HP Pavilion 15ab253cl: Photoshop button shortcut

Photoshop shortcut key combination Ctrl + Shilft + Alt + L (auto contrast) opens the diagnosis 'touch screen '.
Very annoying.
Right click on the taskbar icon tasks does not offer the possibility to "close all windows".


malrite wrote:
Control Shift Alt L apparently opens the touch screen Diagnostics on HP pavilion laptops.
This has happened on two different models, 12 GB and 8 GB)

Then you look at your keyboard in the Control Panel setting. Also for Photoshop you are looking for on the site adobe or do a google search to find out how you can change as well.

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    Kind regards.


    (Not my screen.)


    If you have the last photoshop 2015,5 cc you can assign keyboard shortcuts. buttons to substitute opacity and size of

    the toolbar options.

    Under the shortcuts for the tools.

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    Hi @shuvo2014,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

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    For some reason, which got rid of the awkward sketch when I brought in Muse.

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    Thank you


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    Thank you


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    Hi Alan,

    Please see the following Alt text Photoshop button link

    Kind regards


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    Is it possible to add alt text (or tips) buttons in Photoshop?

    Hi Julie,.

    Please see the following post:

    Alt on Photoshop button text

    Kind regards


  • Photoshop button added to the page master does not apply to the right place on the attached pages

    When working on the master page on the tutorial for Muse, after adding photoshop button, it is not aligned properly to the pages that are attached with the master file? It ends under the footer and expanding the page more time that I set it to? How can I fix?

    Try to optimize the image you use, this can occur if you use the original file size is big enough to expand.



    Thank you


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    So, I placed my photoshop buttons and having type sitting above them. How can I make if the type is ignored by cursor, so it is just interacting with placed PSD button only on working capital?

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    I suggest using the "status button Widget" to produce these buttons big link. (Located at buttons Widget)

    You can add graphics and text in the button, and when a user points to another part he'll react like a button.

    The only problem I see is that you have a link at the bottom. You can add text link in the button, but I don't have

    think you should have to do separate the rollover and hover States.

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    I created five photoshop buttons that go on each page at synaxis.businesscatalyst.com that worked perfectly until I recently published the site and now the buttons, which I did not any changes, do not work properly. When 5th for contact is click on the button, the fourth button to the Gallery lights instead (he really must go to the site linked to see ive) I checked the .psd file, I used and checked the active State and buttons must be switched on correctly... do not know what is happening!

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    try to increase the size of your page

  • Photoshop keyboard shortcuts for Actions CC does not not on Mac Mini Mavericks

    I recently started using PS CC after several years of use of prior versions.  I also have a new Mac Mini running the Mavericks.

    When I record a new action in Photoshop, it is saved and working properly, except the keyboard shortcuts do not work.

    I tried many combinations of different keys who worked on PS versions under the OS' are earlier, but when I press the shortcut keys nothing happens.

    I turned off all unused Mavericks shortcuts in Mac system preferences > keyboard > shortcuts.

    Any idea what I can do to get their work?

    Thank you


    PROBLEM SOLVED.  With my new Mac Mini, I also had a new Logitech K750 Mac wireless keyboard and a wireless Logitech M310 mouse.

    I just unplugged the new keyboard and mouse and re-connected my ancient and old wired Macally keyboard Logitech wireless mouse.  Bingo!  Photoshop Action shortcuts now work as advertised.

    My apologies for not trying it sooner, but since the new mouse and keyboard worked with absolutely all other applications I have, I suspect them.


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    Nothing don't is highlighted or selected when I am just placing this second button.

    Help, please.

    Thank you!

    I can reproduce this error. An uppercase ".» Extension PSD"made sure to occur when you use"File-> Place Photoshop button... "KYLE KIM workaround is correct, change the extension lowercase has solved the problem.

    We will address this problem in a future release!

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