How to open files with the .eml extension in Windows 7 Professional

How to open e-mails that have been saved in the .eml format in Windows 7?  I can record e-mails on my server that works under XP and when I click to open the saved email it opens the e-mail.  When I try to open them from the workstation that is running windows 7, it doesn't do anything but open my email program no real email.  It worked for awhile, but now it doesn't.  I tried to change the "open with" and choose Windows Live Mail (my e-mail program on the two compters) but same thing opens just the real Windows Live Mail not e-mail.  Help, please


I found the solution: Set Window Live Mail (WLM) defaults for EML files in Winodws 7:

Control Panal, programs. Set your Defailts to choose default programs, Windows Live Mail, for this program.  Make sure the EML files is checked.

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    This tutorial should help guide you through this process:

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    Sao Paulo, Brazil

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    Depending on the platform, so that the game was up, there may be an available emulator that will allow you to run them. Looking for the name of the platform and "emulator" can give results. If they are DOS based games, DOSBox is an emulator like this.

  • Cannot open files with the EXTENSION of the PPT FILE

    I can't open a file with the following extension using PowerPoint ppt. The message below is what I get-

    The selected file is not a valid Microsoft PowerPoint file. It may be a file created by another program.

    Try by double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer to see if another program opens to it. If PowerPoint opens again when you double-click the file in Windows Explorer, it is possible that the file is not a PowerPoint file, but its extension has been renamed to be that of a PowerPoint file type registered (for example, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .pptx, .pot or .potx) but the file is not a PowerPoint file.

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    • Contact the original author (if known) to know what program you used to create this file. Then rename the file with the correct extension so that it can be opened by this program.
    • Try opening the file in other programs.
    • If you or someone you know, are very knowledgeable about software, review the file header in a text editor to determine which program can read the file.

    Another possibility is that the file has been damaged during transfer from another computer. Trying to transfer the file again.

    The file may be damaged. If you have a copy of the file backup, use it. It is not possible repair corrupted file.


    see if this applies to your problem

    you don't say what version of Microsoft office powerpoint, you try to open it with

    read below link information saying that you have need of powerpoint 2010 or other programs listed for ppt file extensions

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Info
    Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer Info
    Nuance OmniPage 17 Info
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    Corel WordPerfect Office X 5 Info

    If you have an earlier version of powerpoint read this

    Install the compatibility pack if you want to open, edit and save documents, workbooks, and presentations that were created in newer versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Scroll down to see the instructions and system requirements.

  • Help! Need a script to automatically open files with the same name but in another location.

    Good morning friends,

    So for my work, I need a script to open files with the same name but located in a different folder. But since I'm a total noob when it comes to programming, I can't understand how do. That's what I have in mind:

    -J' I manually open an image.

    -The script will look for a file with the same name in another folder that I've specified.

    -The script will then select the channel CMYK of the second file and copy and paste it into the first file.

    -The second file is then closed without saving the changes.

    I have problems with the part where the script searches for a file with the same name as the opened file. I would really appreciate help. Thanks in advance.

    If (app.documents.length > 0) {}

    myDocument var = app.activeDocument;

    var Nomdoc =;

    try {var basename = docName.match (/(.*)-.)} [ ^\.] +$/)[1]}

    catch (e) {var basename =};

    var path = / * path of folder to insert as a string here * / + ' / ' + base name + / * insert file extension, including the period as a string here * /;

    If (queue (path) .exists == true) {var otherDocument = (File (path))};


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    Is this the same version of Paint Shop?

    One thing you might try is to open Paint Shop, then select and drag all the files in this window of the paint shop.  Various programs to manage this type of action differently from the DDE, but it might give you the expected results.

  • How to transfer files with the ad hoc network

    I was looking for a way to transfer files between 2 PCs via ad-hoc, but I can't. Can someone help me please?

    You could try: sharing files with the public folder

  • opening a binary file with the right extension

    Hello world

    I developed a real simple VI which allows me to read the first five bytes of a binary file for signature (ASCII) and check if its signature match with planned extensions. If Yes, another VI is called and that not one 2 button error message appears: If the user selects OK, a new dialog box opens to choose another file. and if the user chooses cancel, the same dialog box opens instead of escape from the VI.

    This is because while loop (VI below), but I don't see how I can handle this without him. Until the user has not chosen the right extension, he cannot escape from what is a problem! The real case is to call one another VI, and the first step of the stacked sequence is to display an error of two buttons.

    If you have any ideas, I'm a bit new! Thank you!!

    Hi..., christoph

    See the image as an attachment.

    The case of false contains only a true constant connected to any State.


  • How to open files from the list of contacts on the computer at home, the vcf files

    I exported my contacts list on my computer, it is a .vcf file.  I can open it by clicking on it, but only the first contact is displayed.  This screen looks like a file roledex.  but I don't know how to access other files.  I can open the file with "word" and "excel" vcf and all the data is there, but the result is not reader friendly.

    There is an additional program which allows opening these contacts in a friendly dispay?

    Thank you.


    I believe you can do it through Windows live mail.  Alternatively, you can import it into your google account in a web browser.  The advantage to using Gmail, it's that once you make changes you can have them automatically sync them to your phone if you have Gmail on your Droid.

  • Path and how to deliver files with the application


    I would include 3 PDF files with my application. What are the different ways to do? How to do?

    Thank you

    Joe Green

    I think the following should work:

    uri: "local:///docs/2011.pdf"

    Let me know.

  • Downloading files with the docx extension fails in the APEX


    In my application, if I try to download files with extension of 4 characters, IE for example .docx, download fails with this error message:

    Not found

    The requested URL /pls/apex/wwv_flow.accept was not found.

    If I download files with extension of 3 characters, everything works fine.

    Is this a bug in APEX? Is that a way out of this error?

    Thank you.


    2782137 wrote:

    Please update your forum profile with a real handle instead of '2782137 '.

    In my application, if I try to download files with extension of 4 characters, IE for example .docx, download fails with this error message:

    Not found

    The requested URL /pls/apex/wwv_flow.accept was not found.

    If I download files with extension of 3 characters, everything works fine.

    Is this a bug in APEX? Is that a way out of this error?

    Because of limits on the size of the columns of the MIME type, DOCX and other MS Office XML file formats are not supported in APEX 3.1.

    A patch for APEX version is available on My Oracle Support under the bug number 9770959.

    The problem is completely resolved in APEX 4.x.

    Support for APEX 3.1 ended in February 2011. You should go to APEX 4.2 for ongoing support and enjoy many new features.

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  • [Q] how to copy files with the untouched directory structure of search results of Win7?

    Hello, I'm trying to easily copy a group of files found via a search in Windows 7 on another drive, but keep their structure intact directories, i.e.:

    1. search and find files in this directory:
    c:\Testing\My Files\file *. *
    c:\Testing\My Files2\file *. *

    2 copy the search results
    3. stick to
    d:\Testing\My Files\file *. *
    d:\Testing\My Files2\file *. *

    You would think there would be a toggle or a framework of Ontario Regulation or something similar to get there.  I can understand the need to make a copy of flat file as it does now... but is there a way to preserve the folder structure when copying?  Thank you-

    It's perhaps too tedious for you.

    You might select all search results and then shift-right click, select copy in the path. Paste the paths in Word and replace the entire paragraph is back with the Xcopy command for example


    ^ p


    "" F:\DestinationFolder/s ^ p xcopy ".

    If you intend to do a lot, you can have a blank Word document with a macro to do the work for you. You would need to remove the last line it will be just a part with 'xcopy' with no file name.

    You can then paste the final results in a batch file.

  • Illustrator doesn't open files from the Explorer or bridge, Windows 7

    After the upgrade to Illustrator CC 2015.3 files won't open from Explorer or the bridge. Double click on the icons does not, dragging in the tab bar will not work. The fact of the file menu. Illustrator also does not start without a verification of the administrator.

    Windows 7 64 bit

    It seems that Setup was not able to associate the Illustrator file type to open the .ai extension. Please restart your machine to ensure that all the waiting registry entries are affected.

    If it still does not work, please use one of the following options

    1. Reinstall Illustrator
    2. or follow the instructions here to associate the Illustrator files -

Maybe you are looking for