How to stop when keyboard and cursor stuck

How can I stop a Macbook Air when the keyboard and slider are locked?


Press and hold the button (button on the top right of the keyboard) for 5 seconds approximately until it stops. Wait a few seconds and press again to restart.

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  • How to stop change keyboard languange to Photoshop?

    I am from Bangladesh.

    In my computer, I have software installed, Avro which is a bengali typing in unicode software.

    Usually I don't have a problem with the keyboard.

    But when I open photoshop, I had a problem with the language of the keyboard.

    Each time, it turns into Bengali.

    If I press Alt + Shift, he switch to English for temp time.

    but when typeing if I press alt + shift yet somehow, it changes lagnuage again.

    How can I stop this development? any idea?

    Adobe Photoshop Version: 12.0 (12.0x20100407 [20100407.r.1103 2010/04 / 07:14:00:00 cutoff; r branch]) x 32

    Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit

    Version: 6.1

    System architecture: Intel CPU Family: 6, model: 5, Stepping: 2 with MMX, entire SSE, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2 FP

    Physical processor count: 4

    Processor speed: 2261 MHz

    Built-in memory: 2807 MB

    Free memory: 844 MB

    Memory available to Photoshop: 2313 MB

    Memory used by Photoshop: 60%


    It is a function of the operating system.

    You can disable this shortcut by going to:

    Control Panel > options (vista) regional and language > keyboards and languages tab > change keyboards button > advanced key settings > keyboard shortcuts for the input languages > choose between the input languages > tap on change Key Sequence > select "Unassigned" under the input language button.

    This is!

  • How to stop to iMessage and FaceTime on iMac from iPhone / iPad

    Hi all

    I can't figure out how to stop to get FaceTime and iMessages on my iMac, when people send to my iPhone or iPad.    I figured out stop to happen between my iPhone and iPad.    I when in preferences on FaceTime and iMessage on my iMac and not addresses but they don't entirely uncheck/disable.   There may be something in the settings of the iPad and iPhone to stop going to the iMac?    I watched the setting on these devices and saw nothing, but I am a fool with this stuff and I could have overlooked a fix.



    Open system preferences > Notifications click on FaceTime and Messages and disable what you do not want.

  • How to stop the VI and a Sub VI together

    Hi, in my application, I have a vi with a state machine with a loop of event handler. One of the events in my loop of event handler is out who runs the State of the output of my state machine. I also have an under vi outside my statemachine.

    The problem:

    1. at the exit of pressing my Vi does not stop.

    Reason: my sub vi is still running.

    Need solution : How tp stop the two loops together using the exit button.

    StateMachine P.S:1.My is inside a while loop and while loop runs inside my sub vi also.

    2. both the loops are parallel, since I'm on queues in it.

    2. both the loops are parallel, since I'm on queues in it.

    There are many ways, depending on your architecture.

    Can pass you a message from out of your event loop to your another loop on the queue?

    Another way is to use a global Boolean variable 'Stop' and use it in your second loop exit condition. Set it in the event loop when you want to stop the program.

    The producer consumer example stops the second loop by closing the queue during the first loop stops and then to capture the error when the second loop trying to read the queue.

  • How to stop Wampmanager.exe and easyphp to run after uninstall wampserver

    I've been with wampserver (apache, mysql, and php) for a while now. I needed upgrade of wamp and I am well aware that I need to completely uninstall it before installing the new version, I did. Unfortunately for me, until I installed the new version, after that Setup and it has not worked, I uninstalled, redownloaded, tried again. Finally, verified the wamp forum was packed with complaints about the x 64 version was a corrupted file. So I installed the 32 bit version to use temporarily. The next day, the new version has been released. So I installed and decided to check out the forum before going any further.

    No more complaints about the bugs. Finally, I decided that since the new wampserver has so many bugs, I'd rather stay here. I installed EasyPHP. Then I saw wampmanager.exe (0 2 services performed) in my taskbar properties. so I uninstalled easyphp.

    Long story short, I think that somewhere throughout this frustration, I forgot to stop the server (wampserver) before uninstalling. And Yes, I cleaned my registry of all things wamp after each uninstall.

    Now, when I click on the taskbar properties, I see wampmanager.exe and EasyPHP, but neither are installed. (Wampmanager.exe initially says '0 2 running services', but I was able to reinstall, and then stop the service and uninstall.) Now only says: wampmanager.exe). I tried a system restore, reinstall, uninstall. How can I get these 2 to stop smoking? Help please!

    Original title: help! Wampmanager.exe and easyphp running after uninstall wampserver. How can I stop and remove it completely?


    Try the following steps:

    Step 1: check if there are no services of Wampserver and EasyPHP and disable them.

    Follow these steps:
    a. Click Start, and then type services.msc in the start search box and press ENTER.
    b. in the list of services, find all related services.
    c. right-click on the services, then click on stop.
    d. also, right-click on it and click on disable.

    Step 2: check is there is related programs in program files.
    a. Click Start, click computer.
    b. open the C: drive and then click program files.

    Step 3: perform a clean boot to disable it in the list of startup programs.

    See this article for more information on the clean boot:
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Steps to perform a clean boot:
    a. click the ORB start on your desktop
    b. type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on continue.
    c. in the general tab, click Selective startup.
    d. under Selective startup, clear the check box load startup items.
    e. click on the Services tab, select the hide all Microsoft Services check box and then click Disable all.
    f. click OK.
    g. When prompted, click on restart.

    NOTE: Please check that you start the computer in normal mode after a repair. Follow step 7 article.

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our
    Microsoft answers Feedback Forum and tell us what you think.

  • How to stop an animation and continue on click of a button.

    Ok... Lately, I've been out of the loop with flash and I don't know how to use action script 2 (and even on a basic level). I'm more a facilitator than a programmer.

    What I want to do is:

    Create a simple animation that will start (IE go to the second image) by pressing a button symbol that is placed on the stage.

    So I put it in to the first image:



    start_button.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick);

    function onClick(event:MouseEvent):void


    gotoAndPlay (2);


    But the animation does not stop. It stops when if I set the event directly to the step (stage.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, click));. But you can click anywhere on the stage to make the animation to play. What I am doing wrong? Thanks for all replies in advance.

    If you see an error message from the compiler, no code executes in your project.

    You must correct your error message.  the name of the instance (in the properties panel) of your start by start_btn button and use this (start_btn) in your code.

  • How to stop the wallpaper and screensaver to automatically change

    original title: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit wallpapar and screensaver continue to change. How can I stop this?


    Just had brand new laptop and I am setting up the way I like it. Every day my wallpaper and screen saver change on me and I can't figure out how to stop this. It's so frustrating.

    I online have looked for a solution, but fails. Help, please.

    I had the same problem.  This would change all the time and I have to go to personalization and deliver it to a blue background.  No matter how I configured the settings in Windows, the background would still change.

    Eventually, I realized that this is the toolbar Bing control my background image.  To disable, click on the 'i' icon in the Bing toolbar, and then clear "change wallpaper in bing every day."

    This solves the problem for me.

    1. click on 'i' on the Bing toolbar.

    2 uncheck the box to change the wallpaper.

  • How to stop the keyboard to the loading screen when I turn on the computer?

    How can I get the on screen key board to stop appearing

    How can I get the on screen key board to stop appearing

    Assuming you are using Vista.

    Start button > control pPnel > left column, Classic view > accessibility > use computer without mouse and keyboard >uncheck "use Screen keyboard" > click Save for the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Could someone tell me how to stop the folders and icons rearrange themselves

    Before I updated to El Capitan I could arrange the files on my desktop or in any folder in the finder, in order that, I opened I wanted and they would REMAIN THAT of the WAY. Now, folders and icons in the folders reorganize themselves, usually in alphabetical order, each time that I add, delete, or move something in a folder. This causes a serious pain for me and make my extremely inefficient workflow.

    I managed to stop the folders on my desk of reorganization by going to view > options > sort by selecting: None (thanks Mac forum) and I can do this in a folder if I want to rearrange things myself, but I seem to need to do this individually for every single folder and there is no guarantee that the next time I turn on my computer it will be always in that order. El Capitan before I could move my files manually on my desk and in a folder and if things got a little messy, or I wanted to start, I simply chose sort > by name and everything would be perfectly back to alphabetical, as a grid, on the right side of my screen, or in a grid at the top of a file. AND... If I wanted to manually move a folder or icon after sorting by name, I could still do it, without having to go to tri: No. Now, if I say sort: None, which seems to be the only way to manually sort the icons or folders, all of a sudden my own grid of files are everywhere in my office or mixed into a folder, unlike before where they would simply stay in a grid in alphabetical order, making it much easier to find things when manually reorganize. In my workflow, I need to be able to fix things and make them stay there, then, how do it works as before. Is could someone please tell me if there is a simple way to get things to work like they used to, when the only time where my files or icons arranged themselves was when I SAID to THEM, keeping in mind I'm not that computer, so if it's code, or go beyond the preferences or settings , you've lost me.

    Click on the desktop, command J > sort by none

  • How to stop the header and printing

    Every time I print a page from my web browser Firefox 8 he also sent to the printer a header containing the name of the page and the URL and at the bottom of the page, it prints a trailer that consist of a page number, for example, 1 of 2 and a date and a time.

    How can I stop this?

    The trailer is causing havoc when I print on ebay mailing labels. Ink is having smeared a page printed to another.

    Firefox has always done, but now that I use in two labels Avery labels (8.5x11.5) leaves split is causing problems. Once half the label upper he used I have Flip on and printing on the other half. The part 'used' label will not ink, where the problem of smearing with the trailer.

    Firefox button >-> Page Setup = print margins & header/footer

    Do the pref for all 6 items in the low - vacuum-

  • Operating instructions: how to manually install updates and difficulty stucked relies

    OK I finally got, and here is the update method. It is completely safe and if a problem occurs, it will stop and you can restart your TPT as always.

    Here are the steps :

    1) you have to download the firmware here:

    (seems its not available and they were fired 0075 day, but it will be word for any updates)

    Improtant : If you're on 0052, you must manually install 60, then 65 and 75. In other words, you cannot go from 60 to 75.

    2) you have to paste the firmware in .zip format (exactly as you download it) on your SD card.

    3) restart your TPT. When the screen lights up, start pressing Volume up for several times. You will see that you go to the recovery image, she writes. Wait...

    4) now that you are in recovery mode. with press volume up and down, you can navigate and pressing the button walk / stop, you enter the menu. Choose "install the update from SD card" and choose your firmware (with the sequence) .and wait device finish its work.


    (Edit #1: If you're stuck on an update and the update of your system does not work and also you do not use the manual update - which is not harmful at all - you can follow this method: for example, you're at 0052 - who stucked as many people on this build - if you manually install 0060) , your TPT will update to 0060, DO by WHICH as long AS. just try a few other goofy, which is not the next generation. TPT will try to update it will stop because of the mistake of sequence, but it will fix the update of the OTA system, fun)

    TNX to Hongkong,

    0075_US link:

  • How to stop the circle of cursor

    How can I stop the circle Turning next to the projection on and outside slider

    This means that something is running or loading in the background.

    The problem occurs when you do something specific?

  • How to stop when submit navigates from different tab to the home page


    When I am navigating to another page to my homepage (I have 2 reports on the home page) the page is always submitted. I have on my home page with button Search box submit for research. When pressing this button search is executed and the results appears in 2 different reports on the bottom in 2 different regions.

    Example of problem is:
    I pressed the "submit" button and I have my results so I'm going to another page and new return and in this time the reports are run without press my button to request a quote. No doubt APEX works like this and each time a row to ask when you open a page again.

    Do you know if I can stop it and if it is possible how can I do?

    Kind regards

    I'm sorry. Assigned to your LOV
    After submit.


  • How to stop the download and installation of the el capitan operating system

    my download of el capitan has started, but I stopped it because of very bad reviews of this new operating system. How can I permanently stop/block the download and subsequent installation of el capitan? Please LMK. I thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

    You can expect so he can finish and then delete the installation program. However, there is nothing wrong with El Capitan. Each version of Mac OS X over the past 20 years has had bad reviews. That's what the media. I use it on four computers with no problems.

    Complete the download. You can always install on another partition or an external drive so you can see for yourself. Do not forget that make you a backup of your current system.

  • How to stop a sound and emit a sound signal according to the values of text?

    I have a text field and a button. When the button is clicked it displays 100 or 0 (vice versa). The value in the text field is saved and when the user opens the application upwards, the text field displays the last number (100 or 0). This is the code:

    import flash.ui.Mouse;
    var saveDataObject:SharedObject;
    var currentScore:Number; 
    options_mc.sound_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, mute);
    function mute(event:MouseEvent)
    if(currentScore == 100)
    currentScore = 0
    options_mc.onoff_txt.text = String(currentScore);
    else if(currentScore == 0)
    currentScore = 100
    options_mc.onoff_txt.text = String(currentScore);
    function init():void
    saveDataObject = SharedObject.getLocal("test");
    currentScore = 100;
    if ( == null)
    = currentScore;
    function saveData():void
    { = currentScore;
    function loadData():void
        currentScore =;
        if (options_mc.onoff_txt) options_mc.onoff_txt.text=String(currentScore);

    On a different layer in the timeline panel, I have a sound that lights up. I want the sound turns on if the value of the onoff_txt is equal to 100, and I want the sound to stop playing or not playing when the value is 0.

    The code failing that I came up with is the following: CheckSound();

    function CheckSound():void
    if(options_mc.onoff_txt.text == "100")
    else if(options_mc.onoff_txt.text == "0")

    It does not at all, the sound comes not now or anything like that!

    If you call any function, the function will not work.  You must call this function whenever the program changes the values in the TextField.  What happens when the program starts and when you click the button, then work to call this function in the sections of the code.

Maybe you are looking for