I continue to receive requests to upgrade to Firefox 25, but then he said that it is not compatible with Kapersky. Other issues. How can I talk with a real person?

I keep getting windows pop up on my screen to update, but it still says that it is not compatible with Kapersky, I just update. Makes me nervous. In addition, belongs to Adobe of Mozilla? I can't seem to update that. However, it seems like if I can't download the videos at all and a large number of photos. I'm not computer savvy, and it's frustrating trying to navigate through it all.


You need to update Firefox 25.0.1. The real Kapersky Antivirus does not work in Firefox so it will still work, the only thing that will be disabled will be especially useless Firefox Add-on e kapersky. Remaining on older versions of Firefox actually leave you vulnerable to security problems.

Adobe is not a part of Mozilla. You can go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ to install Flash (don't include other software)

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