How to make records with their emails in them to Outlook Express 5 (old pc) for Outlook Express 6 (new pc)?

Here's the situation: old PC (running XP) running Outlook Express 5. I want to export files as well as e-mail in these worms a new pc still running XP but running Outlook Express 6. When you import I can't import Outlook Express 5 stuff, it only gives me the choice between Outlook Express 4 and Outlook Express 6. So any ideas? You really learn these files (emails not only) and the emails from Outlook Express 5 to Outlook Express on the new PC 6 (old PC).

Someone said to upgrade the old pc Outlook Express 5 to Outlook Express 6, and then create an export, but I don't know which would work because if I do an upgrade from 5 to 6 on old PC, he would see even the oldest post which could be seen on Outlook Express 5?

I need to test this theory out before returning to the customer, but both my XP machines running Outlook Express 6, Outlook Express 5, who is older not. Download Outlook Express: I can't find anywhere! I know it came with IE 6 download, but I can't find that IE 6 download anywhere either. Any suggestions?

Ideally I want to just take the Outlook Express 5 files and emails and import them into Outlook Express 6, but the new Outlook Express 5 is not a choice when it comes to import. If I knew for sure I could upgrade Outlook Express 5 on the old pc for Outlook Express 6 and I wouldn't lose those emails and Outlook Express 6 could see emails: I just do it and then choose export to the format of Outlook Express 6, but who would even work?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you


Please read:
How to import Outlook Express 5 and OE6 mail folders.
Copy the whole folder of message storage OE dbx files not individual, from the old machine to the new one, then select OE6 on the import option.

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    Thank you

    Edit: deleted personal information. (philipp)

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    If you're referring specifically for models with screen, those who are not necessarily indicative of what will be the markings on the new phones purchased it. These are demonstration devices that have been specifically configured as such and shipped to stores, very probably the United States. Keep an eye on someone buying a new phone in the store and take a look at the back. That will tell you what you'll see.

    If you are not satisfied, there is no point complaining here. We are not Apple. This is a user forum.

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