I can't uninstall Thunderbird to my Windows programs "Uninstall list"; Why does not uninstall and be removed from this list?

Very frustrating... under windows ' programs/uninstall a program "list, Mozilla Thunderbird is still listed AFTER that I have removed completely (I thought) from my computer. I clicked on 'uninstall' several times and nothing happens. I can't take the fact that Mozilla has set it up so that it can apparently be deleted from this list... What is everything? I tried to research the problem, even by using your Web site without success. All what I want to do is get out of my list to uninstall/change. I used this program AND will not use it. I don't want this program on my computer/list period. I would appreciate your help.


It is a problem with the management of Windows applications. Mozilla does nothing to interfere with the installation/uninstallation process.

You could re - install Thunderbird so re-synchronization of the list of applications, then uninstall again, or you could use a utility to remove from the list.

A search of thunderbird.exe will confirm whether or not it was really deleted, but you may need to disable all the fool-proofing that implement Microsoft for not to see the true state of the file system; Configure to display hidden files and the extensions of file to start.

Thunderbird is almost independent. You are free to delete manually the folder that the application resides in if Windows fails to uninstall it for you, but that will not solve the incorrect appearance of thunderbird in the list of installed applications.

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