How to change Ram S205

Hi all. I wanted to ask you how uprade the s205 ram memory? Can you provide a procedure step by step with pictures for the opening of the rear end of the aircraft? And I have the guarantee to do? Thank you.

Hi seahawk.
Please, take a look at the manual below. you will be able to find the information you need.

I hope this helps.

(please, post back with the results)

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  • How to change RAM in Satellite L300D?

    The instructions with my new laptop show the new modules of memory must be installed in start mode.
    What is the startup mode and how do I me him?

    Bootmode-> This confuses most people.
    If the phone is off (not in sleep mode and not hibernation), then you can talk more often on the startup mode.

    Just close the laptop, unplug the battery and the AC adapter and then try to update the RAM ;)

    Big names

  • How to change RAM on Satellite A40 - 151

    My laptop Satellite A40-151 contains 256 MB of Ram with XP. It has become extremely slow because of microsoft recent service pack updates.

    It is impossible to make this work more quickly.
    Could someone please suggest me how can I move my ram to 1 GB. Is it supported to upgrade.

    Please I guide me otherwise I can't use this system more.


    Yesterday, the same thing happened to me. Windows has received all MS patches and updates and the laptop everything was not more usable.
    It was amazing, slow but after several hours, I managed to install all the updates and now everything works fine.

    Laptop you can be upgraded up to 2GB. This is possible. If you want to use max 1 GB I recommend using 2 x 512 MB modules.
    You use PC2100 200 pin memory (266 MHz) DDR SODIMM!

    You will find the detailed description in your user manual I hope ;)

    But I'll post here a small instruction:
    The modules are hidden under the keyboard!

    -Disconnect all cables and remove the battery
    -Slide the latch of the screen at the front of the computer to the right and open the display panel
    -Insert a thin object under the edge of the brace of keyboard and lift them from the orthosis
    -remove the 2 screws of the keyboard and a screws of the metal structure and raise the metal structure
    -Remove the keyboard carefully (the keyboard is connected to the card cable in water. Make sure you do not apply a voltage of this cable and do not attempt to unplug this cable!)
    -lift in the sheet of insulation left on the memory module
    -Insert a new module into the slot and gently push it downwards so that it lies flat and is fixed by two locks on each side.

    Good luck ;)

  • Satellite C650-124 - guarantee: how to change RAM


    I have a toshiba L650 124 with 2 GB of ram
    I want to upgrade the ram
    Kindly tell me how to do it and what happens if I buy a ram starting from any store (say amazon) and put in the laptop

    My warranty is voided by doing this?

    Have a look here:

    This is a nice forum that contains movies and pictures on RAM upgrade on the different laptop models.
    I recommend checking the box L630 and L670.

    By the way; the replacement of the RAM not to cancel the status of the guarantee as long as you put break anything.

  • Tecra A10 - how to change the RAM?


    I was wondering I just bought a new Toshiba Tecra A10, I just wondered how the change of the RAM, it comes with 1 GB of Ram I want upgraded to 2 GB or 4 GB.

    The RAM slots are located at the rear of the Machine or below the keyboard?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Memory module compartment is placed at the bottom of the unit.
    You can remove the screw clean the lid in plastic and then you will be able to remove this cover and access locations of memory.

    AFAIK, you can upgrade the memory for max 8GB (2 x 4 GB), but it's not necessary you can upgrade to 4 GB RAM and it is more than enough

    Welcome them

  • ProBook 4440 s: how to change the settings of the bios on my hp ProBook 4440 s to increase dedicated video ram

    How to change the settings of the bios on my hp ProBook 4440 dedicated to increase video ram?
    I want to increase to play better games.
    How to change through the bios I don't know.
    Help me pls.

    Thank you

    The days of being able to change RAM in BIOS went Bye Bye a few years ago. It was back in the day.

    You can't make changes to the video RAM settings in BIOS.

    You can reduce the resolution if you want to increase performance in a menu of own game options, but at a cost of resolution.

  • Satellite L30-134: how to change shared video memory?


    I have a laptop L30-134 with 512 MB of ram and 64 MB of video memory shared.

    I can't change the virtual memory from 64 MB to 128 MB.
    I reed some messages in this forum but I have no option in the Panel as "FrameBuffer" and the bios hase no option for the video display adapter, I tried to install the latest ati driver but ich time I get an error is not configuration / compatibil card whit say out.

    How I change my card adapter video shared memory size?

    Thank you.
    PS: sory for my bad English... :)


    Using the latest display driver (you can download it at toshiba), then you will have the option of frame buffer memory. The initially installed driver doesn't have this option. You will be able to use the memory of 128 MB for vga. If you put your L30 512 MB, you can use 256 MB of video memory. But I found no differences in the games between 128 MB and 256 MB.

    Best regards

  • How to change the wallpaper

    original title "Ok I really need help."

    OK I really need help I downloaded an image (20000 20000 x) and set it as my desktop backround, I know not silent right anyway, I want to know how to change cause it takes up all my ram and I can't even use my departure botton please help. More its so slow.


    1. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    In case you have the Windows 7 operating system installed on the computer, then you can check the link below to change the wallpaper.

  • How to change the number of values in the hour that are restricted.


    May I know how to change the number of values in the hour that are restricted.

    In fact, we have improved of obiee in obiee 11g 10g. Data base is the same for Both.In 10 g the prompt value is limited to show only 35 records per page. As we passed it shows only 35 Records in 11g also. How can I change this limit to 11g.

    Please suggest me! Its urgent!

    Thanks and greetings



    In the advance tab we have the XML of the upgraded report, copy it into a Notepad and try to find the line beginning as below

    In 10g, we have something like below, simply remove the choicesPerPage = '35' from 11 g OBIEE XML report

    Thank you


  • How to change the user interface of the entity object indicators / Validation msg when running?


    I use JDeveloper with version Given my requirment details below.

    Suppose I have a (say 'EMPLOYEE_RATING') table in DB with the following structure.


    1 EmployeeId (Employee Id)

    2 RatingType (values can be in Stock or Bonus)

    3 RatingLevel (values can be 1, 2, and 3)


    EmployeeId, RatingType and RatingLevel all together must be unique.


    The customer's requirement is to have two screens of rating (one for Bonus another stock) and display different user interface boards and validations as follows.

    1 RatingType is a hidden field, are defined with the default (Bonus or Stock) based on the screen that the user opens.

    1. for the Stock screen, RatingLevel label should be "Stock note.

    2. for the Bonus screen, the label should be 'Bonus Rating'.

    3. for validation, the message must be 'Bonus note level must be unique' or 'Level of Stock of notes must be unique' ADB on the user screen opens.


    I have a def EO (for example "RatingEO") and VO (for example ' RatingVO') def. Tips UI (Label) are given at the level of the OS. Also the unique constraint validation is made to EO with the message ' {0} and {1} must be unique, where {0} is source.hints.EmployeeId.label "and {1} is source.hints.RatingLevel.label.  I also did the shuttle two different instances of the VO (EmployeeRatingBonusVO and EmployeeRatingStockVO) in the request form (although BonusTaskFlow and StockTaskFlow are set to open with the new transaction, Intension of the two shuttle different named instances is to have the common code in VO. impl class but can run different business logic code by checking the name of the instance of VO)


    Since I have two different pages, I can define two different labels in the jsff, but I can't change the commit message defined at the level of object entity based on open display. At the opening of the screen, depending on the type of screen, I should be able to change the label specified at the level of the entity object. (It should not affect the definition but only the instance). As this entity object cannot be distinguished (if it belongs to Bonus or Stock), I have problem on how to change the indicators of UI during execution.

    Any help on this would be appreciated! Thank you.


    Post edited by: rami

    I tried your script.

    I created the secondary key with EmployId and rating level. I added validation of Unique key. In failure handling handling section of the validator, I gave the error message like: {0} must be unique. For token 0: I gave RatingType (here RatingType is the name of the attribute in OT).

    We give the default for RatingType as Stock Bonus in VO. kind RatingType get its value or Stock Bonus based on the original Version that we use.

    I hope this helps.

  • GMA x4500HD on a latitude E6400: how to change the amount of memory assigned to the graphic card


    I have a latitude E6400 with the A03 BIOS and lastest drivers memory on Vista x 64.

    I don't see how to change the amount of RAM assigned to the integrated graphics cards.

    How can I change this setting?


  • How to change the SGA and PGA in 10g r2 RAC


    How to change the SGA and PGA in 10g r2 RAC, its Linux.


    Here's the way I followed to change the SGA and PGA in CARS.
    Action plan to change the parameter memory in the environment(5/21/2010) of production

    Practice must be done in the DEV/TST environment before going to Production.
    Although the procedure can be applied in the testing environment the evolution of values
    used in the test environment should be amended since number of RAM are not the
    even between the production and test servers.

    1 changes to these two parameters in one of
    the prod instance, e.g. PROD1
    Connect as sysdba on sqlplus


    ALTER system set sga_target = 28G scope = spfile sid ='* ';


    ALTER system set pga_aggregate_target = 4G scope = spfile sid ='* ';

    SQL > alter system set pga_aggregate_target = 4G scope = both;
    SQL > show parameter pga_aggregate_target;
    -should see the number altered on both instances


    SQL > alter system set sga_max_size = 28G scope = spfile sid ='* ';

    SQL > alter system set sga_max_size = 28G scope = spfile;

    SQL > alter system set sga_target = 28G scope = spfile;

    3 stop PROD database (two instances must stop)

    $> srvctl stop database d PROD
    $>. / $ ORA_CRS_HOME/bin/crs_stat - to check the status of the database

    4. establish the PROD database (two Forum should be high)

    $> srvctl START database-d PROD
    $>. / $ ORA_CRS_HOME/bin/crs_stat - to check the status of the database

    connection in both cases as sysdba to check

    SQL > show parameter pga_aggregate_target
    SQL > show parameter sga_max_size
    -should see the number of change always there in both cases
    -According to step 1

    -After confirmation above two parameters are changed on both instances.
    -then make the syntax below in a case

    (5) check that everything is ok

  • How to change margins in PDF format?

    Thanks in advance for your help. I'm evaluating Professional 8.0 on my pc (XP SP2 w / 3.5 GB of RAM and 2.5 GHZ CPU). I want to see if the professional can change the margins of the pdf files I get from various places, but I'm not finding anything in the documentation or via google. This should be an easy thing to do, as in MS Word you go to "Layout" and change the margins. I can't find this feature in Acrobat 8.0. Can someone tell me please how to change the margins? The document in its configuration current waste paper and leaves a lot of him in white when it can be printed on. Trying to be a conscientious worker by not wasting paper and Acrobat is not cooperating with me.

    Thank you

    Others have (I hope) he made it clear to you that Acrobat is not a word processor or a documents page layout program. (as said by Geo) is a document display program. If you have access to the source file of which is from the PDF file, and then change the margins in this file.

    If no source, then - at the risk of stating the obvious - if you try to save paper, is police large enough document that you can print two pages (cropped out) of your document per physical page? It is an option for many printers. In addition, two-sided printing. Just look at the properties of your printer - I hope you find one or two of these options.


  • How to change the iPhone camera shutter sound 7

    How to change the iPhone camera shutter sound 7?


    To adjust the volume of the sound of the camera shutter:

    • Use the settings ringer and alerts:
      • On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 more, go to: settings > sounds and haptic.
      • (Other models, go to settings > sounds).
    • Or turn mute off / on using the switch on the side of your iPhone's ring/silent.
      • (The mute function is disabled in some countries).
  • How to change the number of minutes for the exercise of the activity of the application

    How to change the number of minutes for the exercise of the activity of the application


    It is not currently possible to change the goal of daily exercise.

    If you want to suggest that Apple consider adding this option, you can submit a request here:

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