How to transfer files with the ad hoc network

I was looking for a way to transfer files between 2 PCs via ad-hoc, but I can't. Can someone help me please?


You could try: sharing files with the public folder

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    If you had a Time Machine backup, you can use the Migration Wizard and connect your new Mac on the external drive which has the Time Machine backup: move your content to a new Mac - Apple Support

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    Depending on the platform, so that the game was up, there may be an available emulator that will allow you to run them. Looking for the name of the platform and "emulator" can give results. If they are DOS based games, DOSBox is an emulator like this.

  • How to transfer files from the old hard drive to a disc new hard, old hard disk has been removed?

    I had a hard disk going bad. Installed a new hard drive and the need to transfer files from the old hard drive. I have an external enclosure for the old hard drive and can connect by usb port.

    The process is fairly simple once you put the old drive in the external box. You can use the usual methods of copy and paste in Windows Explorer. If you copy files, complete folders, you can take a look at RichCopy.

    Tom Ferguson

  • Path and how to deliver files with the application


    I would include 3 PDF files with my application. What are the different ways to do? How to do?

    Thank you

    Joe Green

    I think the following should work:

    uri: "local:///docs/2011.pdf"

    Let me know.

  • [Q] how to copy files with the untouched directory structure of search results of Win7?

    Hello, I'm trying to easily copy a group of files found via a search in Windows 7 on another drive, but keep their structure intact directories, i.e.:

    1. search and find files in this directory:
    c:\Testing\My Files\file *. *
    c:\Testing\My Files2\file *. *

    2 copy the search results
    3. stick to
    d:\Testing\My Files\file *. *
    d:\Testing\My Files2\file *. *

    You would think there would be a toggle or a framework of Ontario Regulation or something similar to get there.  I can understand the need to make a copy of flat file as it does now... but is there a way to preserve the folder structure when copying?  Thank you-

    It's perhaps too tedious for you.

    You might select all search results and then shift-right click, select copy in the path. Paste the paths in Word and replace the entire paragraph is back with the Xcopy command for example


    ^ p


    "" F:\DestinationFolder/s ^ p xcopy ".

    If you intend to do a lot, you can have a blank Word document with a macro to do the work for you. You would need to remove the last line it will be just a part with 'xcopy' with no file name.

    You can then paste the final results in a batch file.

  • How to transfer files from the PC (Vista) to the iMac computer?

    Pulling my hair out here.

    I'm trying to transfer the data from my PC to an iMac. I know that my ip address. I use an ethernet cable from the PC to the router with an other ethernet from the iMac to the router. The iMac cannot connect with my PC. I disabled the firewall and enabled the sharing of files.

    Any suggestions?



    Jack MVP-networking. EZLAN.NET

  • How to open files with the .eml extension in Windows 7 Professional

    How to open e-mails that have been saved in the .eml format in Windows 7?  I can record e-mails on my server that works under XP and when I click to open the saved email it opens the e-mail.  When I try to open them from the workstation that is running windows 7, it doesn't do anything but open my email program no real email.  It worked for awhile, but now it doesn't.  I tried to change the "open with" and choose Windows Live Mail (my e-mail program on the two compters) but same thing opens just the real Windows Live Mail not e-mail.  Help, please

    I found the solution: Set Window Live Mail (WLM) defaults for EML files in Winodws 7:

    Control Panal, programs. Set your Defailts to choose default programs, Windows Live Mail, for this program.  Make sure the EML files is checked.

    It's another forum by Mike -

  • How to share files with the airport?


    I have the new airport Time Capsule (2 TB).  I would like my wife to be able to access all my pictures, that are in files on my computer that I save on airport using Time Machine.  She uses several products Apple (iPhone, Macbook Air).

    What is the best way to do it?

    Is there anyway to access pictures in my backup Time Machine?

    If this isn't the case, I think I can just create a folder on the Time Capsule and copy files, which would be accessible on the Time Capsule via shared in the Finder.  But I see 2 disadvantages of the present.  I must first of all, don't forget to update this file manually.  Secondly, my photo files are about 70 GB and it seems like a waste of space, to have it on the Time Capsule twice.  So that means less space for my backups, the backup history go back less far, right?

    Thanks for explaining!


    On your computer, turn on sharing files via sharing preferences. In the first list box, add the folders on your computer that you want to share. In the second list box your will see the users default access. Simply add your wife's name to the list. You can create a new account on it to connect to your computer or you can just give your credentials so it can connect directly to your user account. Or you can change the privileges of everyone from r/o r/w.

  • How to transfer emails with the new together upwards?

    Since the new set up was installed, I can't find a way to send emails. Can someone give me instructions please? Someone suggested to go through but I can't find that either!

    You don't mention which provider of messaging or a program that you use, so I think you use hotmail and look at the new interface.  If Yes, click on the small "arrow down" next to "Reply" and select "forward."  I think it was a design decision bad because it seems to be confusing a lot of people (because the 'RESPONSE' is NOT what you do when you want to "Send this to someone else").

  • How to transfer files from PC to PC via a serial port using labview

    I need to transfer files (.txt, .doc, .xls) from PC to PC via a serial port using LabVIEW. Is it possible to transfer files, if so how to transfer?

    Yes, it is possible to transfer files with the serial port using LabVIEW.  The files are just collections of bytes and the serial port is good enough in the expedition of the bytes from one PC to another.  You must connect the ports series with a null modem cable.

    First, take a look at the example of serial communication.   In LabVIEW, go to the Help menu and select «Find examples...» ».  From there, you can search for "serial" or navigate to hardware input and output > series.  Select «Write series base» and  Try this example to gain confidence on the serial communication methods.

    Then it's time to learn how to read and write files.  For this, the examples might be somewhat confusing as they deal with files that are presumed to have data of a specific type in them.  I would recommend just familiarize yourself with the functions in the file e/s palette.  Specifically, familiarize yourself with the following functions.

    1. Open/create/replace file - on the side of your destination, you will need to create the copy of the file you are trying to transfer
    2. Close the file - when you're done reading or writing to a file, you must close it.  It cleans the memory used and finalizes write operations that are still floating in the write buffer.
    3. Read a binary file - is the best way to play a file when you don't really like what type of file it.  In your case, you just want to get these read bytes and sent so they can be written down instead of destination.
    4. Write to a binary file - next to the destination, is what will store the bytes in the file that you created with the number 1.
    5. Size of the file get (under the range of the advanced features of file) - you need to know how big the file is, so you know when you are finished.

    OK, so once you are able to create files byte write and read bytes from existing files, you can move forward.

    I suggest the basic method is to have the user specify a source file on the source PC, and a folder on the destination computer.  Then find the size of the source file using the number 5.  Divide this number of size by the number of bytes that you want to transfer to the times.  The series pads are usually around 32 k (if I remember correctly) in order not to exceed that.  Now start to send data by reading a number of bytes and this string output wiring to the feature of writing VISAS.  On the side of destination, you will want to monitor the serial port for bytes and read when they arrive.  This string of yarn to the writing of the function of binary file to add them to your destination file.

    This is the basic outline of how to do it.  He needs to not to overload him write and read buffers on the serial ports.  Initially, you can use delays on the side sending to make sure that the side reading has enough time to digest.  To make things faster, you can bring in a control of flow.

    If all that sounds a little intimidating, there are there Alliance member companies (such as the automation of PrimeTest) who can write this code for you and even provides a turnkey for you solution.

    Happy wiring,

    Dan press

    Certified LabVIEW Architect

    PrimeTest Automation

  • Transfer files to the new user account [was: new user]

    We went from Windows XP forum>

    How to transfer files from the current user to a user name

    Is that what you really want to do and why?

    In particular, you want to create a user account completely new to replace an old account may be corrupt, or you want to just copy some files?

    If you want to copy the user profile, see

    If you just want to copy files from the ALICE user to user BOB,

    1. Connect you as a user with "Computer administrator" privileges (this could be ALICE, BOB or another account)
    2. Go to C:\Users\Alice\Documents, right click on desired folders or files and select copy
    3. Go to C:\Users\Bob\Documents and paste files or folders you copies

    Always use 'Copy' rather than 'move '.  After you have determined that the files were copied successfully to their new location, you can go back and delete them from the old location.

    For other than documents files, replace





  • How to transfer files & settings from the administrator account for the Standard user account

    I have a Standard user account. I use the administrator account and realized that was not a right thing to do. However, now I can't have one of the images or files. I thought that they would automatically be there, but it didn't work that way. Is it possible to transfer these items? Open to all suggestions. Thank you

    Hi JonnieStark,
    Please see the thread with a similar problem and fix possible:

    I hope this helps!

  • How to read/write tdms 2.0 files with the TDM C DLL?


    How to read/write tdms 2.0 files with the TDM C DLL?

    How consequently the datas in interlaced with the TDM C DLL mode?

    Thank you

    Confirmation: TDM C DLL always wrote the file in TDMS version 2.0.

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    original title: file extension

    Does anyone know how to open an old MS Word document file with the .ltr file extension?  I would appreciate your help.  Thank you.

    If it's a Word document, why not just use Word to open it?

Maybe you are looking for