HP OfficeJet pro 8610: new software update for HP OfficeJet pro 8610

Dear HP guys!

I'm officially confirm that I used compatible cartridges for my MFS and don't need no guarantee for this. Please just return old version of the software for my device so that I can use it. I bought this unit for my private needs and according to the Russian law, I am free in what to use with it.

p.s. I always buy Komus - your recommended non compatible cartridges.

Future prospects for the quick response.


Hi Donal_M

My 8610 rose like a Phoenix from the ashes)))

Click on the link below (PS any updates from HP)


... the truth is always on the side of cheating on her...

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  • Help with software updates for HP Officejet Pro L7500 Series

    Five updates have been identified as available when I used 'check the software updates' Solution Center.

    All updates failed to download. The updates are:

    Update critical HP product Assistant

    Critical update for HP memories disc creator

    HP update - security update

    Updated HP 4.0.12

    Update recommended to correct a problem with the sign up now product registration page

    TDA, since these updates are not required for your system and your printer that updates could not be installed on your system, however if you want to see what updates are available, then this is the web page to select your printer model, and then select your operating system and you can see the updates you need to update for your printer :

    link to select your printer model

    Once you click on the link above, you must click your series of model and then in the next page, click on drivers and software download link to see available software for your printer.

    Hope this helps you.

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  • WARNING blackBerry Smartphones: 3 rd Party Applications and new software update

    Warning about the 3rd party applications: I recently downloaded 5-10 3 rd party applications on my Blackberry Curve 8310.  All seemed well for the first day or two, but then after that my phone started himself reboot over and over again. The only thing I could do and that he would keep on had to continuously press the back (arrow).  It was extremely difficult to erase the applications on the phone while having this button is used to keep on. Finally, I kept it long enough to completely wipe the phone and reload the OS software and do a restore on all content.  It was the only thing that helped.

    After I got my phone working again, I noticed that some of the service books were somehow deleted during this process. I had to go on my site of BIS of service providers (google to find the website of your provider BIS) and I had to return the service directories to my phone. After that, I noticed that my APN, username and password have been deleted... For google, I got that as well to find the right APN address to type to get my internet and other functions running.  Now, I noticed that my notebook, brickbreaker and tasks are missing from my list of icons and the list of the Applications on my phone. URGH! Now I had to re-download the new software and while recharging it I had to make sure I clicked on advanced and made sure that these elements have been verified to download as well.

    ... NOW, my phone is restarting again.



    Well, I figured out how to get my Notepad, password keeper, and the brick breaker back... and since I have redownloaded the software and restarted my phone, everything seems to work very well.  If you just installed the new software and you miss now your Notepad, password keeper and brickbreaker icons, here's what you do:

    1. open your BB Desktop software and connect your phone.

    2. click on Application Loader

    3. click on start under Update Applications

    4. click on Check For Updates in the lower right corner of the screen. This will redirect you to the page of the BB software.

    5. from this page, you want to click on Blackberry Device Software in the left column.

    6. click on the button update now.

    7. click on the update button. This will pull up the BB Desktop.

    8. from this screen, click Options. The device Application selection page should open.

    9. here you want to scroll down and tick all that you are missing as: Notepad, password keeper, etc.

    10. click Next.

    11. click on finish

    You are only halfway done... Now you must do the following to get your old memos and passwords that have been stored in these dos applications.  I hope that you have a backup that you saved before installing the new software.  Otherwise you are about to lock but if you have it, it's what you do:

    1. in the main menu of the BB Desktop click on the backup and restore

    2. click on advanced, on the right.

    3. in the upper left corner of the screen click on file, then open.

    4. search your saved backup file, and click on the one you want.

    5. now, in the left column, you will see roughly the same thing that is in the right column. You can click on those that you are missing, one by one and add to your phone by clicking on the ">" arrows.  Specifically, you will want to click on: Blackberry Messenger, Memo Pad Options, memos, guard password, password Keeper Options, tasks, tasks Options.

    Hope this helps anyone who was having the same problem as me!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones New sowftware updated for other companies - when?

    Hey everybody,

    Finally, the storm came in my country, and I decided to give him a chance. I must say that the phone is excellent and that he had only a few small problems with the software. The storm came here to Chile with the version and it works really well. However, I see that it is a new version of the software for users of Verizon in the USA, which eliminates many, many bugs from the old software.

    My question is, can I put my storm with this new software? If so, how can I do, as the updated wireless in my phone can't find updates. This update is recommended for non-verizon users?

    Thanks in advance!

    See this page (this is a sticky in this forum) for current versions, we know for certain carriers:


    See this page to find your specific operator download site:


    For all other versions, you will enter leaked/beta city... and we cannot point you to these files. You have to find them on your own... but know how is all over this site... like here:


    If you enter indeed leak-Earth, prepare for a bumpy... such is the life of beta. But you can also find a lot of information and help in this forum.

  • How to stop messages from software update for a product?


    Only, I'm new on this blog all / Forum process.

    I recently downloaded a TRIAL of Dreamweaver (DW) Version. As part of this download DW Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC) was also installed.

    My trial version of DW is now expired and I have access to DW through my TAFE (an Australian educational institution), and at this point, I don't want that it pay monthly fee for continued use of the DW.

    I can still download Photoshop (PS) and I also have Adobe PDF managed by ACC, so I won't delete the ACC, I just want to stop receiving reminders of annoying message for a unique product of DW.

    How can I prevent the ACC telling me that a software update is available for the software that I'm no longer using or right to use, namely DW?

    Hi Sheena,

    Thanks for your reply.

    If I'm reading correctly the link, it is not quite what I'm after but it is almost here...

    I won't stop all communications, so the "inability to scale of the computer" is not for me.

    I don't want to disable each feature and notice that "Disabling user account" is not for me either.

    But I took a peek in the "AdobeUpdaterPrefs.dat" file found in:


    What I need to know, it's those who one or whose entries of file I need to change.

    AdobeDreamweavercc-16 is mentioned several times.

  • Tools/bookmarks from Firefox after a software update for Microsoft

    Toolbar and Firefox bookmarks were deleted after a software update from my computer mac--a Microsoft Update affecting the word & firefox. The restore within the section of bookmark function does not work - it shows the back ups but then says "unable to process the backup file".

    You can check for problems with the database places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

    • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: see file (Linux: open the directory;) Mac: View in the Finder)

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