I get a message saying that windows has detected another computer on this network. I have another computer could be this one

I get the message windows has detected another computer on this network.i have another computer could be this one and is it a problem?



1 have you added the other computer on the network?

2 have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

3. When do you have this error code or error message?

The computer has detected in the network may be the other that you have, you will need to check the network and check the name of the computer. I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

Method 1:
You can get a new IP address from your computer. You will need to do if you encounter connection problems.

a. Click Start. Type cmd in the search box and press ENTER.

b. at the command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:
ipconfig/all (there is a space between ipconfig and /)
The command ipconfig/all command displays for all your network adapters, TCP/IP in Windows settings.

c. enough at the command prompt ipconfig and press ENTER. This frees up your current IP address.

d. ipconfig / renew in command prompt and press ENTER.

The DHCP configuration for all adapters is renewed. To renew the IP address for a
specific adapter, type the name of the map that appears when you type ipconfig at the command prompt.


Method 2:
If the problem persists and you have not Windows Vista Service Pack installed
then you can refer to the link below and check if you use the fix passes solve you the problem.


Hope the information is useful.

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  • Download Itunes on my laptop just before, it starts to install, I get a message saying that windows Explorer stops because the prevention of execution of data has stopped installation

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    While downloading Itunes on my laptop right before you start to install, I get a message saying that windows Explorer stops because the prevention of execution of data has stopped installation.  Is there any solution for this?  I'd like to install itunes on my laptop.

    Hi Steve681229,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft Answers forum.  Here's what worked for someone else.  Thanks Kevin

    Hi thrivenformore,

    Please use the forum for Support of Vista,

    You could try to add iTunes to the DEP exception list.  However, this behavior is not normal.  Go to the support forum of Apple for iTunes for Windows, search on DEP.  There should be a thread "How can I turn off DEP for iTunes?" or it Prevet planting iTunes? "which provide troubleshooting steps you might want to try before adding it to the list of exceptions."

    How to add the program to the DEP exception list:

    1. Press Start, right click on computer and select Properties.
    2. in the window that appears, click Advanced (on the left panel) system settings.
    3. in the first box that says Performance, click on the settings button.
    4. in the window that opens, click the Data Execution Prevention tab at the top.
    5. There should be a box of exceptions in the middle of this window. Click the Add button and navigate to the C: drive, then Program Files, then the iTunes folder, and then choose the iTunes exe.
    6. Add the exception, and then click OK in the window of the DEP.

    Hope this helps, Kevin
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • When I try to connect to the net on my laptop LG I often get the message saying that windows could not connect.

    Windows does not remember the setting.

    When I try to connect to the net on my laptop LG I often get the message saying that windows could not connect and I have to go into the advanced settings and check the box that says allow windows to configure the network. My problem is that windows doesn't remember this setting and that I need to check the box almost everytime I try to connect. He made it with my desktop so I was wondering if anyone has a solution for this.

    Using a wireless router? What is the brand and model of your router? I don't think it's a matter of windows.

    Troubleshooting in windows wireless network connection problems


    Hope this helpful. Post back if your problem is not resolved in the link above.

  • I get a message saying that lightroom has stopped working when I select preferences

    I get a message saying that lightroom has stopped working when I select preferences


    Follow this help document and manually turn off the graphics driver.

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Graphics processor (GPU) acceleration, troubleshooting & FAQ Lightroom

    Thank you

  • I get a message saying that Windows Explorer has stopped working and when I restart it pop again.

    Hi I have windows vista basic and it worked very well until yestaday and I got a message saying windows Explorer has stopped working and when I click on restart 3 seconds later, he appears once again?

    original title: Windows Vista Basic worked fine until yesterday and now I get messages saying that Windows Explorer has stopped working.

    Use the startup clean and other methods to try to determine the cause of and eliminate
    the questions.


    What antivirus/antispyware/security products do you have on the machine? Be one you have NEVER
    on this machine, including those you have uninstalled (they leave leftovers behind which can cause
    strange problems).


    Follow these steps:

    Start - type this in the search box-> find COMMAND at the top and RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

    Enter this at the command prompt - sfc/scannow

    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Also run CheckDisk, so we cannot exclude as much as possible of the corruption.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    After the foregoing:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista
    How to troubleshoot performance issues in Windows Vista

    Optimize the performance of Microsoft Windows Vista
    To see everything that is in charge of startup - wait a few minutes with nothing to do - then right-click
    Taskbar - the Task Manager process - take a look at stored by - Services - this is a quick way
    reference (if you have a small box at the bottom left - show for all users, then check that).

    How to check and change Vista startup programs

    A quick check to see that load method 2 is - using MSCONFIG then put a list of
    those here.

    Tools that should help you:

    Process Explorer - free - find out which files, key of registry and other objects processes have opened.
    What DLLs they have loaded and more. This exceptionally effective utility will show you even who has
    each process.

    Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured to start automatically when you start your system
    and you log in. Autoruns also shows you the full list of registry and file locations where applications can
    Configure auto-start settings.
    Process Monitor - Free - monitor the system files, registry, process, thread and DLL real-time activity.

    There are many excellent free tools from Sysinternals

    -Free - WhatsInStartUP this utility displays the list of all applications that are loaded automatically
    When Windows starts. For each request, the following information is displayed: Type of startup (registry/Startup folder), Command - Line String, the product name, Version of the file, the name of the company;
    Location in the registry or the file system and more. It allows you to easily disable or remove unwanted
    a program that runs in your Windows startup.

    There are many excellent free tools to NirSoft

    Window Watcher - free - do you know what is running on your computer? Maybe not. The window
    Watcher says it all, reporting of any window created by running programs, if the window
    is visible or not.

    Many excellent free tools and an excellent newsletter at Karenware


    Vista and Windows 7 updated drivers love then here's how update the most important.

    This is my generic how updates of appropriate driver:

    This utility, it is easy see which versions are loaded:

    -Free - DriverView utility displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system.
    For each driver in the list, additional useful information is displayed: load address of the driver,
    Description, version, product name, company that created the driver and more.

    For drivers, visit manufacturer of emergency system and of the manufacturer of the device that are the most common.
    Control Panel - device - Graphics Manager - note the brand and complete model
    your video card - double - tab of the driver - write version information. Now, click on update
    Driver (this can do nothing as MS is far behind the certification of drivers) - then right-click.
    Uninstall - REBOOT it will refresh the driver stack.

    Repeat this for network - card (NIC), Wifi network, sound, mouse, and keyboard if 3rd party
    with their own software and drivers and all other main drivers that you have.

    Now in the system manufacturer (Dell, HP, Toshiba as examples) site (in a restaurant), peripheral
    Site of the manufacturer (Realtek, Intel, Nvidia, ATI, for example) and get their latest versions. (Look for
    BIOS, Chipset and software updates on the site of the manufacturer of the system here.)

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put them - right click - RUN AD ADMIN - REBOOT after
    each installation.

    Always check in the Device Manager - drivers tab to be sure the version you actually install
    presents itself. This is because some restore drivers before the most recent is installed (sound card drivers
    in particular that) so to install a driver - reboot - check that it is installed and repeat as

    Repeat to the manufacturers - BTW in the DO NOT RUN THEIR SCANNER device - check
    manually by model.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

    If you update the drivers manually, then it's a good idea to disable the facilities of driver under Windows
    Updates, that leaves about Windows updates but it will not install the drivers that will be generally
    older and cause problems. If updates offers a new driver and then HIDE it (right click on it), then
    get new manually if you wish.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc730606 (WS.10) .aspx


    Refer to these discussions because many more excellent advice however don't forget to check your antivirus
    programs, the main drivers and BIOS update and also solve the problems with the cleanboot method

    Problems with the overall speed of the system and performance

    Performance and Maintenance Tips

    Explorer Windows stopped working

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Tried to turn off my computer and it froze. Now, the desktop does not load and I get a message saying that Windows Explorer is not responding

    Original title: virus Possible?

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba laptop. The last time I tried to stop it, it froze (got as far as the last screen showing 'close', then didn't). The next time I turned it on the desktop would not load completely (white screen, no desktop icons, accesses start bar) and if I click on the desktop I get a message saying "Windows Explorer is unresponsive. I tried to scan antivirus, but that also froze. I ran Microsoft defender several times, and it always freezes on C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe. While I can access internet Explorer, I can't click on the links that would open a new page (gel once more). Finally I can't yet do a reboot or a full stop. If it's a virus, how can I solve the problem when no anti-virus software is running?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I just moved across the world and have little knowledge of computers (but I'm much less following the instructions!). The last thing I need is for my laptop to be drunk so I can't communicate with the House...


    Since you have had that protection antivirus in the next message will be methods to
    carefully check for malware.

    TrendMicro must be uninstalled and replaced<- this="" is="" a="" must="" do!="" if="" you="" have="">
    problems to check with TrendMicro.

    Instructions/TrendMicro removal tool

    How can I uninstall my Trend Micro program removal tools fail?

    List of tools to clean/uninstall anti-malware programs

    Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software


    Here's what I use and recommend: (these are all free and very effective versions.)

    Avast and Prevx proved extremely reliable and compatible with all I have
    launched on them. Microsoft Security Essentials and Prevx have also proven to be very
    reliable and compatible. Use MSE or Avast and Prevx, Prevx 3 but not all.

    Avast Home free - stop any shields is not necessary except leave the file system, Web,.
    Operational network (Script and behavior are also recommended in Ver 6 +).

    Prevx - Home - free

    Windows Firewall

    Windows Defender (is not necessary if you use MSE)

    Protected IE - mode

    IE 8 - SmartScreen filter WE (IE 7 phishing filter)

    I also IE always start with asset if filter InPrivate IE 8.
    (It may temporarily turn off with the little icon to the left of the + bottom
    right of IE)

    Avast - home - free - 7.x stop shields you do not use (except files, Web, network, &)
    Shields of behavior) - double click on the icon in the Notification area - real time Orange - click on the
    Shield that you want to stop - STOP. To stop the Orange icon to show an error indicator-
    Click on the Orange icon - top right - settings - click on the status bar - uncheck shields you
    disabled - click OK

    Or use Microsoft Security Essentials - free

    Prevx works well alongside MSE or Avast

    Prevx - home - free small, fast, exceptional protection CLOUD, working with other security
    programs. It is a single scanner, VERY EFFICIENT, if it finds something come back here
    or use Google to see how to remove.
    http://www.prevx.com/   <-->

    Choice of PCmag editor - Prevx-
    http://www.PCMag.com/Article2/0, 2817,2346862,00.asp

    Also get Malwarebytes - free - use as scanner only. If you ever think malware and that
    would be unusual with Avast and occasional Prevx running with the exception of a low level cookie
    (not much), to UPDATE and then run it as a scanner. I have a lot of scanners and they
    never find anything of note that I started to use this configuration.


    Do not type the sfcdetails command, copy and paste.

    Many files that SFC cannot resolve are not important.

    Start - type in the search box-> find CMD in top - click right on - RUN AS ADMIN

    put the command from below (copy and paste) in this box and her and then press ENTER.

    findstr/c: "[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log > sfcdetails.txt

    who creates the sfcdetails.txt file in the folder that you are in when you run it.

    So if you're in C:\Windows\System32 > then you will need to look in that folder for the file.

    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    in Windows Vista

    This creates sfcdetails.txt in C:\Windows\System32 find and you can post the errors in a message
    here. NOTE: there are probably duplicates so please only post once each section error.

    You can read the newspaper/txt files easier if you right click on Notepad or Wordpad then RUN AS ADMIN - then
    You can navigate to sfcdetails.txt (in C:\Windows\System32) or cbs.log (in C:\Windows\Logs) as needed.
    (You may need to search sfcdetails.txt if it is not created in the default folders.)


    Did you do checks memory and updated the BIOS, chipset of low level drivers and major
    embedded and separate device drivers?

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • When I start the computer, I just get a white screen. Then I reboot and it says that windows has shut down incorrectly. This happens to every time, how difficulty?

    The screen that comes up when I put it back in operation is one that says windows stopped at unsucessfully you gives the choice to run in safe mode or let it reboot in 30 seconds, and he usually goes right

    Looks like you may have a virus or other malware. Get your updated antivirus program and boot into Safe Mode. Note that some viruses can hide from your normal antivirus program, so you really need to scan in Safe Mode. To enter in Safe Mode when you turn on first, press F8 on every seconds until you get the menu, and then select Safe Mode. Then run a complete system scan.


    Microsoft has suggestions and offerings to



    Moderator Forum Keith has a few suggestions along this line to



    If that suits him fine. If this is not the case, use system restore to go back to an earlier date at the beginning of the problem. To run system restore, click Start-> programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> system restore. Click on the box that says show more restore points.


    You can check the corrupted system files. Open an administrator command prompt and run SFC if the above does not help. Click START, and then type CMD in the search box, right-click on CMD. EXE and click run as administrator. Then, from the command prompt type sfc/scannow.


    Finally if all else fails, you can look at the rather cryptic system event log. To do that click on start-> Control Panel-> administration-> event viewer tools. Once in Event Viewer system log-click and scroll entries looking for these "error" with indicator see if you can find guidance on where the problem may be.


    When you get your system in good working condition, I invite you to back up your system up to an external hard drive and make it regular periodic updates.


    I hope this helps. Good luck.

  • When I go to rip a cd I get message saying that windows is not able to accomplish this task.

    When I go to rip a message from windows cd is that it is not able to accomplish this task. also when I go to change where I whant recorded music it is empty and I'm not able to open to choose where to save it. Windows Media will play music, but that's all

    Hello from the McCanns,

    Thank you for the question!

    I'm sorry to know that have problems you with the ripping. As I understand it impossible to rip a disc and get a message that unable to accomplish this task.

    I need to ask you some questions to help you best.

    Method 1:- You may be able to complete the rip by turning on error correction.

    In Windows Media Player -> click Tools-> Options -> peripheral, click the CD burner, choose > Advanced and set the error correction on it.

    Method 2:- There are two ways to change the rip while settings in the Player library. You can insert a CD into your CD-ROM drive and clickRip settings, or you can click on the Rip music tab in theOptions dialog box. The music tab Rip in the Options dialog box offers additional options that are not available in the Rip settings menu.

    To extract music from a CD, follow these steps:

    a: For best results, make sure that you are connected to the Internet before you begin.

    When your computer is connected to the Internet, the Player attempts to retrieve information from press about the tracks being ripped from an online database. The player then adds the information to the files during extraction.

    Note that you can rip a CD when your computer is not connected to the Internet. However, the player will not be able to identify the name of the CD, the artist who created it, or the names of the songs until you go online.

    b: insert an audio CD into the CD drive.

    c: (Optional) If you want to select another format (for example, MP3 instead of WMA) or bit rate (for example, 192 Kbps instead of 128 Kbps) for files created during extraction, in the Player library, click the Rip settings menu and then click on Format or the quality of the Audio.

    d: (Optional) If you do not want to extract from each song, in the Player library, clear the check boxes next to the songs you don't want to extract.

    e: Click the current playback orRip CD CD Rip button in the library of the player to begin extraction.

    For more information, visit the following link: -.


    Meet us if you encounter problems during extraction or any other problem of Windows, and I'd be happy to help you again and try to correct the problem as soon as possible.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

  • I get a message saying that firefox has prevented the dangerous 'adobe flash' plugin of the race

    my flash player IS up-to-date, but firefox crashes and I get this error message
    Firefox prevented the dangerous 'adobe flash' plugin of the race (some im webpage on)
    Let me know how I can fix this? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

    Hi Janetc69,

    I had the same problem, after having informed me with a few mags of PC online, I simply uninstalled Adobe flash player in my laptop.
    Since then, I got no problem with playback of videos with firefox browser. What more, it seems to work better than before.
    Anyway most of the browsers are slowly remove Adobe flash player on their systems.
    If this does not work you can always reinstall Adobe, try it.

    Good luck!

  • I have Microsoft LifeCam 3.0 is installed on my PC. When I try to open it, I get a message saying that it has stopped working.

    I have Microsoft LifeCam 3.0 is installed on my PC, I use Vista ultimate 64-bit when I try to open the lifeCam, he says: he ceased to function and to uninstall, but it doesn't let me do
    original title: how to uninstall lifeCam 3.0 from my little Vista ultimate 64 computer

    Hello. I uninstalled Yahoo bar tool that solved the problem.  Thank you.

  • When I want to restore a backup on my quick books program, I get a message saying that windows cannot find the program that created it. Why?

    I tried to open a quick book of my automatic backup hard disk folder and it gives me the same message.


    1. What is the exact error message you received?

    2 have. what program you tried to create a backup?

    3. what version of QuickBooks is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you follow the link and

    Error: Restore failed, when you restore a backup file


  • I am trying to install a driver for my sound card to a file and I get a message saying that windows cannot find the file acmeauvist.exe. What is the path?

    How can I fix a windows cannot find cmeauvist.exe problem?

    I found the problem. I tried to install it from the zip file, I need to decompress the file and then install it.thanks

  • Photoshop Elements 9 installed on 1 PC, but I get a message saying that it has installed it on 2 other PC!

    Elements 9 is only installed on my PC, no other PC in my household has it installed, what's happening?

    You blew an activation at any given time, perhaps inadvertently, or due to technical problems. Contact support to reset the counter of activastion.


  • When I try to open Windows Mail, I get a message saying that it cannot be opened because it is already running.

    original title: Windows Mail stop working

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Mail has stopped working. When I try to open it, I get a message saying that Windows Mail cannot be opened because another instance of it is already running.  (the same manager thought of tasks shows no mail running Windows).

    I tried to restart my computer several times. I tried running Windows update that tries to install Internet Explorer but I get an error code 5.  My antivirus software is up-to-date.  Can anyone help? I miss my Windows Mail :(

    Try to go to start | Search and type in msconfig and then disable the startup items and reboot and see if you get the same error.  It could be due to interference antivirus.  See www.oehelp.com/OETips.aspx#3 you can also try compacting and repairing the database (see www.oehelp.com/WMUtil/), but I don't think that is the issue because another program seems to be from WinMail.  It could also be due to Windows Search indexing messages, so if you have it turned on, then go to control panel | Filtering options (I think it's location) and delete WinMail indexing courses.


  • Firefox will not install on my laptop using windows 7. I get a message saying that the installation has been interrupted

    Whenever I try to install firefox on my laptop, I get a message saying that the installation was interrupted. I use windows 7.

    Try the full installer...

Maybe you are looking for