where is seen. Records | Unified?

I want the unified file see - to my thunderbird version 31.6.0 there is no view - files... where this happened? How can I get the folder view unified?

If you use the new button AppMenu it is a menu files in big listing with unified under one.

Most of the existing documentation is based on the use of the menu bar which is hidden in the new versions of Thunderbird. By pressing alt or F10 reveals the menu bars hidden in most applications, including Thunderbird.
You can turn on the old toolbars to show all the time by using the menu bar and selecting display-toolbars and clicking their back on.
Some programmer thought it would be cute to move all the choices of menu under the button AppMenu. They need to spend time here answering the questions of the users together.

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    If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, first look in the Downloads folder:

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    I guess you mean "Export with previous. If so, open the export page. It will be defined as "precedent".

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    Simply choose the--> +--> Update Record server behaviors

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  • Where is the record update form wizard in PCOC?

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    By the way, I'm looking for the wizard not update directly the behavior which I know is in the server behaviors panel.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: Just talk to Adobe 'support' of discussion about this and they have been absolutely useless. The directed me to the article that I have highlighted above as being for CS6, which is not useful because "Data Objects" is not in the Insert menu in ACPE, and when I said they gave me this link to try: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/

    Seriously?  It's the best I can hope Adobe support?  It was clear that the cooperative was just search on Google for answers as opposed to actually know the software they represent.  Really disappointing support.

    Database functionality has been removed from the PCOC. You can get a lot of coming back it by enabling the Extension of the legacy...


    Or buy third DW Extensions of DMXZone database.

    Here's the official feature request form (if you want to give your opinion on the withdrawal and someone from Adobe have it seems)...



    Nothing in the toolbar or click right.

    I would use an add-on of them for export.

    For example, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/importexporttools/ can export to a file in different formats, and from there you can do as you wish with them.

    How to install: http://www.ramsden.org.uk/3_How_to_install_Add-ons_in_Thunderbird.html

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    Please let me know if there is a better place to post bugs in webOS.

    Thank you


    OK 2 things

    1. I am able to reproduce the bug, so I submit to repair

    2. the bugs that you feel free to submit them here I'll be capture of these and their registration in our system internal control

  • When the perforation in the logic does not record pre

    Using logic 10.2.4

    I have implemented punch and punch the locators.  I play with the track and making punch.  Logic doesn't store any roll before... .in other words if I try to expand the newly created region a little more early to catch a truck or something thing I got at the beginning, nothing is there.  I know logic is supposed to check in at the beginning just in case... there at - it a setting I'm missing? I tried the pre roll record and set at 6 seconds, but still nothing at start is saved before punch to the point.  Same thing in lieu or in creating records of decision-making.

    The count and record Pre Roll above are mutually exclusive. They do not define how at the beginning of the recording begins, but rather where the playhead is set before the start of the recording. If you have a 2 count together bar and position the playhead at 10 bar, and then tap Save. Logic moves the playhead at bar 8, start playback (if there is something to play) and begin to check in at 10 bar. If you select a period of prefetching in a few seconds, the playhead will jump back 6 seconds instead of bars. Neither defines the amount of pre-roll advertising in the in the recorded real audio.

    Auto Punch in is exactly that. When the recording start / stop. There is no registered pre-roll advertising. If you want the extra recording time before or after, then stretch the autopunch bar to make room for the start of start or end at the end.

    You can also use take folders that might be a suitable replacement and allowing campers of any part you want.

    Exception to this rule the there is one and will achieve exactly what you want - but it does not work with automatic punch. It is the punch on the fly...

    prerequisites - you must have "quick fist blow" activated.

    Press play and internally logical starts recording the moment where you press play, when you're ready to punch in, press R and you start recording, when finished, press stop. Logic recorded a region between the points where you started recording and click on stop. However, logic actually starts recording (under the hood) from the moment where you supported the play button, so if you look in the project tree, you can see the entire audio region with only set it collecting points as the region.

    It's only this case that allows you to develop the region in time to include a part any audio region that was "pre" set registration points. It is in fact will contain the entire audio file as soon as the room was pressed to stop, even with quick punch point defined further in the song.

    So say you have 10 bars - you start reading at the bar 1 and 5 bar you quick punch in bar 7 and you punch out. The defined region will show 5-7 bars, however if you develop the starting point of audio regions to the left - you will find that you have saved in fact all the way back to bar 1.

    Sorry, this feature is not available if the autopunch is the method of choice.

  • Can I create new folders and filter emails to them when using folders, unified inbox

    Spent in IMAP and ended up with two inboxes (w8dn & weightdn @...). Switched to records unified to get all emails in one place. I get emails from many of many email lists if you need to create folders and filter emails in the appropriate folder. I can make this as set up or will it return to the POP server?

    Thank you
    Mike / W8DN

    Yes. Local folders account is provided by Thunderbird for just this purpose; a generalized situation of storage independent of the account. The filter is located under Tools | Message filters. Right click on the sender in a message header will also create a filter.

    With Thunderbird, you by default will have a separate set of folders for each account. This way gives you the opportunity to keep separate accounts (some users require) and you can also use the saved searches, Unified files and local files to merge accounts (other users require too!)

  • Save the image does not remember last location recorded for Firefox 9

    Just updated for FF9. I'm is not just disappointed, but which are checked the the bug that causes save slot to remember where it was recorded the last file of individual sites instead of just where the last file has been saved to has not been set. Why is this? How can be addressed?

    For example, I have save a folder A Motifake image and an image of ihasahotdog to folder C. Then come back to Motifake and save a picture. Instead of folder C, save under opens to the folder instead of the folder C. I have direct save as to save the image in A file. The I'll go back to ihasahotdog, save a picture and instead of A folder, save under opens to folder C.

    This bug also occurs with all types of files, not just of images.

    The FF developers know that the "added functionality" that started with FF7 causing the FF remember the last download save the folder based on the domain in the URL instead of use the last folder saved on annoys many users both directly and by the lack of preference to toggle. Yet they will not fix it.

    Why they do that little matter how much a good idea, they think it is, most users hate it and do not want? And what is this B.S. "is under development"? They added in an updated version, why can't they get out as fast as it was added?

    Firefox 11 should be released about 12 weeks after the release of Firefox 9, so it should be in March.

  • can I find out where a bequest was the last time?

    can I find out where a bequest was the last time?

    try to find a mac air, I can't find and I would like to know where was seen last

    Thank you



    iCloud: find your device


    If find my iPhone is unable to locate the device, the last known location is displayed for up to 24 hours. Select "Notify me when it is recognized" to get an email when it comes online.

  • What I do with 106 records Recovered iPhoto?

    August 2013 April 2015, I have amassed 106 "iphoto recovered files.  I see them in the Finder, but don't know if I can see on the pictures.

    They all seem to be empty.   Is it possible to look at these files through pictures to make sure they are empty?

    I want to delete them.

    I read a bunch of messages a few years ago, but none of them are underway.

    Let me know your experience with these.

    Thank you!

    Exactly how you see these files?  Where are these records?  On the inside of the packaging of the library?  If so leave them alone.  There is no evidence user managed in the library package.  Empty folders take no space on the hard drive then ignore them.

  • Recording indicator does not


    CUCM 10.x

    Conductor XC 3.0.2

    vTP: 4.1 (managed remotely)

    MCU: 5320 (managed remotely)

    CTS: v6.2

    I used the MCU & vTP servers for appointment calls.


    User - 1:MX700 (registered CUCM)

    User 2: 9971 IP-Phone (CUCM registered)

    User-3: EX90 (CUCM registered)

    I appeal to user-1 to 9870 and a conference is created on the drift and content server automatically joined because I have a template of autodial configured.

    Join all users and a single square window is given to CTS where is said: record and a red light flashing.

    I want upcoming recording as an indicator, not as a participant.

    On 5320 MCU, I see in the options 'record indicator " that is checked and its still give one-stop to CTS.

    Tried this. https://supportforums.Cisco.com/discussion/11794476/Telepresence-recording

    As for the TP server, I can't find any option on the driver.

    Thanks for your time.

    We have CUCM deployed at the moment, but the TCS and VCS work very well that that's what we use and I get the record on the telepresence Server indicator when booking through TMS.

    About the bug, suggest that you reach out to your account manager and raise the issue with them, the more customers the better.

  • [ADF, JDev12.1.3] How to create a new record in a table filling one filed with the IP address of the client?


    I create a stubborn workflow that begins with a create operation on the table where a new record should be added.

    The recording fields must be filled in by the user, but before committing, I have to fill a field of the reocord with the address IP of the PC of the user.

    Could you kindly advice me which are the possible recommended approaches to achieve this?

    Thank you



    See this post: Blog of Zeeshan Baig: how to get the IP address of the customer in ADF merge request

    You can use a createWithParams operation and to fill in this field.

    Reference: Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: CreateWithParams operation for Oracle ADF 11g BC

    Kind regards


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