How to run Fdisk in Windows XP?

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Although without report, I am creating a Bootable Flash Drive to upgrade my Linux based laptop computer...

I tried many products and advice given to me by the Forums on said that Linux OS... with no. prevail for a result.
For now, I am running a Windows XP Home Edition Desktop computer, which is rarely used.
My question is I know about Windows Vista and Windows 7 that we have access to the Fdisk command via the command prompt.
How can I get the command Fdisk on Windows XP? When I type the command it with ours that it is not a recognized command.
I know for some versions of XP, I need to extract a .cab file, but not quite sure if this will help in this case.
I'm just trying to make a Bootable Flash for Linux and Windows OS player based in the future, so I need the fdisk command so that I can clean format, mark as active, and just copy the files .iso on the said drive to make it bootable.
Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Oops, think that I made a gaffe that one, try this link: -.

It seems that FDISK is replaced with a part of disk XP

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