Good day everyone

Can you guide me how to add spikes to magnitude-200 dB amplitude to frequency 60,120,180,240,300 Hz intervals in frequency spectrum I got using the FFT power spectrum. I have attached the graph to which I want to have more amplitude spikes.



Here it is to Format 8.2.

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    Here's how I'd show a different interval.

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  • How to change the DAQmx sampling frequency


    I'm trying to: record streaming channels (acceleration 21 and 1 tension) using a DAQmx task, then convert the data to a PDM file. The program files and output to the TDMS file very well. The issue I'm having is that I can't change the sampling frequency. I want to record 500samples/s and I can not get the "real sampling rate" of change of 1651.61samples / s. I am trying to use the clock to do this and I succumbed. I also tried to change the settings of "Timing" in the task without a bit of luck. Here is a screenshot of the .VI I created. I've also attached a copy of the file VI. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You will need to provide the model of your device. You can also look in the sheet/manual to see what the real supported sampling rates. Some devices have limited rates.

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    Just assign the value of the find to a variable declared outside the loop. The variable will hold the last game when you exit the loop.


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    This seems to be the same question I can't add a timestamp in logfilter, so I'll answer in this thread. Please check the two wires as "Answered" when the issue has been resolved.

    Kind regards

    Brian Wheeldon

  • How to find the guide of spectrum x 360 - 13-4101 Convertible

    Try to find a Guide to the user on the operation of the screen and the keyboard and everything that I can find is a material 3 page "booklet".  I was expecting to see a description of the keyboard keys and the function in the Panel, placed there by HP, but not luck. The user guide that I think would be about 50 pages at least and describe how to use the spectrum


    All your manuals here.


  • How to match the 2 points for follow-up?


    How can I match points followed by two different objects. I would like to correspond to the movements.

    (Basically, I have 2 slow travel shots along a window, each with different lighting. I would like to match the two windows...)

    Thanks in advance,

    That's how I would try to pull this: basically stabilize you the motion, adjust the window handles and layers to exactly match A shooting more than hit B by manually adjusting for the property position and time-remapping keyframes, then re - introduce the request

    SHOOTING A - the hidden underexposed

    B - the overexposed shot

    1. place the shot b. shooting above cut only the time and place as accurately as possible

    2. stabilize the movement at A glance and apply to the layer

    3. stabilize the motion Shot b and apply to the layer

    4 use the difference mode to place exactly layers one over the other.

    Now you have a model with the two shot of stabilized and the window is exactly in the same place.

    5. create a solid capture A above and set it as a cache alpha - mask for your window.

    6. for turned a set a keyframe for the position and the effect of time remapping in the boot image. Make sure that the window is exactly in the same position, and layer handles are exactly on top of the other.

    7. go to the end of the shooting and align the window again and set a keyframe for TR a Position

    8. carefully examine the shooting through and make images more if necessary keys. the little the better.

    in the end, it should look something like this:

    9 re - introduce the request by attaching the two shots to a null value with the data of monitoring of plan B (you already have the tracking data, simply change the type of track to transform and apply it to a null)

    you could probably get a way without stages 6 to 8, if there wasn't any change of parallax.

  • How to specify the font type and size (in points)

    I often cut and paste from Word, Excel, or web pages in e-mail messages in TB. TB often done strange things, which the text is copied in it, making the text bigger or smaller and I can't understand how to change it. While I understand how to change the font (through Format |) (Police), the resize options are limited to the x-small, small, medium, etc. (Screen attached). My goal is to have the text I copy matches the size and font that I use to compose the rest of the email, but I find it almost impossible to do when my only options for size are x-small, small, medium, etc. Any suggestions?

    I suggest you paste by using 'paste unformatted' (ctrl + shift + v, or in the edit, or on the context menu) to make any case adopts and adapts to the development shaped by default resident.

    Use of the stationery add-on would allow you to define your styles in points, but I think it's misplaced effort. You have no say in what your correspondents to view your messages, what personal preferences that they apply or what limits their devices assert. Try to fix it with explicit sizes is ultimately useless to your correspondents. 'Medium' means that they see the message to the size that they want, not what you inflict on them.

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    How to change the color of the Apple Watch pointer? In the style of color Apple Watch ca change you the color of the masince, complication, brands, etc. However, the needle of the hours and minutes remains white and red dark second pointer. Is there a way to set the pointers to become Gold?


    It is not currently possible to customize the color of the hand or the second on the color dial hand.

    If a customization option is not specified for any feature of any particular face watch, then it cannot be customized.

    More information:

  • How to filter the traces of tension TDMS after acquisition?

    Simple question. We have acquired a lot of electrophysiological data with express signal. We now need to filter data after the acquisition for later analysis. I can import the files TDMS tension of previous experiences, but can't seem to run the filters we used on the side of the acquisition to filter the existing traces. Is there a simple way to do this?


    Hello Chinchilla,

    I enclose a few screenshots on how to add a step to an analog input filtering. You can select the type of filter and order too.

    In this screenshot you can check how to change the configuration of the filter

    Finally, you can access the TDMS of LabVIEW file with one of the examples of PDM. Please follow these instructions:

    1. open LabVIEW

    2 - go to help > find examples to open the Finder 'example '.

    3 - Go to Fundamentals > file Input and Output > TDMS > Standard Read and Write and select the VI named TDMS read

    You will need to know the data present in the file to read correctly. For this, you can use the leading PDM Viewer VI:

    Or you can use the Toolbox for excel: (allows you to transfer the data to Microsoft Excel).

    4. After reviewing the data, you will need to apply a filter. You can find the filter functions in the range of Signal Processing.

    Please let me know if you have any questions on this subject.

    Kind regards

  • How to disable the charms to the point bar Windows 8.1

    I have a new HP laptop with Windows 8.1. I HATE the charms bar. It is very annoying. I have disabled the function of the angle of the bar charms appears is more that if I drag the edges of the corner, however, it pop again randomly. I'll be typing along and it will just pop up, blocking everything I am.

    I have absolutely no need of this bar of charms. In fact, the only thing that I used it for is to get to the option to disable them. However, on this laptop, which is not completely disable them... I tried to go to control panel mouse to turn them off, but this option is not available. However, I don't think it's the mouse pad, forcing them to pop up even when... I'll be typing along, not even touch the carpet of mouse, and all of a sudden they're going to pop up.

    What is the cause of this and how can I get rid of him? I'm getting rather desperate and sometimes feel compelled to throw this laptop out the window! I prefer my laptop HP Windows XP and has replaced only because XP is no longer supported... 8.1 window is one of the most frustrating systems, with that Microsoft has developed.

    Please help me turn off these dang for good things!

    UPDATE: I think I found the solution. I received this link a Microsoft Chat line employee. I followed the instructions and the charms seem to have disappeared... YAHOO...

    Here is the link:

    UDATE UPDATE: lol... I posted this below, but repost here... The solution given by the employee of Microsoft Chat line did not work... Well, it worked for a day, I arrested him for the night, and when I turned it on in the morning, the charms were back with a vengeance... Seriously, worse than ever, jumping constantly.  It was as if they were really angry...

    I went to Wally World and bought a $ 16 wireless mouse, which keeps the charm in the Bay... In fact, I think it's easier to use than the mousepad on my laptop anyway. I can use it on the arm of my chair on my laptop beside this mousepad, on a desktop (obviously), but the point being, unless I run the cursor at the very far right of my screen, the charms are hid...

    I have a business Web site, and all working on it, the charms have been constantly popping up as I tried to add images and descriptions. He took me seriously out of my mind... Everything took me twice as long to add, I don't waste time... I worked on it this morning using the wireless mouse and the charms bar jumped not once...

    Thank you Paul, but this link just tells me to do what I've already tried... When I tried to get responses on the Microsoft Windows site, it says that all laptops are different, and I would need to go the manufacturer of my laptop to tell me how to disable... So, I'm here, but nobody seems to know how to stop these things pretty darn... It is really ruining my experience with my new laptop... It's like the use of a laptop being shared with another person who constantly interrupts what I do...

    OPPS... while I was writing that I expect a person on the microsoft online chat to connect so I could ask them how to disable the...

    Rachel from Microsoft came... She sent me this link:

    I did what it said to do, and I'm typing this, no charms have jumped at me... Maybe it solves the problem (hope, hope).

  • How to vary the tension of a current source continuous using a sinusoidal signal on LabVIEW?

    Hi all!  I have a programmable supply of GW Instek PST - 3202 DC.  I want to test the resolution of temperature based on my power supply fluctuations.  I started to write a VI to do this, but I don't know how to vary the tension the sine wave-shaped.  I found the Wfm sinusoidal function in Signal Processing, but I don't know how to change the '1 d of double picture' which is the "double sink" waveform, which is where I apply the supply voltage waveform.  The VI is attached.

    The value of Format function will not accept a table, put it inside a loop. Use a shift register to add all the values in the table, to the string.



  • Bouba Analyzer: How to control the number of points per decade?

    Total newbie here. I can't control the number of points per decade in the Bode VI. It's always 5 points per decade.

    Don't know even how to get the Version of Elvis #, but it is at a minimum 4.1, because Elvis installer will install 4.1 (said the current version is most recent). Running Windows XP.

    How can I get Elvis to respond to my request for more points per decade?


    Hi Mike,.

    If you are still curious about what drivers you have installed, you can view by using the Measurement & Automation Explorer (start"all programs" National Instruments"Measurement & Automation Explorer).  "Once their, go to my system" software and you'll find NI ELVISmx and its version.

    This behavior you're seeing is a known, class problem under Corrective Action Request (CAR) #373017.  For now, the number of points per decade will remain at 5.  Please wait for the next update of NOR-ELVISmx to see if this problem is fixed.

    See you soon,.




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    Highway, Streets & Trips, MapPoint Forum:

    Other Support options (not free)

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    I suggest that ask you in this Microsoft forum:

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