How to disable the feature "send the file as an attachment?

11.0.13 worm

How to disable the feature "send the file as an attachment?

/************************* Hide Menu ********************************/

Hide the default file > Send file... menu

app.hideMenuItem ("Email");

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  • How to disable the file hiding (changing options for hard disk does not work)

    Hi all

    I hope someone can help me with the following problem:

    -J' need to open a file of 16 GB of content in third party software (Stata) who reads completely in memory.

    -Due to Windows caching file, necessary to get the procedure done about 32 GB cache files and Stata access physical memory.

    -As I have only 24 GB of physical RAM file is read later part of virtual memory, which leads to serious performance problems.

    I unchecked the box 'Enable write on the device cache' to my hard drive. That did not help. Is there a way to disable the Cache during PLAYBACK of files?

    Thank you very much in advance for any help!


    The write cache and virtual memory are different. Virtual memory is an extension of the physical memory residing on the HARD disk where Windows is installed. Normally, the virtual memory is about twice the size of the current physical memory. Write cache is an exclusive setting for external hard drives only and has no effect in internal hard drives.

    In your case, please note that full 24GO of RAM will not be allocated to the program. At least 1 GB will be reserved for windows, so the rest of the programs are moved to virtual memory, which means that the HARD drive. It is not recommended to disable virtual memory because it can cause stability problems. In addition, the files are not copied directly in memory, even if they are big. Instead, the parts of the file are available and this area, including the incremental values and material, are stored in the memory. So if all of a sudden, you access an area of the file which is very far away from the previous location, it takes time as the new area, as well as differentials and material value of a few bytes is also copied to the memory. The box of files previously displayed is erased from the memory.

    For performance improvements, you can go for the SSD, RAM with higher clock speed (must be compatible with the motherboard) as processor as well as the upgrade. However, please note that the process of accessing a file even as mentioned previously, but the speed will increase because of the higher bandwidth and the clock frequency.

  • How to disable the file host Guest service (hgfs.sys) system?

    to disable hgfs, depending on error failure CPP while creating trust relationships between Windows 2003/2008 servers or domain controllers on the Web Vmware site, to change the registry, but could not find hgfs on regietry as it intrudued on my Win 2003 SP2.

    So, how can do?

    Thank you.

  • How to open the file as an attachment with extenstion .xlsx received in an e-mail?

    I've never used WordPad; now an email come through and opens to a page of hieroglyphs. How can I make readable? Please and thank you.

    See you soon,.



    This is an Excel file

    you don't say what version of office you have

    you have the latest office compatibility pack?

  • In fact, I'm looking for how to disable the discovery network for all profiles (Public, private, domain).

    * Original title: GPO registry key or change


    In fact, I'm looking how to disable the network for all profiles (Public, private, domain) discovery and how to disable the file/printer sharing just to the private profile and public with a GPO or a script.

    I ' found some GPO as disable inbound/outbound rules for sharing files/printers and discovery of the network, but I think that a better and more easy solution exists.

    Please can you help me. :)

    Best regards.


    According to the description, I understand that you want to disable the discovery network for profiles.

    I suggest refer you to the Microsoft Help Article below and check if that helps.

    Registry warning

    To do: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • How to disable the search feature in inputComboboxListOfValues


    I'm working on Jdeveloper version I use the component 'inputComboboxListOfValues '.

    How to disable the search feature in inputComboboxListOfValues?

    Frank Nimphius-Oracle

    I saw a topic archived for even where you replied on

    AF | {inputComboboxListOfValues::search}

    visibility: hidden


    But when I use it, I'm getting some unknown pseudo class look in the css source file while pasting your code.

    Pls help.

    Thank you

    Hey, Timo,.

    Found the solution,

    LOV > UI advice > list Searh > include the search box > select No research

    Search link will be disabled in the drop-down list box drop-down list

    Thank you

  • How to disable the feature CALL SOS?

    I've just updated to iOS 10 and 3 watch OS, but I can't find how to disable the feature of emergency SOS on my Apple Watch.

    I thought it would be a good feature for me so I turned it on, but my fingers are clumsy, so I struck the wrong cursor when I turned off my watch and accidentally, I called 911. I've disabled "Stick to Auto Call" and deleted all my contacts SOS in general in the application to watch on my iPhone and I restarted the iPhone and the Apple Watch, but emergency SOS still shows on my watch when I want to turn off my watch.

    I think that before I turned emergency SOS, I saw "Power Reserve" under the "Power Off". I read that once you turn Hold for Auto call in the app shows and then turn off, the cursor of SOS emergency will always be displayed when you turn off the watch.

    How can I disable the cursor of emergency SOS when I turn off my Apple Watch? Can I use Reset under general, or désapparier my watch and pair again? I don't want to do that, because it would take a lot of time to get all my settings that I want them to be.


    I'm not aware of any option settings to remove the emergency SOS cursor in the menu that appears on pressing them and holding the button.

    If you want Apple to consider adding an option to disable the feature, you can submit a request here:

  • 10 Firefox: How to disable the feature 'the next button is now hidden until that navigate you back'?

    Before moving to Firefox 10, I would like to know how to disable the feature "the next button is now hidden until you navigate back" that has been added to Firefox 10. How to disable this feature so that the next button is always shown?

    OK, so I just figured that if you right-click on the toolbar, select Customize and then put a button between the 'Back/Forward' and the 'address bar' it remove the hidden button front...

    See in my screenshot of , where is the home button...
    If I move the button Home elsewhere that hide the next button. http://d.PR/ImFc

  • TouchSmart laptop computer: I have HP Touchsmart (15-d020dx). How to disable the touch screen feature?

    I have HP Touchsmart (15-d020dx). How to disable the touch screen feature?


    Follow the steps listed in the link below

  • I have microsoft fix Center, there a {codec crashes fix} I used it and it has disabled the files I need, can someone tell me how reinable these files to help!

    I have microsoft fix Center, there a {codec crashes fix} I used it and it has disabled the files I need, can someone tell me how reinable these files, help please!

    Hi Shawnmehringer,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    It would be useful that you can answer these questions to help you further.

    1. have you installed Microsoft Fixit Center on your system?

    2 are. what codec fix you referring?

    3. which files are disabled and you try to activate again?

    If the problem is related to Microsoft Fixit center, you can ask your question on the Forums of Microsoft Fixit to get help.

    Microsoft Fix it Center Forums

    If you need help to resolve any issues related to Windows, please reply and we will be happy to help you.

  • I need to know how to disable the test print cause everytime I turn on the printer prints featured.

    I need to know how to disable the test print cause everytime I turn on the printer prints featured.  It is hp1315 series.


    If you want to disable printing test page, you must check with the manual of the printer. Try the steps from the following link:

    An alignment Page prints whenever the all-in-one is turned on or off or a print job is started

    I suggest you to contact HP for better support.

    Additional information:

    Printer in Windows problems

  • How to disable the cc button animate html5 canvas files?


    How to disable the cc button animate html5 canvas files?


    question 1:

    When you click on the 'mc', it always run. How can I control the button of the deactivate and activate?

    question 2:

    The mc is not an image, it's a movieclip. How can I change the colors of the mc? example: default of the mc color red, I want to click change black!

    Thank you!

    use addEventListener instead of 'on '.  You can then use removeEventListener to disable.

    or you can intemperies to use 'on' using the mouseEnabled property to disable = false;

  • How to disable the trace files in the oracle 11g version

    Senario: trace file grow
    How to disable the trace files in the oracle 11g version
    pls guide with best practices

    NATHALIE wrote:
    Senario: trace file grow
    How to disable the trace files in the oracle 11g version
    pls guide with best practices

    11 g, there is an extended tracing which happens for reasons best known only to Oracle. But if you want to disable, Coskan had published a small ticket mentioning a parameter not documented (which means you should think twice before using it) to disable it - disablehealth_check *. Here you can read the full message,


  • How to disable the App tabs (tablets should) start automatically?

    How to disable the App tabs (tablets should) start automatically?

    because the option [don't load the tabs up to choosing] dose does not work with her, and she keeps starts every time when I restart Firefox.

    Please help me!

    Don't bother, I arrived at the solution of my car, you can do the following:

    Type "subject: config" [without quotes!] in the location Bar (address bar) and press ENTER to display the list of preferences, as shown in the photo #1 in Firefox 17 under Windows 7.

    If you see a page with the warning as pictured #2, this might void your warranty!, click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button to continue (in fact, there is no guarantee that it is, it's more a joke to ensure that users are aware of what they are about to do). Uncheck the box to avoid the warning in the future.

    Now to the search bar in the image #3 type: tab and search for it

    preference name:


    or you can copy directly to the search bar.
    Then, follow the instructions in the photo n ° 3 .

    Just in case where if the photo appears, follow these steps:

    First: Right-click on the name of the preference that we sought.
    Then, click Toggle to change the value from false to true.
    Or, double-click it and it will change.
    Finally, restart Firefox, and you'll notice that they don't automatically load until you click on it.

    That's it, good luck to all. ;-)

    Note: the list of fonts preferences fat is the user changed, and the United Nations-fat is the default setting.

    Warning: change preferences can, in rare circumstances, break Firefox, Thunderbird or Mozilla Suite, or cause strange behavior. Only do if you know what you're doing or trustworthy tips.

    Additional INFORMATION:

    Subject: config is a feature of Mozilla applications which lists application settings (known as preferences) that are read from the profile files prefs.js and user.js and the default application. A lot of these preferences are not present in the preferences or Options dialog box. Using about: config is one of the many methods of changing the preferences and adding the other 'hidden '.

  • How to disable the backup works when you print an email?

    How to disable the backup works when you print an email.  Whenever I try to print an e-mail, save it as a PDF is displayed.  I then have to save, then open the file to print.


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    To disable this feature, you need to uninstall Adobe reader and then check if still back you the question quickly.

    Kind regards

    Jesinta Rozario

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