I can't download music on my iPhone with 9.2 6

I can't download music on my iPhone with 9.2 6

The upload feature is disappearing?



The 'Download' button to record songs for offline listening is disappear?

Indeed, contrary to what is said, nothing has changed at the interface of Apple's music in 9.2 for me and the download button disappeared?

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    Hi s cat.

    I suggest you to contact the Apple support for more help and information.


  • I can't download photos from my iphone to my PC.

    I can't download photos from my iphone to my PC. The PC recognize itunes and syncing with the iphone. However, the pc does not recognize the iphone as an external device (i.e. the camera).  Therefore, I don't see the iphone under the computer as a device options. Also, I checked the autoload settings and they are correct, but the PC does not always recognize nor does automatically load the Iphone. I spoke with the support technique apple and they said this isn't a problem with the iphone, but it is rather a problem with Microsoft. can you help me please?

    Hi Byron R.

    Thank you for using Microsoft answers Forums!

    1. were you able to download photos from Iphone earlier?

    2 recent changes on your computer?

    3. are you any error when uploading pictures?

    You can try this method.

    If you click Start and in the AutoPlay to start search type and then should see AutoPlay fill under programs select auto play.

    Once in Auto play scroll devices and see if you see your Iphone within devices click the menu drop down and set to import pictures using windows then click ok and then you plug the Iphone and see if it allows you to import.

    Also if you want to ask you what measures you take whenever you plug your Iphone just select "ask me every time" based on the Auto play.

    The Iphone will not transfer pictures to your computer if the device is locked and you are using an access code. If you want to transfer photos, simply unlock (Slide to unlock and enter the access code), your device to transfer photos.

    Note: Connect Iphone to your computer in unlocked mode.

    See this link for more information on importing photos:


    Also refer to:


    After back and let us know if it helped to solve your problem.

    Thank you and best regards,

    R uma - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Unless the player documentation says otherwise, drag the songs from iTunes or the iTunes app library.


  • Can not download music with Apple music

    I subscribe just for the 3-month trial of Apple's music, created a playlist via iTunes on my computer, it synced with my iPod Touch.

    When connected to WiFi playlist works OK on the iPod. But I can't download songs to use in offline mode.

    When I click on the three dots next to a song/playlist watch this screen:

    When I click on the button download right, still no download option...

    I think that my settings are OK... advice?

    See the manual


    Music > search and add music > music to save Apple

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    I can not send pictures from my iPhone to my computer (Vista) I plug the phone into the USB port, the phone turns on and shows the fully charged battery, I hear a sound in the computer as '' dada '' but I can't find the pictures.  When I downloaded before I think that the file open automatically.  I have uninstalled several files from my computer since the last photo upload. So now, I'm a bit stuck?

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  • How can I copy music from my iphone to my computer itunes music list


    Hi Paul,.

    Welcome to Microsoft Community where you can find the answers related to Windows.

    According to the description, it seems you are trying to copy music from iPhone to iTunes library.

    I suggest to read the following article and check.

    Adding music and other content on iTunes: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1473

    How to copy songs from iPhone to iTunes: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4038913?start=0&tstart=0

    Hope that the information provided is useful.

    If you need Windows guru, do not hesitate to post your questions and we will be happy to help you.

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    Good news, Laurent!

    There are several ways to convert iTunes to a usable WAV, but some require several steps. I found the easiest Audacity - but just what works for you is all that matters!

    If this solves your problem, please answer this question-mark.

  • I can't download Facebook on my iPhone 6. iOS 9.3.2

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    What happens when you press this icon cloud?

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