HP Laser Jet 400 M401n: "incorrect email address" when adding 2nd ePrint printer account

Get the error described trying to create a new email ePrint address after the attempt to add printer 2nd on our account.

+ It shouldn't matter AT ALL because this is a process based on the web, but I'm on a Mac with OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite)
+ Printer already noted.

* Sign on my HP, goto tab account and add a printer.
* Enter the claim code on the printer I just got directly from my printer.

* who did then appear next to enter an email address you want, such as: "[email protected]".
HP site suggests actually creating your own custom address to make it easy to remember.

* After this point, a small error in the instruction text appears, saying: "incorrect email address.

* The only option available - persevering emails unnecessary, because NOTHING will not work, or... Press CANCEL

* After the cancellation - my printer does NOT appear in my devices tab and to try once again, I must first of all remove the printer.
* "delete printer" web services, back on my computer through services of printer via a web browser.


* This has been a useless cycle and NEVER accomplished anything.  I tried to change the passwords of my SnapFish account AND my HP account online (which holds my ePrint account.

* I tried the process on different browsers.  Does NOT work, or assistance.

* And support HP online chat was totally USELESS with this question.  Either completely stupid points, or stupid questions that I had already answered or based on the information I had already tried.

How can I get a second added printer if I can't spend not to add a second email ePrint?


During the process, I could see that the printer has been added successfully.  I wouldn't be able to get to the next step (addition of e-mail) if it was not true.  However, I couldn't see the icon of the printer after they told me that my printer has been added.  Do not complete the E-mail process will make all the incomplete process.

The answer is the one who MUST be one of the first base of troubleshooting tips to do.  Check which browsers are used.  Most importantly make sure that Flash and/or Java is activated or as there are no extensions you might have that either inhibits these features somehow minor or major.  I had extensions that monitor those aspects that I have just went into Safari and temporarily disabled.  After completing the process - I turned on my rear power switch.

The question is and has NEVER been on "BONES" - or more precisely, of Macintosh OS, which is superior in any case.  One based on web service or function such as this has NOTHING to do with the operating system.

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