HP nc6400: replacement screen for nc6400

Dear friends,

I'm almost certain that the LCD is wrong...

The lites of the screen and there is a lot of loose color (about an inch and a half wide total) running up and down on the left side of the screen only. The rest of the screen is a grey color lite.

What you feel is happening and where can I get a good healthy screen or possibly a machine to pieces with a screen of 'good' known?

I looked a bit on eBay, but nothing exciting. The only screens are more than some of the computers together.

Thoughts, suggestions, options will be very well received...

It was great little computer all but I need to be careful and make good use of my $$$.

God bless...

Best regards, Raphael



It is an old machine, could be 10 years old now. Normally HP stores don't stock spare parts for machines over 5 years. If you can't find on eBay, the chance is very thin votes to zero. Your computer uses one of the following:

14.1 inch WXGA + 418907-001
14.1 inch WXGA 418896-001

Please try:




Kind regards.

Note: manual


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    I own a laptop Lenovo B460 (model No. 24007). I am looking for a replacement of the screen for the same. The specifications are:

    14 '' HD LED Glare

    Also, after some research it seems to be a widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) and 1366 x 768 pixels with LED backlight. I talked to the service centers in my area, and none of them seem to have the screen required. That's why I'm exploring an alternative that is mentioned below:


    The specs seem to be the same. This means that it can serve the purpose? The LCD connector will have the same PIN connections or is there a possibility of incompatibility?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Hi Phoenix53,

    Welcome to the Community Forums of Lenovo!

    Looking at the Service Manual of this system.

    Material of Lenovo B460 maintenance manual V2.0

    you will find the replacement screen for your system at Page 76 88

    Check with dealers online part numbers will give you options on where to get them.

    Hope this helps,

    See you soon!

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    Hi neal

    You want to buy a new LCD for the Equium L10?
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    What do you buy a second hand Satellite/Equium L10?

    Many users selling second-hand portable computers and especially the screen functions.
    In my opinion, you should check if you can get a second hand with a LCD unit because especially second hand units are less expensive as a new view.
    But you know, it of your choice.

    PS: Each part, you can get from the authorized Toshiba service point in your country.

  • 15 - G261CA: the replacement screen for 15-G261CA (L3C47UA)

    I just bought my laptop (15-G261CA) a month ago and of course now my 2 years pushed him off a table and cracked the screen.

    I tried looking on the HP site but can not find any information on replacements for this laptop.

    Anyone know where and how to get a replacement screen for a HP 15-G261CA (L3C47UA)?

    Desperate to have this guarantee fixed and sure does not protect against 2 years


    Please get number of part from the following link:


    (You can wat to bookmark for future reference).

    You can order the part here or search online like Amazon


    Kind regards.

  • replacement screen for computer laptop dv6t - b 6, 00

    I have a computer laptop dv6t - b 6, 00, product # QJ926AV.  Maintenance and Service Guide shows two difference replacement screens, the 665334-001 Brightview display and the anti-reflective screen of 665335-001.  That it would be OK for my laptop?

    Here is the service manual that you already have:


    See page 30. The problem is that the "anti-Glare" is a higher resolution screen and also needs different data cable from the motherboard to the screen. You can install a screen on any system dv6t - b 6, 00 but you also need the correct cable and a cable replacement makes it a little more difficult.

    The second problem is that you have a generic model number that designates a custom order machine in order to have a type of display based on the model number.

    Whenever you replace a laptop screen the ONLY way to serve to have replaced dozens or even hundreds, is to remove the Panel before you order a replacement. Buy the screen based on the manufacturer designation of screen at the rear of the Panel not the model number of the laptop. In this way: 1. you are sure to double dog of compatibility; and, 2. You can shop a variety of panels and get the best possible price.

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  • Replacement screen for HP Pavilion G6 2208eo

    Hello everyone

    I walked accidentally on my laptop and now the screen is cracked in a corner.

    It's a HP Pavilion G6 2208eo with a 15.6 "display.

    Can someone tell me what screen new I need to buy to replace the cracked one? Are all the screens for Pavilion G6 compatible with my laptop?

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you

    rasjessen wrote:

    Hello everyone

    I walked accidentally on my laptop and now the screen is cracked in a corner.

    It's a HP Pavilion G6 2208eo with a 15.6 "display.

    Can someone tell me what screen new I need to buy to replace the cracked one? Are all the screens for Pavilion G6 compatible with my laptop?

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you


    The reference is 681817-001.


    It is difficult to tell if they are all compatible. It depends on where the vga cable connector located on the back of the screen. This reference is compatible with the Mobile Intel and AMD series G6-2000. There is a different number for the G6-1000 series laptops, but it is because it was manufactured before 2000 G6 series and they used different parts for this. Maybe it is compatible, but you need to know where the port on the back of the screen display cable is initially.

    How to:


  • Replacement screen for laptop computer screen HP 2000-240 ca

    My laptop (HP 2000-240 ca) LED display screen was damaged, must be replaced by a new one. I checked at Amazon.ca, they sell a product like title, (new HD LED WXGA glossy 15.6 "replacement Laptop LCD screen for HP 2000-219DX 2000-239DX, 2000-355DX, 2000-365DX), which is priced at $ 59.97 with FREE shipping.

    They also sell a product called (new HD LED WXGA glossy 15.6 "replacement Laptop LCD screen for HP 2000-240 CA, 2000 - 320CA, 2000 - 340CA, 2000 - 375CA), it would cost CA$ 94,12 more shipping (almost the double the previous).

    I wonder, what is the difference between these two products?

    Can I use the previous (priced at $59.97 with FREE shipping) for my laptop?

    Thank you.

    Hi Kanata

    From what I understand is that all HP 2000 series have the same characteristics of Billboard and HP part number.

    We are looking for a spare part with the part number of HP partsurfer Web site or online stores, so that we get the exact compatible part - ideal if we get a provided exactly HP - including stock with them online sellers.

    No one can say if the part is actually authentic without you contacting the seller directly and confirms with the record and the part number.

    This is the manual, go through the Page 22:

    Data sheet: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02863076

    You need HP part number: 645096-001

    HP part surfer (no longer supplies, check to confirm):

    Online stores where I might find the part:






  • Replacement screen for a Pavilion g6z - 1 00

    I have:

    -HP Pavilion G6z - 1 00

    -Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

    I need some sort of something that I can search the name for these parts:

    LCD screen,


    -the back cover (Red)

    I know that is only the screen and the plastic casing is the question of anything else. The webcam works fine, so most probably the built-in mic still works. I just bought the laptop in March and I broke the screen to fall when the guard rail broke and apparently HP does not cover these types of accidents in their warranty and should be $320 + just to fix it.

    I understand that apparently the Director of tech told me that the people who get their replaced screens that they receive some kind of issue and they end up using the HP service be it, but this isn't in my budget right now. Over $ 320 is 60% of what I paid for the laptop in the first place, I have mine as well get a new one, but this one is special for me.

    This screen will work:


    Plastic parts will eat you all thought was crazy:


    I don't know what you mean by the framework to be more precise, and I'll see if I can find the part.

    I think that you should lose your attachment to this laptop or maybe just to buy one another just like it and swap your hard drive. It will be cheaper.

  • Need replacement screen for my computer pavilion laptop of 17 inches

    I need the part number to replace the screen of my hp Pavilion
    Model # 17 - g113dx
    I need to buy the cheapest please help if I replace my car

    Thanks in advance

    HI @Lydia6,

    Welcome to the HP support community!

    I see you need the part number to replace the screen of your HP Pavilion Notebook g113dx 17. The room is 809313-001, I am technical support only, not price. If you are looking for the part number it will help you to find the price.

    I hope this helps.

    Please click accept as Solution If your problems are solved.

    Thank you.

  • HP Pavilion 2205sa g6: replacement screen for HP g6-2205sa

    Hi guys,.

    Please can someone let me know what model screen I need to replace on a g6-2205sa? (Not Prodcut. D1Q47EA)

    I had a glance on the HP site part Surfer and workshop of HP parts, but shows no results for the laptop. If I could just find something that is compatible, I would be very grateful.

    Kind regards

    Hi @angerz,

    Welcome to the HP Forum! Thank you for becoming a member of the HP Forum. It's a place dynamite to get help from the community, to get suggestions and find what has worked for others. Because you have the best experience, here is a link for you to see, if you have concerns: first time here? Learn how to publish and more

    I understand that you want to replace your laptop screen, but were unable to locate the part number. You have tried the part store HP and HP part Surfer without success. When I checked HP Pavilion Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide of g6 , the display is replaced on the subcomponent level.  Please look at Chapter 3, page 18. Display Assembly components. If you are unable to locate the part in two HP parts store or HP PartSurfer then try a search on the web with the part number. Please keep me updated on your progress.

    Thank you for being a part of the community of HP. Please let me know if this helps solve the problem by marking this message as "accept as Solution". If you need help, let me know and I will gladly make all that I can to help. If you want to say 'Thank you' for my efforts, click on the " ""Twww.Mountainview.rsb.qc.ca Up " "" give me a Kudos.

  • Replacement screen for a laptop Satellite Pro broken

    Anyone know where I can buy a computer pro satellite laptop screen-I just broke mine.
    How much will cost to replace?


    In this case, you must contact the service partner for details.
    On the Toshiba site, you will find the Toshiba authorized service partner who is responsible for your country.


    Good bye

  • HP Pavilion 17 Laptop: How can I easily locate and buy a new replacement screen for my HP Pavilion 17 laptop

    I need to order a new screen laptop to replace a damaged.

    Here is my product information:
    HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC product name
    Serial number: (personal information by moderator)
    Product number: G4X63UA #ABA
    Operating system: Windows 64-bit 8.1

    Thanks for all your recommendations!

    It is a backlit by LED HD 17.3 inches. The model is Pavbilion 17-e118dx.

    Repair manuals

    Ref. HP is 720676-001

    Where do you live? (Country only)

    HP is out of stock on the screen. Here it is on ebay US:


    A child can do as shown in this youtube video:


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  • replacement screen for pavilion dv6 3042 TX

    I would like to know the part number I need to order to replace the screen of my HP pavilion dv6-3042TX.  The model number of my computer is WY364pa #ABG.  I find the HP site without success.  The screen is supposed to be a high definition LED BrightView Display.

    Thank you

    Link above corresponds to the 1st generation of dv6... The number of Billboard component is available in the Service and maintenance available on this link, http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02437425.pdf, pg 29

    What is the reason for which you are looking for the part number, this laptop is recent launch and would still be under warranty...

  • replacement screen for hp mini 110 1037 ca


    Should what screen to spare I order? My netbook has fallen on the ground and the screen is now a task light and color and cracks.

    Running on XP

    REF: VA728UA #ABC

    Purchased at the Canada

    Mini 110 1037 ca model

    Thank you!


    You can use the following link to find the part # for your machine:

    http://h20141.www2.HP.com/hpparts/default.aspx?mscssid=E1CEE3C5CD1648DAB189272C32DC53D1 & CC = US & lang = in

    You can also use the following book to check what parts you order because sometimes you want that you have to buy it...:


    Kind regards.

  • Where can I get a replacement screen for my dv6z 6100?

    Mine has been abandoned

    The laptop was purchased in July, but only has the standard warranty.

    The portable version is the Pavilion dv6z 6100 (LK237AV) with Beats Audio.

    Thank you!

    Thank you.

    I was able to find the part number, that I needed (640445-001) by looking at repair manuals


    Order the part directly from hp would be about $ 226, half of what the laptop was originally.

    I opted for purchase on amazon, a good reputation sell with a great return policy. I ended up paying $ 54

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