How to select specific pages of a document in PAGES?

How is it possible that I have to go these problems to print specific pages in a document using a Mac.  I just want to scream!  My only options are to print 'ALL' or 'FROM' that correspond to a range.  For example... in a 10 page document, I can print OF page 5-8.  I don't want to print a range!  I want to print pages 2,4,7.

What I'm missing here? Thank you very much!    MACbook P


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  • After I converted the PDF to Word how to select some pages to save as a new document? Thank you

    After I converted the PDF to Word how to select some pages to save as a new document? Thank you

    You said you have a Word file and use certain pages in the file to create a new document.

    Use Word to create a new Word file that has the pages you want for the original Word file.

    You now have a "new document" desired pages.

    With Acrobat Standard or Pro installed, you can create a 'new document' PDF.

    If you don't have Acrobat Standard or Pro, or a subscription to an Adobe online service that can create PDFS from MS Word, you can use the Microsoft process to create PDF that comes with MS Word.

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  • How to print specific pages does not not in LJColorPro M177

    You just bought a new LJ MFP M177 ColorPro works with a Mac in Mac OS 10.6. I want to print specific pages in the HP manual that came with the installation diskettes. No matter what page numbers I can print, they never match the screen pages in this manual. The exit appear to be pages just randomly and not even close to what I said. Ex: I want to print pages 30 to 39 for a total of ten pages. I'm home pages 21 to 26 instead, judy pages 5. There are many other examples of this type of error.   I go to the screenshot and indicate the pages I want to print typing in the screenshot where it says them print pages from... to... and then I select print.  The screen on the left side is obviously not to the right on the first page of the sequence, I selected either.  HOW to choose the correct pages so I can print this manual?

    Thank you very much.

    Someone suggested that I count the first pages of the table of contents and this number adds the print range. I did it and it worked. So thanks for your help...

  • How to print specific pages in TIF files?

    Print TIF files

    We work with including more than one image tif files.
    I mean a single file, including for example 10 pages.

    We couldn't find how we can print one or more specific page in this TIF file mentioned.

    Example: I have a TIF file, including 15 pages, but I want to print only the number of pages 1 and 8.

    Thanks in advance.

    Choose printing options

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  • combining files; How to choose specific pages to different files? Example: (Page 2) File1, File2 (page 8)... and so on. I am very new to this and need help.

    I need to combine different PDF files-specific pages. How do I do that?

    Not possible with Adobe Reader.

  • How to print specific pages of a pdf document in a vb program 2013 using a dialog box print

    Hello.  I use the SDK for acrobat to view PDF files from 2013 vb program, because PDF files are large and we have developed indexes on some columns.  The indexes are stored in SQL tables.  My program has a search engine that allows the user to search for a value and displays all the pages on which this value appears in the column indexed in a listbox control.  By double-clicking on the desired value in the list box, the user can go to the selected page and the column.  However, the user must also be able to select one or more pages in the listbox control and print these pages.  I could do it in silent mode using AcroExchAVDoc.PrintPages, but the user must also have a print dialog box in order to possibly select a watermark to print on the pages.  I also by default the orientation of the pages according to the document.

    I looked at the documentation for the sdk and also searched in Google and this site, but have not found a way to do this.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  Thanks for any help you can provide.


    I decided to go with my solution to create a separate pdf file in a temporary directory.  The user is happy with it, and this is the determining factor.   Thank you all for your suggestions.

  • How to select all objects in a document?

    Newbie question WAS:

    I have an active document with two linked files, I need to select both of them in a script and incorporate the two.  Then I'll be in selecting these separate and perform various actions on each.

    In JavaScript, once I have the document object how can I select these two files/items?

    Thank you


    This will select all the document and incorporate your files related to assets:

    * a slight change *.

    for (I = app.activeDocument.placedItems.length - 1; i > = 0; i--) {}
    app.activeDocument.placedItems [i] .selected = true;
    app.activeDocument.placedItems [i] .embed ();

    see you soon;

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  • How to remove specific pages ending .e

    In large format PDF document that there's a lot of pages includes like 3.e1, 5.e5, etc. Is it possible to delete all the pages ending .e?

    It's much more complex... You will need a script to measure which will search for the page numbers, based on their location on the page and then decide whether to remove them.

  • How can select indesign Font Name in the doc file

    Hi all

    How to select fonts for the current document in the doc file.

    See my incomplete encodings.

    var myfont = app.activeDocument.pages.everyItem().textFrames.everyItem().getElements();
    for (i=0; i<myfont.length; i++)

    Try this,

    var doc = app.activeDocument;
    var fonts = doc.fonts;
    var csv = new File("c:/test.csv");
    var str = "";
    for(var i =0;i

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  • How to select the values for each check box in a group of records


    I have a requirement in form 10g. In this form there are 10 records are display each record has a checkbox is there if I click on the check box save number one and number three and make some changes in the text field (field adjustment is the number data type) and then finally, I want to see the total a total amount called field.

    In this, my question is how to select specific to a group of records records? and finally these selected records are inserted in a table.
    Because I am not able to read these records at a time.
    Is there any table to define a record group to fetch each of them individually for example Rec [1] Rec [2]... like this if yes please suggest me the steps how to do this.

    Thanks in advance

    Published by: user10315107 on December 17, 2008 23:44

    OK, so you want to shoe the total amount in the form itself (I guess that somewhere under the dashboard lines?).

    You can do this easily using formulat elements:

    1 create a new item in your block where the field amount is places, set "section of the database" on the 'No', 'calculation mode' to the 'formula' and the 'formula' himself to something like:


    This formula returns 0 if the checkboxitem is not checked, otherwise the sum of amount and adjustment (of course you can adjust the names of elements and the value for 'Checked')
    2. place the element in the layout, if you wish.
    3. set the property "Query all Records" to "true" for your block elements, this is necessary for the calculation to work
    3 create a control block to keep summary article in a, "Single Document" set to 'True '.
    4. place a new element in this control block, set 'Calcuation mode' to 'Summary', 'Summary block' to your block elements, 'Summary point' in newly created formula section in the block elements
    and function of synthesis for the "sum".
    5. place the element in the layout


  • How to add to a specific page in one document to another

    How to add to a specific page in another document

    When you add a bookmark, it takes by default the current page and the view (zoom, scrolling). If you want to link to a location in another document, after you have created the bookmark, select it, right-click, then select Properties, then select the Actions tab remove the default action and add a new type of "Go to a page view". When you are prompted with the dialog box "Create go to View", open the other document and go to page set the view (zoom, scrolling) you want and then click on the Set"" button. When you distribute the files, make sure that they retain the same folder structure. This is done much easier if all PDF files are in the same folder.

  • How to select pages (all text in a document) at the same time?

    I read that we must, first of all, double-click to select a page, then 'select all', but he simply selects the selected page. If you want to select the entire document to change the size of the police, they choose page-by-page? !! ?

    Thanks in advance.

    There's no way I know.

    This would be better by going to the original source document and edit this file to change all the fonts on all pages.

  • How to make the page numbers see the v.5.6.2 Pages automatically through the document?

    MacOs 10.11.4, v5.6.2 Pages.

    How can I make Pages automatically page numbers?  I want to be able to scroll through a multipage created from a blank template document & print specific pages.  Have sought and found answers on paging, but no address my question.  JV

    Pages v5.6.2 dislike doing anything automatically. Page numbers are shown to you when you scroll through a document:

    1. Associated with each thumbnail in this display mode
    2. By inserting the page number in the header or the footer

    That's all for v5.6.2 Pages. Whenever you want to print a specific page, you will need to check the Pages: of the _____ to the _____ in the OS X Print Panel and specify the same value for each entry field to print the page in question. There is no automatic printing of selected pages in the selection of this Panel paper handling.

    Pages ' 09 v4.3 would show the current page number on a lower status bar, with or without page numbers inserted in the header of document/footers. This view could be clicked, and it would change to a text entry where we could fix the jump to page number.

  • How to scan multiple pages into a single document

    I use XP SP3 on the HP 510 laptop and printer HP Photosmart 7510e. How to scan multiple pages in 1 document? PDF is also only available document format?

    Thanks for the tips


    Please perform the below mentioned steps that should solve the problem.

    Click the icon of the printer (on the desktop), select the scanned under the side of right, notice in the window of advanced settings under file type is a checkbox called "creating a separate file for each scanned page. Make sure it is not checked.

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  • How to select a file folder to send scanned documents to?

    I have a photosmart 6525.  I would like to send the documents in a folder specific file in My Documents.  How?

    You have the full recommended software installed for the Photosmart 6525? If not, click here.

    If so, then open the HP printer Assistant software installed with the printer.
    * Select analysis a Document/Photo option to open the scan window
    * Select Advanced... settings option on the right side of the screen
    * Select the Destination tab
    * In the middle of the window is a box containing the destination of the file scan. You can choose "Browse" and set the folder desired as the scan destination.
    * Click Save

    I would like to know how this happens.

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