I have a hp lj4 paper jam problem. How can I chat with an expert today?

The printer lj4 passes the self-test.

The printer merges the front page that the message of paper jam.

The paper is not wrinkles just stops.

She does it with a number of different toner cartrages.

The printer had only light home use.

I suppose it may be a mechanical or electrical sensor problem

Is there a service manual for this printer showing sensors and

mechanical training courses?


Hi wsinger,

I suggest you find a service center to help you remove the output assembly. This requires you to remove all the covers and withdrawal of all carefully don't not to damage other internal parts. You might be able to buy the exit assemble from the link I provided earlier, but I don't think that you will be able to replace just the belt. Let me know what you find?

Have you considered upgrading to a new printer laserjet?

Course Laserjet printers

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