HP Pavilion p6-2302ea - adding a second hard drive is internal.

Model: HP Pavilion p6-2302ea:

Product no.: C3T77EA #ABU:

How can I add a second internal hard drive to the chassis. There seems to be a single hard disk. I have to buy an internal drive caddy?


If you were you, I would consider adding an SSD for a boot drive. Really, you won't need a caddy for one SSD because you can use strips to hold it in place.

Alternatively, you can consider removing the DVD drive and buy a cart to put the new drive (spinner old HDD) sink to replace.

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  • Adding a second hard drive to a 500-380nf Pavilion?

    I just bought a new 500-380nf Pavilion.

    In the store I did understand the seller I was intending to add second hard drive to a 1 to SATA (which I already loaded with all my media files).

    However, now I am home and have taken the side panel, it seems that the system a capacity for 2 more SATA connections on the motherboard, power cable from spare at least one and a lot of physical space.

    BUT the chassis appears to have been designed with ONLY 2 bays - that are occupied by the existing hard drive and the optical drive.   Am I missing something?   There is a place to mount the second hard drive, isn't there?

    Thanks in advance!


    Some models of the HP 500 - xxx series are provsioned for a 2.5 device "(SDD ou HD)."  See the image below.

    If you have removed the optical drive you can then use a 5.25 "to two hard drive adapter 2.5"since you mentioned a 2.5 hard drive".

  • Pavilion t770.uk: ADDING a SECOND HARD DISK


    I have a HP Pavilion t770.uk desktop PC. According to the manual, there is a dual Bay HARD drive space, which means that a second HDD can be mounted also on the original HARD disk. Data ATA series and power wires are there and there is space at the back of the HARD drive for an extra HARD drive cage, but he doesn't seem to be any fixing points to hold the HARD drive safely. HARD drive existing slots outside the cage and is held in place by a plastic locking support, but no such support or fixing holes are there for a second HDD. Can anyone help?

    See pages 10-15 in this manual:


    This shows how to add a second hard drive, with or without the cage.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Windows 7 - HP Pavilion HPE h8 - 1360t I added a second hard drive

    I installed a seagate (seagate 2 TB Barracuda SATA) second drive on my desktop computer.  When I got to the top I could go to the control panel and not see under the heading records.  Seagate said to go to the BIOS and choose 'Auto Connect your new drive', but there is no other choice to Auto Connect.  If anyone can tell me who is the right choice on the BIOS screen to find and identify my new second hard drive?


    In the disk management window, right-click on your new HARD drive and select Format to start the wizard.  Windows 7 will affect a Volume label so if your happy with it, just leave the default.  File system is NTFS.  Allocation unit size must be left by default.  Select the option to perform a quick format if it is not already done.  Leave all the other default settings, and then click Ok, and then Ok to start the process.

    Once this done, your new HARD disk should now appear when you look under the computer.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Adding a second hard drive Pavilion Elite HPE-163uk

    Is it possible to add a second hard drive in a 163uk HPE?

    I have a second drive in my old PC (which I think is IDE) containing a large amount of data that I would put rather just in the HPE163uk instead of transferring it everywhere.

    The new HP HPE PCs series is all models of disk hard sata port.  Buy an external USB enclosure for your old hard drive.

  • Adding a second hard drive

    I have a HP Pavilion P6716F. The vehicle currently has a 1 TB hard drive (HD #1). I want to add a second hard drive of 2 TB (HD #2).

    I have a SATA connector cable, but you need to know what SATA on Alvorix RS880 port plug in. There is a white SATA P2 next to a P1 blue SATA to which is connected the current hard drive (HD #1). Is SATA P2 the right port to plug the second disc (HD #2)

    What I need to populate the second disc? If so, it seems that there are spare connectors which could be used. One of them is close by the power supply for hard disk #1. HD #1 is connected to a connector marked P4. P4 connector is divided (siamesed) another identical connector marked P5. The second hard drive (HD #2) must be plugged into this connector?


    has worked like a charm. Thanks to a bouquet.


  • Presario CQ5110F: COMPAQ Presario CQ5110F adding a second hard drive and...

    Good so I took the lead when writing my original post on how to combine the two computers successfully.
    Not enough research, no question, just a little say aloud... Sorry about that.

    I had little time today messing with both ' puters and discovered...
    They need a good cleaning and had.
    The noise of the Presario is indeed the fan on the radiator, it's just old and tired. Who cannot be strong in a music room; new fan may not be too expensive.
    So I decided the Presario is my starting point.

    I would add the hard drive of the Slimline as slave; they have different connectors tho.

    (1) if I just unplug the V2000 CD reader (that has the straight plugs) and use them to connect the second hard drive will I just lost my CD player? It is very good.
    (2) what parameters of rider (if any) do I need to have on each disc? Do not see outside the car Slimlines.

    I looked closer 2 slots for RAM and noticed that beside them there seems to be 2 places in addition to the Board of Directors, unused with no present holders plastic.

    (3) is it possible to add more slots and double the RAM? I would get 8 + GB and a 64-bit system end by ;~)

    Neither office seems to have the ability to run 2 monitors as is. No problem 29 "should do for now.
    Can't see a way to take the card out of the Slimline wireless and put it in the Presario. Internet not immediately necessary, hard connection cable always an option.

    All the other tips and advice on how to optimize my sytem are also welcome.
    Thank you for your time and helping an old guy handyman.
    See you soon!

    COMPAQ Presario CQ5110F (2008ish)
    Processor AMD Athlon X 2 7550 Dual Core 2.5 GHz = Socket: AM2 +.
    Card mother = Narra5 M2N68 - THE Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 Socket: AM2 +.
    Memory RAM = 4 GB RAM DDR2 DIMM PC2-6400 MB/s
    = Video/graphic card nVidia GeForce 6150SE integrated graphics
    Sound/Audio = Audio integrated Realtek ALC888S
    Hard = 320 GB SATA 7200 RPM drive
    CD/DVD Player = DVD +/-R / RW 16 X SuperMulti SATA drive
    OS = Vista Edition Windows Home Premium SP1
    Power = 300w
    Case = Mid size 38cmHx17cmWx43cmL ATX

    Hard drives has no different connectors if they are both SATA specifications like other post indicated.

    There is no adjustment to make on hard disks of the rider SATAS. According to me, that one can think of the old school the IDE drives.

    ) If I just unplug the V2000 CD reader (that has the straight plugs) and use them to connect the second hard drive will I just lost my CD player? It is very good.

    The image below is a diagram for your motherboard. You have enough SATA ports to be used for the second and even a third hard drive.

    DDR2 memory modules can be a little difficult to source. The current generation of add-on memory is the DDR3 specification.

    Perform a Google or any search engine is your preference in the memory of the source by using the update of Compaq presario CQ5110F RAM as keywords.

  • Try adding the second hard drive


    I bought a 500-154th Pavilion in December to replace my aging system Vista. This Vista machine, finally, died yesterday, so I want to bring out the old WD 320 disc (disc SATA Cavier, manufactured in 2007) and put it in the new HP to recover some files. I have attached SATA and power cables and lit. Machine worked OK, but haven't seen the old drive in Windows 8.

    I booted up the BIOS and it was perfectly listed, model number, everything, so I knew that the connections were OK. I checked the SATA ports in respect of the security of the devices and they are all enabled. If I go to Control Panel/Device Manager, it is not listed. If I check computer/manage the Virtual Drive Manager does not display it. The 320 GB which is held from the Vista operating system, but I don't see that it made a difference that I'm not the start of it. I assumed it would seem and what, if anything, I have to assign a drive letter.

    I am a bit puzzled and open to all ideas.

    Hello stoke_ferry,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I understand that your old Vista computer ultimately failed and you put your desktop HP Pavilion 500-154th PC hard drive to retrieve files and it does not work. Have you thought this might be the item failed in your Vista computer? If you did all the appropriate measures to add a second hard drive and it sounds as if you have and it appears not it could be the faulty and you will not be able to recover the information easily. There are companies that can recover your data, but the cost will be very high.

    I hope that I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

  • Adding a second hard drive internal in a T510?

    I bought the new 510 with the internal hard disk of 500 GB 7200 RPM, and I think about adding another one with the same characteristics.

    (1) is there a place to add a second hard drive

    (2) if so, would you have a second hard drive, or run a raid?

    (3) If you want a raid you would reflect the main disk failure?

    (4) what are the disadvantages of having a second disk except weight?

    Lenovo said it would work in the notes to the mobile 500 GB internal drive here.

    "Option of 500 GB at 7200 RPM hard drive RPM ThinkPad offers large capacity, additional storage at high speed which incorporates the latest technology for the improvement of mobile productivity. For additional storage and backup, use optional new ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay adapter III (43N3412) to install the ThinkPad 500 GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA hard drives in the following media bays: computers ThinkPad taken in charge, including selected R400/R500, ThinkPad T400/T400s/T410/T410s/T500/T510 and W510/W500/W700 portable series plus the ban ThinkPad X 200. »

  • Adding a second hard drive internal

    I use an old HP Media Center PC m700, product: m7041. I have tried adding a second internal hard drive, but unfortunately do not know how to start. Could someone help me please?

    I'll start by guessing that you have a m7041.uk, given that your model number is incomplete. After you have a HP m7041.uk, you have the following types of drive Bay and the quantities;

    5.25 inches (CD/DVD), external x two (one available)
    a (busy) x internal 3.5-inch (hard drive),
    Personal Media Drive (available) x

    Because you don't have that a single Bay 3.5 "for a hard drive and it is already occupied, you will need to use the Bay 5.25" opened with an adapter like THIS or THAT. Please see these tutorials for HP on 'Adding or replacing a hard drive' and 'Adding or replacing a CD or DVD disc' to learn where and how to install the second hard drive.


  • Pavilion P6235uk: can I install second hard drive on PC?

    Hello. I was wondering if I can install a second hard drive on my PC.

    The present Sata hard drive has a capacity of 640 GB.

    If there is a port to spare for a second hard drive, is there a maximum useful?

    And everything would make SATA 3.5 '' hard disk fit? I would be grateful for any advice.

    Thank you


    I found This MANUAL that shows not only a place to another hard drive, but also shows how to install it.  Begins on page 18

  • Adding a second hard drive to k450e

    Is it possible to add a second hard drive? The power supply will support it?

    There is a mounting rack vacant slot and adequate food, but it may be necessary to check that you have the correct wires.

  • HP Pavilion 550-126: install a second hard drive on Pavilion 550-126

    Can I install a second hard drive on this computer?

    Hi @wreavesjr!

    You can install another HARD drive in the PC because there is a free SATA port.

    With regard to the supply cable, if your a more SATA connectors, you can use it to connect the secondary HDD in the system.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    See you soon!

  • Pavilion 6000: No power to second hard drive cable

    Hard disk in the PC crashes mechanically.  You want to ghost a second hard drive before the first drive crashes completely.   Bought double the existing hard drive, but there is no connector power cable for this.  Plug SATA, but cannot turn on the second hard drive.  What should I do?

    LB1815, welcome to the forum.

    If I understand your problem, this is the Connector that you need.  It converts a single SATA power cable with two connectors.  This allows you to connect two drives with the cable.  There are many other brands available on Newegg.  It is an example.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • Adding a second hard drive on a Dimension E521

    I want to install a second hard drive in my Dimension E521. I found a power cable that connects the original drive and the second drive, but not for the 2nd drive data cable.  I have another data cable, but where can I reach the other end? I don't see another place on the motherboard to connect to.

    Thank you very much for the research.


    How to add a second SATA hard drive.

    Basically, all you need is a 24 "[or more] x 180 * 90 x * [square] SATA cable data, similar as unit HERE , try to buy the cable of a store of the local computer, to save the S & H."

    HERE are the details to install the second hard disk.

    Connect the SATA data cable to any connector SATA open the card mother and once installed, the internal hard drive access configuration and verify that the drive and the port it is connected also is set to [OFF] auto.

    Location of the four motherboard SATA connectors, can be seen HERE

    For windows to recognize the second hard drive, it must be partitioned and formatted using the Windows Disk Manager.

    The system configuration details are HERE.

    Use one of the power connectors SATA [P3, P5, P8, and P9] inside the case, see HERE for more details.


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