How to control NI USB-6509 with Micrsoft Excel Macro?


I have recently brought NI USB-6509 (96 digital i/o channels) and tested ok with Labview. But I wanted to detect and control the same device in microsoft excel. Can anyone suggest me some solutions to work on excel with this device?


Look here and here. For other examples, do a search for "DAQmx VBA".

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    You can use any cable USB OTG, it's just the cable and two connectors. I use this Setup with USB keyboard. But it is more convenient to use a Bluetooth wireless mouse.

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    Configure the screen sharing on the Mac.

    To do this, you must have another recent Mac.

    You can start the problem Mac in target disk mode, connect the two Mac by FireWire or Thunderbolt, boot the Mac problem with button down T, boot the first Mac since the Mac HD problem and sharing Setup screen /. c-os-x-1296285

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    So what is the best way to create a USB bootable from this Cisco's ISO image?

    I tried 3 kinds of 'decision-makers', but none can boot up and load the HUU.

    Later, I tried going to start and begin to HUU, but then just fails when loading the firmware and tools

    Please notify

    I did some research and found the defect following CSCup62091 who you might be hit.

    2.0(1a) HUU/4.0(1a) UCS USB boot error 906

    Let me know what you think

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    I searched this forum and Web site of NOR and came up empty.


    You could do a dll in LabVIEW that reads the tc01, then call that since Visual Basic.  I have created/joint an example of what I mean, you can extend it to add the bells and whistles.  It should be fairly simple.  I hope it helps.

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    Thank you.

    When you plug the USB-RS-232 converter, it installs a driver under Windows which makes it look like any other RS-232 port.  You may need to install the driver of everything that came on the CD with the converter.  It will get a Com as Com5 port number according to what is the next available number.

  • Is it possible to plug a USB to my new iPad Pro, to transfer PDF files and some Jpeg files from the USB key with an adapter of lightning? If there is NO adapter, how can I get these files on the USB key and my iPad pro?

    Is it possible to plug a USB to my new iPad Pro, to transfer PDF files and some Jpeg files from the USB key with an adapter of lightning? If there is NO adapter, how can I get these files on the USB key and my iPad pro? I need these PDF files transferred my I touch pro. Any suggestions?  Please

    Thank you

    Mike Tingey

    The iPad does not support USB keys. There are some wireless flash drives that can be used, but not the classical records. I suggest you transfer files to a computer and their synchronization then back to the iPad via iTunes.

  • How to reset Windows 7 password with USB

    The first thing we often do when we * password lost Windows 7 * is to ask an it expert for help. However, it is only a moment for you * forget password Windows 7 * and it may take you several days to regain access to your system. Later, don't worry about anything when you forgot the password for windows 7. The article will give you some ideas for * reset password Windows 7 * with USB drive.

    * Chapter 1: Reset password reset Windows 7 password disk.*

    Most people know generally only how to create a new user with a password or change it. But they do not develop a habit to create a password reset disk to prevent the lost password. This is an excellent and free Microsoft gift. Click here to learn how to create the password reset disk in windows 7 If you loan have a reset disk, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Start or restart your computer, insert your USB key. In the home interface, press ctrl + alt + delete, enter the classic logon box. Then type the user name that you want to use and a wrong password or leave the field blank, and then press ENTER or click OK. It will show you logon has failed.

    Step 2: Click on * reset password *... it will show you the password reset Wizard. And it allows you to create a new password for your user account. In the password reset Wizard dialog box, click on * following *.

    Step 3: Select the disk that you insert, click on * following *. Type a new password in the Type a new password box, and then retype the password in the Type the password to confirm box. In the Type, a new indication of password box, type a hint for the password or no, and then click on * next * → * finished * and then try to open a Windows XP session again when to use the new password you just put.

    EC * USB password reset disk * use only in a certain account that you have created before, or it will not help. Therefore, it is best to create a password reset disk when you add a password to the account.

    * Section two: Reset Windows 7 password Windows password rescuer run from USB drive

    If you have not created a password reset disk for your account and unfortunately you lost or forgotten windows password, see below. I'll show you a guide step by step to do this task in minutes with USB, without reinstalling the system or loss of data.

    Step 1: Prepare a 2 GB USB flash drive and a computer that you can access.

    Step 2: Download Windows password of lifeguard and install it on a computer on which you have access.

    Step 3: Run the program and burn the ISO image to the USB Flash drive.
    * NOTE: * this action will make your formatted USB drive and all data in it will be lost. You would provide better with nothing in it.

    Step 4: Use the USB to reset the password of windows 7. Before this, you must set your start your computer by USB. Then start your computer and enjoy the process of resetting the password, it is easy and fast. Don't worry if you are struggling for the parameter, you can see more in the Windows bios password rescuer website.

    Posting of interest. Thanks for this detailed description and useful links.
    If you have more interesting things to share with us you are welcome.

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    I M100 and I installed debian, works very well, but there is a problem.
    Cooling fan turns on the top speed of all time. I m not shy on unix.
    How can I control cooling fan?
    How to control the power to the laptop?

    Hi mate,

    have you ever heard of the toshutils? I highly recommend trying these tools. Just google for toshutils and you'll find a few nice applications. Should usually be included in the distribution you have, also, I would check with 'apt - get search toshutils.

    See you soon

  • How can I get the USB-Quad08 with Dasylab encoder channel data


    I'm reading the pulse signal of USB-Quad08 with Dasylab V10, but every time I got the error message "this Committee has no meter 9513.

    I have configured the jury with Instacal and the test hardware is ok. I used the module 'Entry meter' (Modules--> inputs / outputs--> MCC - DAQ--> Counter Input) to read the signal of the channel meter. "Entry 9513 counter" displayed and I na not change settings. After connecting a graphic recorder module I run the application. The error message appeared.

    I noticed that USB-Quad08 Council has counter 9513. But why the error occurs?  How can I get his channel encoder signal?

    PS. I can get with Dasylab DIO signals, but I can't any signal with TracerDAQ, even I can't find USB-Quad08 in his list of DAQ devices.

    Please contact Measurement Computing.

  • How to upgrade the already encrypted files on the USB HDD with new XP Recovery certificate

    I backed up the files encrypted in My Documents on a USB drive on which these files are also encrypted state. My computer crashed so I reinstalled the operating system. I wanted to send records encrypted USB HD to my computer or tried to copy projecteurDu and paste them into My Documents. I could not do this because I got "an error occurred in the application...". access privilegesDo i., access is denied. "I created a new recovery certificate and put in place a recovery agent. From there how I update the previously encrypted files on th USB HDD with the new recovery certificate? I'd appreciate a step by step procedure. Can I select the USB drive in the command line and run cipher/u on this drive or make the command/u of encryption on the computer without connecting to the USB HDD

    Sorry to say that my bet is that you never gain access to these files again.

    When you created the files encrypted, Windows creates a key for decryption to access these files and stored, encrypted in your certificate store.  When your system crashed, the decryption key has crashed with it.  Without this key, you will never have access to your encrypted files.  If you have recovered from a backup image-style, you should be able to access these files.  If you've recovered by installing Windows from the installation disc, then you have created a new and different installation with different Secure ID (SID) and a certificate store empty.  A recovery agent will only retrieve encrypted files that were created after that recovery agent was in place - as a new certificate.  What you really need to do, it's your old certificate to restore the backup that you created when you started using EFS.  The following article is mandatory for anyone using the EFS file system.  Special attention to the paragraph entitled "why you should back up your certificates.

    "Best Practices for encrypting file system"
     <> >

    If you do not have a return to the top of your certificate, then things look dark.  There is a program called "AEFSDR' whose 'professional' version comes through what has not been overwritten on your hard drive in search of remains of certificates that could be delivered together to recover.

    Good luck

  • How can I save items on a USB key with Vista?

    original title: using Flash Drive

    How can I save items on a USB key with Vista

    Plug the Flash drive.  Go to start / computer and find your USB drive listed there.  Find what you want to record on the FlashDrive (from other units identified in Explorer) and copy / them (CTRL + C) and then go to your USB key and click it to open it and press Ctrl + V to paste the files.  That's all there is to it.  You can create folders to store files, like flash drives have limits on the number of files can be stored in the root directory (but not folders).

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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