HP G60-630US: update CPU?

I tried to upgrade my CPU on my HP G60 630US laptop but it wouldn't start after I installed it. I went back to the original and it started back as usual.
My question is, the speed of the motherboard bus will support the CPU tried to use?

Original specifications: HP G60 630US laptop
Motherboard 578232 # 001with Intel Pentium (1 MB of L2 cache) T4400, 2.2 - GHz processor / 800 Mhz
4 GB of DDR 2-800 Mhz Gskill ram
HD 500GB Samsung SSD

I tried to install a T9400 processor Intel Core2 Duo (6 MB L2 cache), 2.53 GHz / 1066 Mhz processor
because it is based on a technical manual, I've read, this is one of the options for this laptop model processor.
So unless I read the wrong manual, what am I doing wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I think it has something to do with the motherboard only supports 800 Mhz bus speed... ?

Thank you to who ever can help sheds light on this mystery!


You are on the right track. When you read the manual, you have to dig a little deeper. In this case, there are two different mothers, one for the GL40 chipset for the GM45 chipset. The GL40 is cheapie, defeatured motherboard without support of the advanced features of the Core 2 Duo as Speedstep processors. Your motherboard is a GL40, given that your processor is the Pentium of lower tier. Some users have reported success with a Core 2 Duo on motherboards GL40 but they run never quite right.

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    I have a G60-510WM (screens of cpu - z attached). I bought a P8600 on eBay, he came with bent pins that I straightened but black screen on startup. Not sure if it is because it is not compatible and the chipset can handle that front side bus at 800 mhz, or because the processor has been broken. If someone could shed some light on cpu compatibility that would be incredible. (As in what processors/fsb I can actually run before I have buy another without knowing)

    Thank you



    I think that the processor is bad.

    I have attached the link for the service manual for your laptop. Supported processors are listed in pages 1 and 2.


    The P8600 is listed as supported. I have a HP 6930p notebook with the ICH9M and there a P8700 inside.

    Check the support page for your laptop and make sure that there is no necessary BIOS update which adds support of these processors.

    Is there and you need to Flash the BIOS, make sure absolutely that Flash by using one of the operating systems supported flash was designed.


  • Laptop HP G60-630US - Webcam peripheral is pop + unknown device unrecognized USB inverter [update]

    My webcam and everything was working fine last night. I even used my webcam on the new yahoo I had installed a few days before. When I got up this morning and turned on my laptop, I kept getting pop ups every 3 minutes indicating unrecognized USB device despite not having that whatever it is plugged. I check the Device Manager and see an unknown device and the lack of imaging devices. When I try to go in youcam, it tells me that the cam is not detected.

    My notebook is HP G60-630US Notebook PC, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit.

    There is no change made last night. Even if after all this I tried to delete all the usb and restart, but nothing has worked. I always get the frequent pop ups. Please any help would be appreciated.

    Update: I just ran the update BIOS and instead of an unknown device, it says USB composite device

    Thanks, I tried. He has not worked for me. I just restored to factory settings, and that solved.

  • Pavilion G60-630us: driver updates

    I have serched for and downloaded the updated drivers for all devices on my HP laptop, I went to for drivers Device Manager detected and windows said that the best driver is already installed, even if the bad news to those who are more recent. Should I just run it anyway?


    Yes, if HP sites. From other sites if they amy does not work.

    Kind regards.

  • Re: Satellite C50-A-1FW - update CPU i7-3612QM

    I would like to know if the motherboard (chipset-socket) to a Satellite C50-A-1FW supports an i7-3612QM?


    Satellite C50-A-1FW motherboard support Intel HM70 Express Mobile Chipset.
    Take a look at this page-> PRODUCTS COMPATIBLE Intel

    You will find processors supported.

    But beware: processor upgrade is not supported by the laptop manufacturer. Although the chipset would support the new processor, the BIOS may not support this CPU.

    In this forum, you can find many discussions on upgrading processors. In each thread, you will find information that these updates is always risky, and no one knows if it will finally work.

  • DV6-3204tx: updated CPU DV6-3204tx

    I want to upgrade the i5 processor in my dv6-3204tx to an i7 processor. Is this really possible? If so, what is the most fast i7 CPU this device could support?


    There is a list of the CPU support on page 1 of the first textbook on the following link:


    Page 98 shows you a list of parts. Please order the right part of HP.  And on page 99, the manual explains how to replace.

    Please note: it should update the BIOS before changing equipment. You can check the BIOS under the software section and drivers from the link above.

    Kind regards.

  • Re: update CPU on the Satellite C855D-164

    HI, I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite C855D-164 and I would like to know if it is possible change the processor for other better. (Please list)

    (my processor is AMD 1200 E1)

    Thank you.


    Sometimes its advised to read other threads where the same question has already been asked.

    There was a similar question for Satellite C850D.

    Satellite C850D and C855D models support the same chipset and the same processor so info s Francesco should apply to your laptop model too.

    As mentioned in another thread: upgrading the CPU is not supported by the manufacturers of portable and these updates can be done only at your own risk, with no guarantee more than portable would go well after this exchange of CPU

  • 800 HP elite: bios and update cpu

    I bought a CPU intel core 2 duo E8600 to upgrade to core 2 duo E7500 of. BIOS version is 786 G 7 V01.02. My PC is compaq 8000 elite small et seq. Chipset Q43/45

    I think I need to update the BIOS. When I go to update it has the possibility of widows 10 pro I upgraded from windowsd 10 pro. Can someone tell me what BIOS I can update? Also should I upgrade the radiator?

    Thank you


    Looks like one of the easiest improvements.

    No need to program new microcode to the BIOS.

    No more large heatsink.

    Should be just plug and play.

    Don't forget the heatsink Silicone compound.


  • Satellite Pro A200 (PSAF4A) - update CPU and chipset


    I have a Satellite Pro A200 (PSAF4A) with a processor Intel Celeron M 540 (1.86 GHz) and a Mobile Intel (r) 965 Express Chipset Family.
    I upgraded the RAM, but it's just not enough performance for me as its limited to 2 GB.
    I know that Toshiba will not admit it, but I've heard people have updated this type of processor before. I can't afford a new laptop altogether but will settle for upgrades I get.

    My questions are;

    Are there companies in New Zealand that can upgrade my processor and/or my Chipset?

    I also noticed that space to the second HDD has no media or in any case to add another HARD disk, is it because of my laptop or is it a manufacturing defect?

    Are there also companies who can add these mounts to my board so I can have a second HDD?

    First, the chipset is not extensible. It s soldered onto the motherboard and can't be exchanged. In addition, on the CPU upgrade, you should read this article that I founded in the area of the FAQ:
    The point is that the new processor must be supported from the motherboard, BIOS and chipset and it is not so easy.

    Install a second HDD is not a problem if you have a second connector to HARD drive (I know SATA) in the second HARD drive Bay. I think some of the Satellite Pro A200 models were fitted with a second HDD and some other laptops are not. So if you have the connector in the Bay, you can install an additional HARD drive.

  • Update CPU and RAM for Satellite L300

    Hello I have a TOSHIBA Model 32 bit: Satellite L300 (PSLB8E-01200PGE)
    And I wanted to know what CPU I could go too. ?

    and also the default value of RAM is now at: / 3GB.

    Thank you

    > And I wanted to know what CPU I could go too. ?

    CPU upgrade isn't part extensible official.
    What does that mean?

    This means that laptop manufacturers (no matter which) don t support these updates.
    Computer laptop manufacturers don t provided no information that CPU is 100% taken in charge and compatible.

    I guess the number PSLB8E-01200PGE model belongs to the Satellite L300-1 has 3
    The RAM can be upgraded up to 4 GB, but your 32-bit system supports only 3.2 GB of RAM
    So the upgrade of RAM makes no sense where you'll still use the 32-bit operating system.

    Regarding the upgrade of CPU:
    The CPU must chipset and BIOS support.
    The laptop seems to be equipped with chipset Mobile Intel GM 45

    Under compatibility, you can check taken processors supported by the chipset.

    But even if the chipset would support the new processor, BIOS could not provide this support.
    Upgrading CPU is always tricky.

  • Update CPU of the Satellite A60

    everyone updated the A60 CPU? I have A60 - 117 with installed factory Celeron D @ 2.8GHz and I, m planning possible upgrade to MOBILE Pentium 4 3.2 GHz. If anyone has experienced these updates please write.


    Generally it is not possible to upgrade the computer laptop processor because of overheating problems.
    But if you want, you can ask ASP for detailed information.
    In addition, I think that this topic has been discussed a lot of time in this forum. Try an advanced search for research.

    Good bye

  • Update CPU on HP Compaq nx7300


    What type of CPU can I put in my HP Compaq nx7300 instead of

    /FSB Celeron M 440 1.86/533?

    Thank you.


    I copied and pasted the release notes for the update of the BIOS that adds support for these processors.

    -Includes a new version of the Intel support code for mobile CPUs: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7000 and T5000 Mobile processors. NOTE: This code of Intel support was provided to HP as a critical software update. This system ROM update has no impact on the known performance.

    Here is the link to all the notes of revisions.


    The way I see it, is that an update of the BIOS allows now for these processors.

    They will run at 667 MHz full if they work.

    My opinion is that HP never updated the plug processor on the link I posted.

    Unfortunately, the service manual don't be difference by model or chipset.  Just, it lists all the processors supported in Chapter 1.



  • Update CPU and or motherboard

    Hi, I am looking for help! I expect download new BF1 game when it came out, but after checking my online system, it turns out that my CPU does not meet the minimum requirements I have a

    Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz

    It says the minimum just a Core i5 6600 k

    where can I find the brand and model of the motherboard to see if I can switch the CPU to or if I need to update the motherboard which one to get that would fit

    It's an Alienware Aurora R1 2009 if you need more information made me know what to do and where I find

    Thank you!!

    Your Gen1 Intel i7 9xx CPU is a socket 1366 X 58 chipset Nehalem (Bloomfield); motherboard is micro-ATX / u - ATX form factor (9.6x9.6") made for Aware by model MSI (MIcro Star int.) MS - 7591. It probably can be upgraded to an i7 975 x 4 strands or 980 / maybe 990 x 6 hearts as the first choice

    Intel 6th, Gen is a chipset socket 1151 Z170 Skylake, list of the i5s here (& sky i7s prior link)

    Here we see an Asus Maximus Gene VIII Z170 6700 k inside the Aurora R4 i7

    This picture was passed to me by a member of the forum, which has an admirable skills in building computers, & the effort required to remove old & replace with new & do so properly & without prejudice for components is important or can feel important, based on your skill level.

    Front wiring not necessary no change (plug & play) but the MIO Board turned out not to be able to run versions of software CmndCntr & therefore version 2.8.11 was replaced, on Windows7 & works.

    Because of their catch of CPU, motherboard on R1 plateau (attaches the metal plate, the motherboard to & who live in the wall case) is different from that of the plateau of R4; If you remove your motherboard to graduate, you will find a black, liquid cooling back plate plastic bolted on the set; its four candlesticks bolts (in the model of bolt single socket 1366) are "" bumps, which may or may not affect the installation of a new plate, say for socket 1151 (your old black plastic plate is removed from the status bar, the new attached to the back of the motherboard itself and, if all goes well, the motherboard bolt on his plate without problem). You can run the Aurora R1 motherboard Exchange / upgrade as through bing search term / google where it may be possible to find out about a dozen or less trade / newspapers, construction certainly search for "Mother Aurora" here in this forum, you can post on Alien Arena, sift in the subforum AlienOwners Aurora & send a friend request to Spook who has experience with swaps R2 & R4 & may have advice, since I have no time to devote to your thread after posting this little help, so good luck

  • Update CPU dv7

    I have an equipped with a p7350 processor DV7 1020us and upgrade to the t9600. It is listed in the reference of parts for this machine under no. 481377-001. Of all the research I've done I have no doubt it will work properly in this machine as both models Penryn processors and use the same chipsets and front end bus speeds. After consulting the site Intels Iam at a slight loss of what code review and spec to use. Two types are available, the SLG9F and the SLB47. This is the socket PGA478 as indicated by CPU - Z on my machine. I was not able to cross reference the part number of HP for detailed processor specifications to determine which one to use.  The original specifications of processors are not helpful except that the p7350 is a SLB53 which would lead me to think that I need the SLB47 specification for the t9600.  If anyone knows I can use, I would be very grateful. It would be a great upgrade for this machine and I look forward to the answers.

    IAM assuming my BIOS, (F.2c), is compatible, as indicated on the HP site for this machine only.

    Please note that I can not respond immediately because of limited access to internet.

    I almost forgot I posted until a reply E-mail. I have since discovered a lot on this machine. He can go to a T-9900 CPU. Technical code of the SLGEE. Priced at 3.06 GHZ, it is a fantastic upgrade. I did not yet because of the price of these old CPUS are still around $ 300.00. Regarding the other updates, T-9600, T-9800 and 9900 T are all usable. A 9600-T can be found for about a hundred bucks on E bay. I can go with the T-9600 due to the difference in price for the gain. His appreciation to 2.8 GHZ and I can't justify another two hundred two-tenths of GHZ speed increased when all other specs are the same. In any case, all these would be an upgrade for your slightly older DV7 in competition or beat most of the new machines of the day. If you do it yourself, this upgrade, I recommend to go to the HP site and download the Maint. and service guide for your machine. The mine has diss-Assembly very detailed instructions. It will be a long work and tedious so prepare accordingly with a space dedicated work, where you can keep the parts and the screws identified for reassembly. Good luck.

  • Update CPU count in vRA without Collecting inventory

    I am writing some orchestrator custom workflows to change cpu/ram in vRA 6.2. Workflows work well and cpu/ram are updated in vCenter, however the values shown against the virtual machine to the display of the item in the vRA is not updated.

    executes a collection of inventory will show the correct information again but I want the workflow to update these values.

    can someone tell me please in the right direction?

    I don't have an answer to your question...

    ... but we just run the 'Collection of data of strength' workflow in the VCAC/Infrastructure Administration/Extensibility folder after change of CPU/RAM.  It turns quite quickly and allows multiple to run at the same time.  This updates the data on the computer when updating of article page.

    What is your aversion for data collection?  Speed? Impact on resources?

Maybe you are looking for