I have windows vista Enterprise edition and trying to connect to a PPTP VPN, I get an error 691.

I have windows vista Enterprise edition and trying to connect to a PPTP VPN, I get an error 691 name of user and password are fine, I can connect to the VPN on XP without problem.

original title: VPN Error 691

I was able to find a solution by the way that the domain has been configured. I was adding the complete domain name and extension (i.e. domain.local). The .local was me screwing up. I edited the domain field to only reflect the domain name without any extensions. One that I did this it worked like a charm. I have been using a VPN PPTP on a computer Server 2003 domain mixed with 2000 and 2003 domain controllers and Windows 7 Pro laptop computers. Hope this helps someone.

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