Why external software can not find my pictures on the Photos?

I tried to create a photo album with a Web site, I've used for a long time. I download the photos and then work on their interface. He has worked well with iPhoto. But now with the Photo, the download system can not find the photos. It shows nothing, as if there is no photos on Photos (and there are hundreds of photos on the Photos!)

There is a checkbox that I need to check on changes to do, to allow an external application/software see the contents of my Photo library?

Thank you for your advise.

I just do drag photos on my desktop, then send them on the site. You can simply create your photo album. You also can in the on photo sharing option to put them in iCloud, photo sharing. You can also simply drag the selection to your desktop or download them from the Web site using the method they use. But the site will not be able to find them in Photos, unless it was designed to do. In any case, you should try to open Photos in order to use its library.

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    Good luck


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    Thanks Banhien,

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    See you soon


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    Follow these recommended steps and after if you still experience the problem.

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    Help, please.

    OK... time to be creative, and I think it will work...

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    SkyScout come back for the 2nd issue since upgrade to the 9000 "BOLD" to a version of impeller 8000 series:

    I transferred my CONTACTS and other PARAMETERS of my 8000 series BB successfully using the SOFTWARE of OFFICE of BB.

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    How can I do this?

    I went in profiles > ADVANCED > NORMAL... where it displays:

    BlackBerry Messenger alert

    New Message from blackBerry Messenger



    Level 1


    I have modifed the TONES for CASE in and out of the HOLSTER on the first two.

    However, the TONES for the arrival of email and SMS remains the same since my 8000 series!


    Where can I find the TONE changes for my e-mail and SMS?

    Your help would be most appreciated.

    SkyScout... w / less than 16 hours old 9000


    Well, I just found the solution myself. FOR FUTURE REFERENCE, I note the following:

    In my first post above I wrote:

    have been in the School Board Profiles > ADVANCED > NORMAL... where it displays:

    BlackBerry Messenger alert

    New Message from blackBerry Messenger



    Level 1


    I didn't continue on in the list.

    Here's 'Level 1' separate for lines:

    Messages: [[email protected]]

    Messages: [[email protected]]

    By selecting each one, then opening them (by clicking the joystick) - a separate menu returns to each of them.  THAT I discovered at the time of my JOY and AMAZEMENT, it's I can create separate TONES for every different email through this!

    Nevertheless, I thank those of you who have or hereinafter strives to have helped on this solution!

    Thank you!

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    Thank you for your help.

    Simply type the number of the image in the search. Be sure that the correct file types are audited.

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    Its a simple fix to go where it use to be right click and go to show all and click on this and this is poof lol

    Have a nice day

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    Have not sure of your version, you configured the web server as the last component in the Configurator, otherwise try to configure again.
    You can go directly to the Scheduling Assistant from the app for example http://: 8300/HyperionPlanning/AppWizard.jsp
    Can be also interesting to try to create your first application through this path if reconfigure the web server is not enough.

    See you soon


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    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    HI guys,.

    I installed OBIEE 11 g with BI publisher.

    And we installed the application 8.3 Primavera P6, here, we are trying to set up the editor of BI with application of P6.

    Once configured, when we access the application of P6 we are unable to find the reports tab in the application.

    In the configuration, we gave the URL as: http://xxxxxx:7001 / xmlpserver/services/PublicReportService? WSDL

    For the path of the folder that we have mentioned: /P6REPORTS as an input

    We have moved the file p6Reports.zip of application of P6 EPPM to OBIEE following on the BI server location

    for 11g = %weblogic_home%\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\config\bipublisher\repository\Reports

    Kindly suggest me to fix this problem.



    Hi Flo,


    To add access to "Corporate reporting" to your username, you must follow these steps:

    (1) connect to P6 web app as an administrator

    (2) click on administer

    3) click on the user access

    (4) select the user

    (5) access to company reports added

    6) click Save icon

    7) click on Logout

    (8) connect you to P6 web access with user selected in step 4

    You can now be able to see the reports tab in p6eppm.

    Kind regards


  • can not install updates or see the photos

    Hoping Sum1 can help me with my problems! Thank you all!

    How to install important updates that did not have before? Why can't I see pictures others wen got tagged in? Can't see all of my own photos ether half to 3/4S of my own I can!  I changed from IE to Mozilla Firefox sum mths back if that's why? Thanks 4 your time and your answer! I hope so :) cheers Paul

    Hi Paul,.
    -Are the latest updates installed without any problems now?
    -Do you remember the number of the Knowledge Base (KB) updates that have failed to install?
    -Are you referring to the photos in Facebook or a particular site? If Yes, indicate the same.

    Try the steps listed in the article below and check if it helps you to install the updates successfully.

    You cannot install some programs or updates

    If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser, you may need to contact the Mozilla's Support for better assistance for the issue of photos.

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