding a map to your Apple ID / iTunes, then you can have only one card at a time is recorded.

  • How to add an additional note between < ROWSET > and < ROW >

    Hi all

    Is there a way to add an additional NŒUD between < ROWSET > and < ROW > which appears ONCE per each XML document?

    <? XML version = "1.0"? >

    rowset <>

    < ROW >

    < > 7369 EMPNO < / EMPNO >

    SMITH < ENAME > < / ENAME >

    CLERK of < JOB > < / JOB >

    < MGR > 7902 < / MGR >

    < HIREDATE > 17 December 80 < / HIREDATE >

    < > 800 SAL < / SAL >

    < DEPTNO > 20 < / DEPTNO >

    < / ROW >

    < ROW >

    < > 7499 EMPNO < / EMPNO >

    ALLEN < ENAME > < / ENAME >

    SELLER of < JOB > < / JOB >

    < MGR > 7698 < / MGR >

    < HIREDATE > 20 February 81 < / HIREDATE >

    < SAL > 1600 < / SAL >

    < Order > 300 < / COMM >

    < DEPTNO > 30 < / DEPTNO >

    < / ROW >


    < / LINES >

    Will be

    <? XML version = "1.0"? >

    rowset <>

    new <>test < / test >

    < ROW >

    < > 7369 EMPNO < / EMPNO >

    SMITH < ENAME > < / ENAME >

    CLERK of < JOB > < / JOB >

    < MGR > 7902 < / MGR >

    < HIREDATE > 17 December 80 < / HIREDATE >

    < > 800 SAL < / SAL >

    < DEPTNO > 20 < / DEPTNO >

    < / ROW >

    < ROW >

    < > 7499 EMPNO < / EMPNO >

    ALLEN < ENAME > < / ENAME >

    SELLER of < JOB > < / JOB >

    < MGR > 7698 < / MGR >

    < HIREDATE > 20 February 81 < / HIREDATE >

    < SAL > 1600 < / SAL >

    < Order > 300 < / COMM >

    < DEPTNO > 30 < / DEPTNO >

    < / ROW >


    < / LINES >

    Thank you in advance, Sonya

    I don't think it's possible with dbms_xmlgen. I suggest you explore sql/xml to generate your own code xml using the keywords etc. of xmlelement, xmlagg.

    For example:

    Select xmlelement ("LINES"

    , xmlelement ("TEST", "NEW")











    ) - LINE

    ) - TOT.

    ) - ROWSET

    from EMP;

    you will look like the following:






    1980 12-17











  • Hello. I want to add an additional bookmarks bar. I followed the instructions but nothing happens. What can I do?

    I used "Customize toolbars" to create a new toolbar, but it appears. When I try to open a second with the same name, the program said there is already (but I still don't see it).

    In any case I'm not sure that this method would give me a new BOOKMARKS bar - which is what I want.

    If you can help, I would be happy to hear from you.

    You can't have a bar of favorites with the elements of the toolbar bookmarks on it to store bookmarks.

    Look at this extension.

  • How to add an additional cooling fan

    Hello everyone

    I use a Compaq SG3-210UK desktop PC and I would like to add a new extra cooling fan and I know how to connect it to the motherboard or the power supply.

    Thank you for any help or advice.

    fan connector is the 3 pins

    Standard case fan is 92mm 3 wire, see:

  • How to add an additional user outside root to ESXi 4 vSphere Client

    I would like to allow another user to remotly manage virtual machines via the Cleint vSphere.  How do I create a username and password for him to log on to the cleint and control the virtual machine?

    For a variety of stand alone, you go to the tab, local users and groups, right-click and select Add a user.   You can also enable the integration of Active Directory and assign user AD rights to manage your host.

    It is not just enough to create a new connection to host access.  You must grant the user (local or AD) a role to the host, a resource pool or VM.  Here are some details on this part of the installation -

  • How to add an additional query field to the opening screen of windows (server and Desktop) session


    Is it possible that I can add another question in the Windows log on screen?

    Currently, there are user name and password.

    Can I add a field more where can I ask one other piece of information? Something like a group security code or another type of challenge?

    Thank you

    Sorry, you can not. The logon process is deliberately fixed in order to make life more difficult for would-be hackers.

  • Smartphones blackBerry how to add an additional e-mail account?

    Initially, I installed the BB Storm Cd to install the Desktop Manager.  During Setup, I selected and enter my Yahoo email account information.  It works very well.   However, I want to add my gmail account and a corporate e-mail account.  Where can I get new email accounts so that they are on the storm?  I looked on the desktop and the Device Manager and have been unable to find the appropriate location.   Thanks for the help!

    Right, if you do since the BlackBerry is under personal email configuration icon

  • How to add icons additional app in CS6 without getting "error creting. files. Icon file is missing.

    When you add new link icons in the XML descriptor, I always get:


    The way of working icons is a mixture of what makes ADT and Flash Pro compiler what. The current version of Flash Pro is better in this regard, as is the current AIR SDK. If you want to continue to use the CS6 and avoid the problems of the icon, you may need to make generations using the command line. I don't think that Adobe will go back and revise CS6 in the way they maintain with the CC versions.

  • I can't find instructions on how to add a bookmark. I don't want the toolbar

    I can't find instructions on how to add a bookmark. I don't want the bar tools, but only in the list of bookmarks. I tried everywhere looking for this information, but without success.

    Thank you
    D Lapp

    I removed the email address. It is not necessary on the forum to send you answers. The forum is public and indexed by search engines. You can restore e-mail address if you wish. You can also choose to display the email address publicly to your use of profile/users/edit ->publish my email: [] ~ J99

    If you want to bookmark the current page, you can use the shortcut key Ctrl + d to add the bookmark.

    If you prefer to type the address, or you need to bookmark a page that is not displayed, click on a bookmark in the bookmarks menu (or in the folder where you want to add the bookmark), and choose new bookmark.

    -What are you looking for?

  • How to add additional buttons, the fields in the query Panel

    I have a layout where I need to search for employees working under a Manager

    I have a search criteria where I can choose coach in a menu drop-down so that the data of employees under him appears

    Now I need to add a field more in search as assign to the manager who is a drop down

    And I need add two buttons Reassign, Deassign the search criteria

    So that when I select my manager current employees under him if poster and when I select the value of the entitlement and Manager dropdown in search criteria and click on the button to re-allocate employees are they assigned to this new manager... If I click on delete the key assignment those employees will get current Manager deassigned

    And also once the results displayed in table I have to have a checkbox for each record where I can select the checkbox and reassign or deassing only employees

    How to add additional buttons, fields for the Commission to request... I slipped and dropped my display criteria in the query with table Panel


    a query Panel is for query and do not update documents. You can add buttons to the toolbar facet


    but not the query itself on the ground


Maybe you are looking for