HP Color Laserjet 2840: hp color laserjet 2840 missing yellow

Several weeks ago the YELLOW color stopped printing even if all other colors worked well. Status of supplies showed more than 60% yellow rest always with the other colors. Thinking that the 3rd party cartridge YELLOW was the culprit, I ordered and replaced the yellow with a new cartridge HP 122. small improvement of very light yellow Q3962A appear on supplies Status Report, but a yellow bar on bottom missing. The firmware has been updated tonight, reloaded drivers tested with Post Script and PCL6, shot all the cartridges and tried re allignment, starting cold and power source changed out of wall against overvoltage protected, all to nothing does not. All suggested next steps?

The solenoid acts as a sound of this mechanism of damping and also as residue.

IBM used the residue of the term for a thin piece of plastic or rubber that was between the coil and the arm on a solenoid or relay.

You may know what is a residue, but not everyone reading this post will be.

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    Hi Watcher35,

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    This HP document: solving Print quality problems can if you take some of the same steps you did already, I suggest you don't skip any step.

    If troubleshooting doesn't help not solve your problem, then I would say call the HP Technical Support to see all the other possibilities for you. If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 for all other regions, click here.

    Kind regards

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    Thanks for the reply!  There are 2 types of inkjet printers:

    1. Individual ink cartridges (IIC)
    2. Integrated print head (IPH)

    The printer you purchased is a style IIC printer and will require the color cartridges to be present.  The HPI style ink jet normally used only 2 cartridges: black and tri-color.  There are advantages and disadvantages of these two styles that I feel relates to the question at hand.  However, there are some printers style HPI from HP that allow for what is known as the print reserve mode.  This allows you to print with a black cartridge in the printer and leaving the Canadiens empty slot.

    Print quality is generally reduced, impression of time has increased and the cartridge performance declined thanks to this method of printing; However, it will allow to use "only black" with the inkjet printer.

    Laserjet lines going to the cheaper and more effective to monochrome printers.  These monochrome printers are designed for black only and will give the lowest cost per page for black printing only.

    If you want only a few examples of the printers, I describe and price comparisons, I can give you that.

    Have a wonderful day,


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    You are running Firefox in compatibility mode?

    You can open the properties using the context menu of the desktop Firefox shortcut and check that in the "compatibility" tab.

    Make sure that all items are disabled in the tab "Compatibility" in the Properties window.

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    It's a defective toner cartridge.

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    Hey, Jordan.

    I know that this could be solved more easily if you had access to the personalization Gallery to choose the basic theme.  Unfortunately, it is not included in Windows 7 Starter.  My best for you right now would be the system restore, restore your system configuration "in time" to before the beginning of the question.

    Please note that the system restore only restores the backup copies of the key system files and run a system restore will lose not or "roll back" any of your files, emails, documents, photos, or anything else.  In addition, if you run the restore and you don't like the results for some reason, you can cancel it immediately.  All the restoration takes about 3 minutes.

    To start, type in the word "Restore" in your search box on your Start menu.

    If it solves your problem, click on the link "Propose as answer" below and vote as useful by clicking on the green triangle for the lelft. Thank you!

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    Hey all!

    When I go to my option of color research section under summary blue gold is missing. They took it out of the new version of CC? If this is not the case, do you know how I can find it and reinstall it?

    FWIW, I'm on a newly installed Windows 10 and I have nothing in summary:

    At the end of this video, Julianne Kost says that the b/w, BT, GT, LD, LI, S are specific to the Mac:

    Color in Photoshop - YouTube

    These read have been added to the CS6 and I do not have CS6 installed, only the 2015.5 of CC of PS so maybe that's the secret.  On a Mac without CS6, you have the little ones Mac-specific and a Windows w/o CS6 you do nothing?

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    Any ideas or advice?

    I thank you,


    In addition, select some photos that should be labeled and examine the label field in the metadata Panel:

    The fields are empty?

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    I don't think it's something to do with the copy over a network.

    My guess is that you have to look at metadata > color label set. Try to compare the settings on both computers. If they are different, a computer do not know what the other means red, yellow etc.

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    (3) if I opened, even a simple picture it seems as if some or all of the pixels are simply absent. The missing pixels change every time I try and open it - (see example).
    (4) if I crop a picture, most of the pixels go away.

    I'm currently under Photoshop CC 2015 on a MacbookPro v10.10.3. All of these same images air outside of Photoshop, so there seems to be a problem specific to Photoshop. The problem seems to be the same on my big screen and Macbook Pro screen. Any help is very appreciated, because this does not work.


    Thank you very much, the updated Mac system seems to have cleared up the question, to my relief.

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