How to remove photos from a photo stream on the iPhone, but keep them on Mac?

Hello world

I tried to find the answer to my question in the FAQ, but so far I've failed. I'd be really grateful if someone could help me.

I have an iPhone (5s) and a MacBook Air (13 inch, early 2015). I have not activated the iCloud photo library, but I use the photo gallery on both devices. Because I often take pictures with my phone, I'm running out of memory space on my phone.

In regards to this and photo stream feature, I have several questions:

1. If I want to make more room on my iPhone, I have to delete some pictures. Assuming that I do this, these pictures are deleted from my Mac after 30 days?

2. How can I remove photos from my iPhone without deleting them from my Mac (because I turned on the feature of photo stream)?

3. If I import the photos from my iPhone in the Photos App on my Mac (when it is connected to my Mac with a USB cable), they are 'safe '?

I hope that my questions are understandable and I would appreciate all the help I can get.

Thanks to all and best wishes,



1. no - as long as you have allowed MyPhotoStream to import photos - if they have not been imported yet then they will be gone

2. after importation of pictures you can delete them from the iPhone, and they will remain in Photos of the moments / pictures

3 - Yes - but if you import several times, you will have duplicates - you should use USB or PHM import


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    If they are connected to the same ICloud, then everything you delete, I think I will delete in the next. But you can remove it and send it to your ICloud.

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    This is how works iCloud photo library. It synchronizes all actions of all devices. To save space on your iPhone, select this option to keep a local library optimized photos.

    Otherwise, you can disable iCPL on your iPhone and go back to my photo stream to synchronize new images on your computer. Make sure that all your photos have been imported b before turning it off.

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    Hey Jill,.

    This should be possible as long as you do not use icloud photo library.

    With iCloud, photo library, your devices are giving you access to your library, which is stored directly in iCloud. Therefore, when you delete a photo of iCloud photo library on any device, it removes from everywhere.

    When you turn off the iCloud photo library, each device is its own independent photo library. You must manually import pictures from your phone to your MacBook, then you could remove your phone at will.

    If you wish to continue using iCloud photo library, but also want to save space on your phone, consider turning on Optimize iPhone storage in the section Photos to your phone settings iCloud!

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    Please specify,

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    Kind regards


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    maybe try to download songs directly from the iTunes store on your iOS device?

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    As much as I know, that you can not. You can keep the pictures in low resolution on the phone, but they may not be removed at 100%.

    I started using an application that stores in the cloud. There are several in the App Store.

  • How to remove photos from iphone, but no computer and icloud?

    I want to delete the photos from my iphone, but keep them in my computer and my icloud. I want to have more space in my iphone.

    If you have iCloud enabled library, all the photos that you delete from your phone will be deleted to iCloud and other devices connected to this library to iCloud. The more you can do to reduce storage required on the phone is to activate settings > iCloud > Photos > optimize iPhone storage.

    Apple does not currently cloud storage options only. You can suggest that more options are available through

  • If I remove iCloud library in my iPhone (but not on my Mac) I lost photos?

    I have iCloud library enabled on my iPhone and Mac.

    Everything works perfectly, great synchronization, all photos back available for me to see 10 years.

    Now I have run out of space on my iPhone, and my photos (despite the optimization of storage on iCloud photo library) are the main reason for this.

    If I disable iCloud photo library on my iPhone, but keep it on my Mac, what will happen?

    Do I lose all the photos?

    Once I did, if I delete the pictures of my phone are they so just deleted from my phone, but not my iCloud?

    Appreciate the help, thanks

    If you disable iCloud photo library on your iPhone, you will see more pictures on this device. iCloud photo library on your Mac will still have pictures. You should not lose all the photos from your Mac, but make a copy of your library beforehand should put your mind at rest until you can verify that he has lost. Delete the pictures taken on your iPhone will not affect your Mac or iCloud, but neither future pictures taken on your iPhone will go into iCloud photo library.


    the pictures on Apple tv4, there is a window "my photo gallery.

    It is to show the images that I deleted some photos on my other IOS devices & on my mac pro

    How can I delete images or all 'my photostream window' on apple tv 4?

    I have not found a way to remove images of photo stream of the Apple TV 4 yet, maybe they it will introduce in a later version. However deleted photos from mac or any other device must sync to Apple TV, it may need to update. Try to activate the photo stream and turn it back on (settings > accounts > iCloud)

  • How to remove photos from my iphone6s after their importation?

    How to remove photos from my iphone6s after their importation?

    Hello KConstant,

    I understand that you're looking to remove photos from your iPhone, after you import the to your Mac. It depends largely on how the images are imported into your Mac.

    If you use iCloud photo library, remove photos from your iPhone, after they have synched to the Photos on your Mac afterwards would remove these photos on your Mac as well, like iCloud photo library is designed to synchronize your iPhone with iCloud and Mac.

    However, if you are importing photos via the USB port of the Photos app, you should be prompted to delete pictures from your device once the import is complete:

    Once the import is complete, a message asks if you want to delete or keep the photos on your device. Click on remove items to remove photos or click on keep items to keep them on the device.

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    You can also (it not allowed you iCloud photo library on your iPhone), you can use the image capture on your Mac app to delete images from your iPhone. This can also be useful to remove the last images that have already been imported into the Photos on your Mac. Once you have selected the images you want in the Image Capture, you can click on the prohibitive red symbol () to delete the selected items.

    Image capture: transfer images and other elements of your device


  • How to remove photos from my iPhone without deleting icloud photo library?

    My iPhone is full and I wanted to remove some photo to release some spaceso I supported the up to iCloud and I started to remove photos. ***? They are endangered to iCloud! Now, they're just gone. It's crazy! Image capture you can import to everywhere, but the function "delete after importing" seems to have disappeared. I'm sure this question has been beat to death, but how you remove photos from their phone without removing them from their photo library iCloud?

    So frustrating.

    Does anyone know of a solution to this?

    iCloud is a synchronization system, not just external storage.  Once you turn on photo library all you do with a photo is on ALL of your devices (including remove them).  See the last section in this article on how to recover pictures that you inadvertently deleted:

    iCloud: use iCloud photo library on your iOS device

    It is also here:

    Get help with your photo library - Apple Support iCloud

    How to remove pictures and videos from a camera using iCloud photo library?

    If you want to delete the pictures and videos of all your iOS, Mac and iCloud.comdevices, you can delete them in the Photos app.

    When you delete a photo or video of your Photos app, also will not delete your photo library and iCloud iCloud storage. You can retrieve your photos and videos from the album recently deleted for 30 days.

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