How to move a virtual machine in the warehouses of data on ESXi 4.1.0


I need to move a virtual machine from a data store to another on the same host.  I have two drive bays where each array disk is its data store on.  However, one of them has problems if I want to move two of the virtual machine to a data to another store.

Is it possible through vsphere and if so, how?

My host is a:

Dell PowerEdge 2950

vSphere Client Version 4.1.0

VMware ESXi 4.1.0



1. turn off the virtual machine to be moved

2. right click on the virtual machine, and then select Remove in the inventory (the fleeting VM on the data store)

3. browse the data store, in the left pane, right-click on the folder of the virtual machine and select move to...

4 browse the new data store, open the VM folder

5. save the .vmx file

6. start the virtual machine in the new location and make sure that it works.

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    I have a single ESX4 host with 3 data warehouses and I need to move a virtual machine to another data store, how can I do that since I don't have the ability to migrate the virtual machine when I am connected directly to the client with vSphere host and I do not have a server vCenter also?

    Thanks, Julien


    Yes, you can use #vmkfstools-i /vmfs/volumes/datastore/VM/VM.vmdk /vmfs/volumes/datastore/VM1/VM1.vmdk

    For the record, the data store must be shared if you copy of VM and VM must be turned off. In the above command you copy VM.vmdk to VM1.vmdk and add the newly created with this existing VMDK VM.

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  • How to move a virtual machine from one virtual switch to the other since the SDK / command line?

    How to move a virtual machine from one virtual switch to the other since the SDK / command line?

    Joshua Smith

    Are you referring to the evolution of the virtual machines network portgroup of one to the other and in your case potentially issue on to another vSwitch? If so, take a look at this script: everything you do really makes a call to ReconfigVM_Task() and passing in a specification change and put to day the network in which you want to change


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  • 890124. how to move a virtual machine from one storage to another?


    I decided to increase the RAM of a virtual machine and storage space in which stood the machine is less than 1 GB, it says that it is impossible to start the virtual machine. So I decided to move the virtual machine to secondary storage which had enough free space.

    How can I make vSphere Client aware of this change? How can I know what's happened? what I need is to boot the machine which is now moved to secondary storage. is this possible?


    After again moving data store, you must register this virtual machine to be visible in the list at left.

    1 browse the data store and open the corresponding VM folder

    2. Select the .vmx file and right-click.

    3. Select the option "Add to the inventory" and keep clicking Next until you have finished.

    4. now switch on the machine. He will ask a question that you copied or moved.

    5. Select I moved it.

    6. your machine is running.

    And you can see the virtual machine in the list after step 3 itself.

  • How to move a virtual machine to another host ESXi running when HA vCenter is not operational... !


    We have a few guests of ESXi running the 5.0.0 original version and some running the latest 5.1 U1 or whatever and the last vCenter to do this too.

    the vCenter server is one of the hosts running 5.0.0 and these do not allow HA either active correctly. The problem is a known bug, and you switch to maintenance mode and do funky stuff on the cli to make it work. However, I just want to spend all my virtual machines off the old 5.0.0. hosts and on the new, as the 'old' will be dismantled. I can do all virtual machines by just when close them down and moving off, but I won't be able to do this in with the vm off vCenter vCenter!

    can I turn off, connect directly to the ESXi host, remove it its inventory (this option exists even on the ESXi host live?) and save it to the new 5.1.0 host U1 and fire?

    vCenter complain or fail when she returns to the top?

    they share all the same warehouses of data, so I need to move the backend.


    Thank you


    HA and vMotion (i.e. live migration) are two different things and are independent of each other, so if vMotion is configured correctly, you should be able to migrate the virtual machines (including the vCenter Server VM) to another host.


  • How to move a virtual machine to a different data store, preserving its ID

    I would like to move a virtual machine to a different data store.

    Because I use 3rd party software that identifies a virtual machine by its ID of VirtualCenter, I'd like to preserve the ID, and I also want to preserve the name of the virtual computer.

    If I clone the virtual machine, I lose the ID and name.

    I can clone a second time to restore the name, but the ID is always false.

    I know that I can use vmkfstools-i to copy the entire disk.

    Is it possible to copy the entire VM?

    I am currently on ESX 3.0.2/VC 2.0.2

    The operation that I describe is available in 3.5.x/VC ESX 2.5.x



    Don't use EVER of CP to copy a VM, VMDK move/copy should be used in conjunction with vmkfstools as best practice.


    You can manually make a copy using the CLI interface or use the VI Client and browse the data store and to copy and paste in the appropriate data and as suggested Andre store, when you switch on for the first time, you should say 'keep' when asked if you want to update the virtual machine UUID.

    Another thing, you could do, is if you've enabled for vMotion, you can actually use Storage vMotion which will migrate directly from your virtual machine to a different data store, it's less effort on your side and you can count on Andrew Kutz sVMotion plugin:


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  • How to create a new virtual machine with two warehouses of data through new-vm?

    Hi guys,.

    Can you please help or direct me to the right format? I'm new with vsphere powercli.

    How to create a virtual machine with two other data store by using the new-vm?

    $datastore1 = get-datastore. WHERE-object {$_.} Name - eq "lun1"}

    $datastore2 = get-datastore. WHERE-object {$_.} Name - eq "lun2"}

    new-vm-name vmtest01 - VMHost ESXserver - datastore $datastore1 diskmb - 8192 $datastore2 diskmb - 8192 - memorymb 4096 - numcpu 2 - ID winNetStandardGuest

    I got this error when I run vsphere powercli. I appreciate if you can help. Thank you

    New-VM: cannot bind parameter 'DiskMB '. Cannot convert the 'lun2"val

    EU to type 'VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Impl.V1.DatastoreManagement.DatastoreIm '.

    PL"type"System.Int64 ".

    At line: 1 char: 85

    + new-vm-name vmtest01 - VMHost ESXserver - $datastore1 data store

    diskmb - < < < < 8192, $datastore2 - diskmb 8192

    + CategoryInfo: InvalidArgument: ( , ParameterBindingE)


    + FullyQualifiedErrorId: CannotConvertArgumentNoMessage, VMware.VimAutomat



    The New-VM cmdlet takes a single value of the parameter - data store and all of the virtual disks will be located on this data store.

    If I understand your request, you create a virtual machine with 2 virtual disks, each on a different data store.

    You can use the cmdlet New - hard drive for it.

    $datastore1 = get-datastore | where-object {$_.Name -eq "lun1"}
    $datastore2 = get-datastore | where-object {$_.Name -eq "lun2"}
    $vm = new-vm -name vmtest01 -VMHost ESXserver -datastore $datastore1 -diskmb 8192 -memorymb 4096 -numcpu 2 -GuestId winNetStandardGuest
    new-harddisk -vm $vm -datastore $datastore2 CapacityKB (8192 * 1KB)


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  • Move a virtual machine from a to another data store

    I ve just added a hard drive on my ESXi server and created a new data store.

    I need to free up space on the original data store, what would be the procedure to move virtual machines within the old data store to the new? (and keep them whitout work break)

    Thanks in advance.


    to register for a guest, do a right-click on the .vmx file in the data store window and choose 'Add to inventory', follow the instructions

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  • How users share a virtual machine with the level of access under total control?


    In our Lab Manager environment, we have created workspaces and users can create and share virtual machines in these workspaces. The problem is the level of access only I can see when users share virtual machines is read-only. How can users share their machines with other users with the full control access level?

    Thank you.

    It is a constraint of security designed to prevent the full control permission, being too easy accidentally to give everyone in a system.

    The answer depends on whether you have PF3 or LM4.

    Behavior of PF3: share to everyone in an org is read-only, while sharing a physical person should give you full read/write/control

    LM4 behavior: share in all the world in an org, individuals selected in an org or anyone in a different workspace == read-only, while in the same workspace gives you the opportunity.

    That said, total control: the ability to deploy/undeploy it or change the settings of the virtual machine, NOT if the specified user has write access the console.  The distinction is quite important.

    Also, page followed, but he had the wrong information, there may be an arbitrary number of connections of the competing console to the same VM (oh, I'm sure that there is a limit, but I did not deliberately try to find).  It does give the impression that several people are faced with the same mouse and keyboard...

  • How to open a virtual machine in the browser?


    IAM using vmware ws 6.5 I have a some vm on it, I want to know how to open them in the browser like mozilla and work as we do on the virtual machines I want on my local

    private subnet

    Thank you

    The answer is the same.  VMware server can be managed via a web browser, but virtual machine does not work inside of a browser, they can only be managed and controlled through a browser.


    VMware vExpert

  • How to migrate a virtual machine from the server with DAS to another server

    Hi guys,.

    questions. 'More' essential Kit. VMotion is available

    I have 2 physical servers, two of them have DAS (not SAN Central). SO I want to migrate a virtual machine on server A to server B. is it possible in this situation?

    Or should I have versions of more expensive VMWare do?

    Thank you

    You can use clone. I would close first to the bottom of the virtual machine, but a VM slowed would be very nice clone. You can also use the VMware conveter. VMware converter can make a hot clone, including synchronization of last-minute changes, stop the source machine and put under tension the clone.

  • How to clone a virtual machine with the drive?


    Previously, I used VMware Workstation and has a mastery of "clone". Now I use the reader and I would like to clone my current VM and there is no special orders. Simply copy the directory would probably not there a lot of information such as DNS name, etc. that are likely to be changed. Is it possible to clone a virtual machine with player or do I Workstation?

    Many thanks in advance,


    In my computer a full clone is nothing more then is not a copy that was made unique in the process and the players of VMware capacity but there is nothing stopping you from manually making a copy and then manually by making the changes to make it unique.

  • How to make a virtual machine using the full screen?

    I have a 19 '' screen.  In the web page of vm manager when I click on 'console' to get a separate window and maximize that I get a full screen, but the virtual machine does not fill my monitor as the native operating system.

    I am losing valuable real estate.

    Is there a way to fill the screen as the native operating system?  I tried to play with just about anything.  The virtual machine is in a small box, is full from top to bottom but a few inches on each side is black.

    If anyone knows it would be very useful.

    Guest operating system do you use? As said more top vmware tools must be installed for the proper functioning of MKS. Done also by pressing CTRLALTENTER your virtual machine puts your virtual machine mode full screen to use all your "real estate"?

  • How to identify a virtual machine in the performance table

    Hi, in the chart of performance of a Center Virtual, I see a 100% CPU usage, but I'm not able to identify which machine is causing the problem because I can not find the name of the machine. Can someone help me? Find the file attachment.

    Thank you

    Read VMware KB 1012871, ftPerl consumes 100% CPU after activating the VMware High Availability


    VCP 3 & 4

    Author @


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  • How to access my virtual machines to the internet

    Hi all

    IAM running VMW 6.05 I 10 vm running inside my host is xp professional and I don't want to make RDP for this host because who will sign him out because that simply allow 1 rdp connection

    I need to access my two Linux Vms from the internet but don't know how preinstalled Vmware network is configured in Bridge mode they get internt via dsl on the host pc connection and its dsl mode is configured for PPPOE mode

    Thank you for your kind suggestion and solutions

    Thank you for your support


    The instructions are router very specific, so your mileage may vary.

    On my linksys router, I connect to the management interface, go to the Applications and Gaming tab to configure your port forwarding.

    There are a few choice integrated but you can go on the empty area and create your own.

    There, type in ssh_vm1, select the external port (it is the port you will use to connect to internet) and then inside port (SSH, it is 22), then IP address internal and check active.

    Do the same for the ssh_vm2, and you should be good to go.

    Now, you will need to find your external IP address as well to connect to the Web address that was assigned by your ISP.  You can reach a site, like, and your address is in the right hand corner.


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