I get a "Download error" message when I try to update my applications

Since last week, I tried to go into the CC menu at the top of my screen and view and download app updates. Applications are not displayed and will not recharge. I just get an error message and invites them to contact customer support.


You have found the "download error" in the Apps Panel.

Please check the help below document:

Download error in the applications tab of Creative Cloud Desktop Application

You can also view the threads below:

Persistent Cloud error - error download - creative

Re: Creative Cloud "Download error" message

Quit Adobe Creative Cloud app.

N ° 1)

Temporarily disable anti-virus and firewall.

Step 2)

(1) open Control Panel and then click on the network and Internet"" option.

2) click on Internet options, click on the tab "connections".

(3) in the 'Connections' tab, select 'LAN' settings, you will be able to view the LAN settings box.

(4) check the box-"automatically detect settings" and then "uncheck" all the other boxes as "configuration Script auto use", "Use a proxy server," proxy server ", then click on the ok button."

5) click on the "Network settings" button once again, make sure that "automatically detect settings" is the only option selected, open the LAN Properties window.

Step 3)

Press Windows button (located between Ctrl and Alt buttons) with the key R together at once, you will get a command window.

Type below command and press the enter"" key.


It will open the Appdata folder.

Then go to the Local > Adobe

Open the Adobe folder and delete the files AAMUpdater and OOBE.

Then launch Adobe Creative Cloud app and check.

Always the same?

1) go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and locate the file named hosts inside the folder etc.

Copy 2) guests of the file on the desktop and even open with Notepad.

Let me know if you see any Adobe on the entries in the Hosts file as activate.adobe.com... etc?

None of the entries of Adobe and Proxy setting were same as mentioned.

See once link below:


Of https://forums.adobe.com/inbox?objectType=2&objectID=7796078>

Kind regards

Gary singh

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