HP Touchsmart 520-1130: problems after upgrade to Windows 10 with child safety settings

The PC above has fantastic built-in safety for children - called "magic desktop" which has locked access to the chosen computer other than the programs and Web sites.

Since the upgrade (wish I had not!), I can not access this Magic Desktop.

PC and web competely now open to children and am only able to restrict access to Web sites by setting up an e-mail address for them and parental on devices etc. No local locking through Internet as on Windows 7 settings.

While above is priority No. 1, it does not protect the rest of the PC to access.

Can anyone help?

(Don't know if I'm 32 or 64-bit)

You must uninstall the program and install the latest version for WIN 10

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    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    With the description, I understand that you want to upgrade your Windows 7 operating system Windows 10 machine. I will certainly help you get this fixed number.

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    Go to control panel and uninstall the Touchpad, display, wireless and sound drivers/utilities.

    Restart, and then run Windows Update to install the updated Windows 10 compatible drivers.

    Make sure that the BIOS is also the latest version.

  • WiFi problem after upgrade to Windows 10


    I read a few posts on WiFi problems after the (improper) upgrade of Windows 10. I have a ThnkPad T530 which I've upgraded to Windows 10 Windows 7 in September (too late to roll back). Here's my question:

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    Try the following:

    Open administrator command prompt:

    Then, run this command:
    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

  • Dell XPS Ultrabook 12 has network using WIFI connection problem after upgrade to Windows 10

    I have a Dell laptop XPS Ultrabook 12 that worked fine on Windows 8.1. When Microsoft prompted me to sign up for upgrade to Windows 10, I hesitated, but finally, I signed up for it. In recent months, I have been asked several times upgraded to Windows 10 but I just ignored and delay the update as much as possible, because I need to work with the laptop and I can't afford to have problems after the upgrade.  To my horror, Microsoft forced an install of Windows 10 this morning without allowing me to delay and just after the upgrade, I can't connect to my existing network. I have therefore no access to the internet and I am currently typing this complaint using another PC. I noticed that the laptop can connect to the network automatically when I walk my router but the connection will last only a few minutes, and then he'd cut off. I tried to connect and the message I get is "unable to connect to this network. I checked with "ipconfig/all", wifi said media disconnected. I checked with the Dell support website and downloaded and installed a newer driver, but the problem persisted. Apparently the surf on the internet, this problem is faced with a number and any suggestions to fix do not work (after that I tried).

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    You should be able to go back to 8.1 for Windows by following the instructions here:


  • Satellite L730 - Bluetooth problem after upgrade to Windows 10

    Hello. I use a portable Satellite L730 and the only thing that would prevent me from upgrading to Windows 10 is the problem of Bluetooth. RFHID, RFCOMM and RFBUS will not work properly because there are no drivers. Apart from that, the computer there is no requirement of meeting problem Windows 10.

    So is it possible that a sollution to this problem will be provided anytime soon?


    In most cases, BT does not work due to lack of BT software.
    The point is that most laptops use a module for WLan and BT.
    This combo module WLan/BT requires additional driver filter...

    According to your WLan / module BT, you will need to install the filter for the BT driver package.
    In most cases the 8 Win / filter package 8.1 Bluetooth driver should work under Win 10...

    But you have to watch for the manufacturer of modules... There are different modules like Atheros, Intel or Realtek

  • Keyboard problems after upgrade to Windows 10


    I have problems with my keyboard as by chance after I had updated to windows 10. Right now my "6" does not work and when I press '5' key he made just the following '5666666666666666' and keep repeating 6s forever. If I press the left button down 'ctrl' it is also the exact same thing as the number five keys when you press. I ran utility troubleshooting of windows, so that my driver was updated, and can not solve the problem. Now I'll have to use an external keyboard to type this message. I wonder if I'm to potentially the keys being stripped or is it a problem of windows 10. It causes work very well when you type with the on-screen keyboard and an external keyboard. I have messaged microsoft and they told me the following:

    Method 1:
    Try changing the keyboard layout of the English (United States) type language in the search bar and try to change the layout of the keyboard and check if the problem persists. This is to check if this is due to the keyboard layout of the related issues.
    Method 2:
    Try to install the drivers for the keyboard in compatibility mode and check if the problem persists. This is to check if this is due because of compatibility issues.
    Now, to install in Compatibility Mode, follow these steps:

    a. Locate the executable file (.exe file) for the driver installation program.
    b. right click on the file and then click Properties.
    (c) in the Package name properties dialog box, click the Compatibility tab.
    d. Click to select run this program in compatibility mode for check box, click Windows 8 with which it is compatible with in the run this program in compatibility mode for the list, and then click OK.
    e. double-click the executable file to start the Setup program.

    problem is that I don't know how to do the second method

    Any suggestion would be great

    Thank you


    There is usually no associated with a built-in keyboard driver. Looks like something is off with the material.

    It is unlikely that this would cause the actual update of Windows 10. It is possible that the connection between the buttons '5' and '6' are short-circuited, the computer stop typing "6" after a few hours.

    If you have a handy toothpick, run it on the sides of the 5 and 6 keys while the machine is turned off. It can clear all grime, press 6.

  • Several problems after upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8

    Updated for win7 to win 8.   The printer KODAK ESP 3.2 stopped working.   Then, there was a problem with my graphic card Radeon X 1650 SE started giving me problems.   Windows 8 said that the catalyst library program was not compatible with windows 8, and when I tried to update, the update stopped at halfway.

    I have not yet activated windows 8 because I could go back to win 7 and if I go even once, I don't want windows to refuse my serial No.   Anyone had similar problems?

    OT: Windows 8

    Hi victor,

    When you upgrade printer KODAK ESP 3.2 Windows 7 to Windows 8, you need to update the printer drivers. I suggest you to download and install the drivers from the following link:

    For problems with the graphics card Radeon X 1650 SE, I suggest you to download and install the drivers from the following link by selecting the appropriate drop down list model number. http://support.AMD.com/en-us/download

    Alternatively, you can try to install the Catalyst Media Center program in compatibility and see if that helps.

    Make the programs more compatible with this version of Windows

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have other problems with Windows in the future.

  • Problems after upgrading to Windows 7, where to find compatible drivers


    2 years ago, I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and it came pre-loaded with Windows Vista Home Basic Edition and all of the disks that came from contained drivers that are compatible only with Vista and earlier versions of Windows, and I heard that when I replaced Windows Vista with Windows 7, when my system started to show the errors of compatibility and instability. I even tried Windows Update, but he could not solve my problem. So, I had to go back to Vista...

    So, can someone tell me where can I get the drivers that are compatible with Windows 7?
    Thanks in advance! : D

    Please check this page of Dell Windows 7 compatibility information:

    http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/kcs/document?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&docid=DSN_360683&isLegacy=true .

    Your computer is listed as, "...". tested for basic functionality. Read the page for more information.

  • LaserJet pro 200 M276nw: cannot fax document after upgrade to Windows 10 with LJ Pro 200 M276nw

    After the upgrade to Windows 10, I am not able with a facsimile of a document (e.g. Word). I am able to fax directly from the printer. I get the message: unable to communicate with the device.  When I got to the printer at the beginning of last year, this same question occurred when in Windows 7, when my browser has been updated to IE 11. The solution was to go back to IE 10 because of an IE fix the origin of the problem.  I would have thought that things would have been developed for Windows 10.  How I set up so that I can fax a document and from the desktop?

    I found the patch 'Question Fax with 11 fix IE - HPLJ_M276_Fax utility' that solved the problem.

  • Intermittent WiFi problem after upgrade to Windows 10

    My acer aspire V3 - 571 has been intermittently lose WiFi for the last 2 days since Windows 10 Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade.

    The Aspire has:

    Driver Atheros wireless network adapt AR5BWB222 Wednesday 2/15/12

    So far, I have:

    1. in the properties Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter, I unchecked the box in the tab property management who read allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

    1B. Made sure flight mode was in the off position.

    1 c. Forget exactly where I did, but made certain settings in another? location have been set to "Maximum Performance".

    2. check that the firmware is updated on my network router, the value 2 of WPA - PSK (AES) security.

    3. search through many forums to read the responses of people upgrading Windows 10 WiFi issues - seems it is a widespread problem, although no one said that the WiFi signal loss was intermittent, as is my laptop. Shots of the Internet for my research also shows WiFi problems occurred in the past for installation of Windows 8. (So far have not come across mentions of WiFi problems for the latest installations of Windows 7).

    4. in exploring my laptop, I came across a page of Microsoft Updates - SEE ATTACHED. I was surprised to find that these updates go out quite frequently during the day. For example, 10 separate updates between 23:30 and 16:24 on August 1 and 18 separate updates between 12 h 06 at 15:57 on August 2.  Included in the record of updates for August 1 and August 2. I am aware that Microsoft uses my WiFi to download updates AUTOMATICALLY. It is possible that this intermittent intermittent interruptions of the WiFi update download?

    5. this afternoon, when the WiFi did not work for Windows 10. I reinstalled as a dual boot Ubuntu 14.04. I have had no trouble to connect to the WiFi for Ubuntu.

    Not yet:

    1. I haven't tried connecting the laptop via an Ethernet cable to my router during one of these WiFi failure.

    2. my ISP is a VOIP/Internet, using a Westell and a single Cisco router configuration. I have not taken into account if they can be a cause of the problem.

    3. I read on a forum that someone corrected their problem with WiFi connection by changing their setting include TKIP security router

    NOTE: I need to put Windows screenshot attachment 10 updates in a response email separate to this post as this post does not accept the attachment.

    Would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

    I'll probably also put this on a Windows 10 forum elsewhere.


    FYI, this has worked for me, finally a solution!

    The strangest thing - I have uninstalled the driver Atheros. Do NOT reinstall it. After uninstalling the driver Atheros, a right screen Windows 10 panel immediately appeared style - either on advice of Panel or in the page settings of WiFi, was asleep, can't remember which - that contains an entry box marked my wifi password. I entered the password and boom, the wifi worked. He has been since.

    Once again thank you. Mark resolved.

  • Satellite L855 - 12N - keyboard problem after upgrade to Windows 10

    Greetings friends,
    the problem goes like this: I have a TOSHIBA satellite, L855-12N, Series notebook.

    After updrading to win 10, some of my keys (a, n, enter) did not work initially.
    If I wait for awhile, they start work later.
    I find that I continue to press a button, (for example the button "a") for a long time, I see that he started to answer, then stop again and then answer - stop, until finally it works OK.
    I tried to update the drivers, uninstall and then reinstall, but it doesn't seem to work.
    Anyone know what's going on, or have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    You are 100% it's a matter of Windows 10?
    Looks more like a hardware problem, keyboard should replace.

    Go into the BIOS and test the keyboard in there.
    If it goes into the BIOS and then replace the keyboard.

    If it's a software problem, try uninstalling the driver for the touchpad Control Panel, then reinstall it via Windows Update.

  • Satellite L50 - A - 1 6 - DVD problems after upgrade to Windows 10

    As the title, the player is normally recognized by the system, but put any media in the drive is not read and that is why it is always empty.
    What could be the problem?

    Thanks to you all

    I guess saying DVD player you mean the STRANGE-> optical disc
    First I would recommend you to check this page for troubleshooting MS:

    It fixes the problems with CD or DVD players that cannot read or write media

    In addition you can uninstall/remove optical drive from Device Manager.
    After the new reboot, Windows system must be able to recognize the STRANGE new and usually the most recent driver must be installed also.

  • Keyboard problems after upgrade to Windows 8 Pro

    Model 610-1280qd

    After the update, I found that my wireless HP came with the computer, keyboard no longer allows me to use the number keys and special characters above the letters. Device Manager displays 5 entries on the keyboard, including a PS2 Keyboard tab. Whats up with that? Move to the numeric keypad to enter numbers. If I need a special character, I must enter using the keyboard on the screen. Any suggestions? The other lists all have to do with a Microsoft IR keyboard. So, what is a Microsoft keyboard driver problem or a HP keyboard driver problem?

    Fixed! After going on the Microsoft IE10 Support Forum, I found that someone else reported the same problem. Xfinity (Comcast) has a program called constant guard that is part of their suite of security with Norton Security Suite. After you have uninstalled the constant guard, the character number and special keys knit IE10 Desktop. I've not had to uninstall Norton Security Suite.

  • problems after upgrade to windows 8.

    I upgraded my OS to windows 8. And m suffring from a large number of problems as my computers portable beatsaudio dashbord and drivers/software for what is absent. And more cut off short/key features do not work.

    and tere is no drover for bluetooth to my laptop.

    portable mine is HP ENVY 6 1002TX.

    Please help me...

    Most of the functions of your laptop work, but you need to keep monitoring the Web site for the drivers updated for these functions work correctly.

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